Leesa Sleep Mattress Review, One year on

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It was exactly a year ago yesterday that I published a review post on our brand new king sized Leesa Sleep Mattress. The post did everything it should have in explaining the ordering and postal system, unpackaging process and first impressions of our brand new mattress, including those all important first nights of incredibly comfy sleep that a new mattress brings. more “Leesa Sleep Mattress Review, One year on”

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Mum Guilt and Me

Over the last few weeks my blog has taken me to some fun places and made me some new blogging connections. One of the faces who appeared at two Kent blogging events within the same week, in Whitstable and Chatham was the ever so lovely Jo from Guilty Mother. Jo asked the panels at both the Clemmie Hooper Mums The Word Mamas Meets Up, and the Call The Midwife Tour at Chatham Dockyard about ‘Mum Guilt’, which was the original inspiration for her blog. more “Mum Guilt and Me”

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#CoolMumClub Linky week 103

Hey guys! So here we are just ahead of another #CoolMumClub mini break for half term. Hope you all have some fun planned in, for you, for the famalam and hopefully that sunshine we pre-ordered will arrive right on schedule!  more “#CoolMumClub Linky week 103”

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#ChickenPox Have yours had it?

As much as Chicken Pox spreads like wildfire through schools, nurseries, families and playgroups, it sometimes seems like it’s spread through social media too – I’ve seen so many posts and pictures about kids going down with it lately. It’s dragged up some pretty vivid memories with our girls, of when we had our episode in the spring of 2015; a milestone moment for any Mum and one that thankfully (hopefully) rules us out as ‘done’ with the pox.

more “#ChickenPox Have yours had it?”

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Fathers Day with Frederick Thomas A £100 #giveaway plus £10 voucher code @FredThomasTies

Fathers Day this year falls on Sunday 17th June, just three (ish) weeks away. These things always have a habit of creeping up on me, and with four Dads to think about (Dad Muddling Through, My Dad, Step-Dad and Father in Law), last minute panic buys often end up in a bottle of booze and a plant. It’d be nice to think that I might actually manage to pull something out of the bag a little more pre-empted one of these Father’s Days. more “Fathers Day with Frederick Thomas A £100 #giveaway plus £10 voucher code @FredThomasTies”

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Ten times a bridesmaid

As the dust settles over this weekends incredible Royal Wedding, it’s hard not to reflect back on your own wedding memories. A lesser known fact which probably should be included in the ‘interesting facts about me’ type ice breakers which kick around, is that over my 36 years, I’ve been a bridesmaid eight times. more “Ten times a bridesmaid”

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The Mouses dream Horse with @PetplanEquine

You may recall a month or so ago, PetPlan made one little girls dreams come true when they created Tig’s dream pet; Nina the Snow Eagle.

Like any strong sibling rivalry, her little sister wanted in on the action. And, sure that she too could create her dream animal, she set to work on her dream pony, courtesy of Petplan Equine.

more “The Mouses dream Horse with @PetplanEquine”

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September Ready with @MyNametags Plus #Giveaway

It’s crazy to think we are already in the run up to the final term before the end of the current school year, and with school places announced last month for many parents, now is the time to start panicking about purchasing school uniform, getting ahead of the game and last minute out of stock situations. more “September Ready with @MyNametags Plus #Giveaway”

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#CoolMumClub Linky week 102

Hear Ye Hear Ye, there may be a Royal Wedding craze hitting the nation, but let’s squeeze in a spot of  #CoolMumClub first!  It’s Week 102 and we are ready to get our tiaras on for a royal edition of the link up. Please forgive me, I’m feeling the burn of the last two weeks of term, seriously, is it time for a week off yet?  more “#CoolMumClub Linky week 102”

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A family day out to @PaultonsPark #PeppaPigWorld

Since our six year old daughter was tiny, visiting Peppa Pig World has been up there on the list of things we wanted to do. Despite cursing the hours we dozed in bed or on the sofa whilst our early riser would happily watch episode after episode on those bleak pre-6am mornings, there is no denying Peppa Pig has been a big part of our parenting lives. more “A family day out to @PaultonsPark #PeppaPigWorld”

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