Things I can’t live without … 2020 edition

If I’d asked you what you could not live without two months ago, it might have had a very different response than the one you’d get today.

Because the crazy reality is that in 2020, we are finding out exactly what it is like to go without. For the most part, it’s first world problems (a night off from the kids?…), but it’s the first time for many of us we have had to consider alternatives to what we have come to expect to be available to us.

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How childhood has changed since we were kids

*collaborative post

As a parent, do you ever watch your children playing with their toys, interacting with their friends, watching their favourite shows, and think back to your own childhood? If you do, chances are you’ll have noticed a few key differences from the typical childhood of today compared to back in your day

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Staying #PainFree in the pandemic with remote Osteopathy Physiotherapy and counselling #RevitalizeClinic @ElliottJohnReid

In the past twelve months I have prioritised my physical and mental health in a way that I should have been doing for a very long time. Reducing the intake of meat and dairy, quitting booze, and increasing my exercise routine so that running has become a regular feature, not just an occasional fad. Those changes definitely helped me get on the road to better mental health too, alongside the therapy I accessed through Mind in 2019.

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Coming together when we’re far apart #Coronavirus 2020

If I think back to last week, or the week before, it’s hard to quite get my head around how much has changed in such a short space of time thanks to a tiny micororganism called Coronavirus.

Back at the end of February, when we celebrated Tigs’ birthday, or even just a few weeks back when one of my girl mates and I grabbed a Friday night curry, Coronavirus was something going on there, not here. It barely got a mention, despite the warnings of what could come, it just didn’t really seem possible.

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How to make sure that your kids are protected in the future

When you are young and don’t have any kids, you don’t really have anyone relying on you, except your partner and your immediate family perhaps. Of course, when you do have kids, you realise just how much these young people depend on everything that you do to survive. So, what would happen to your kids if something were to happen to you? While this isn’t something that many people like thinking about, it is an important consideration.

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Five flooring faux pas to avoid

As we all sit back in lock down and stare at the four walls surrounding us, it’s a perfect time to either take on a little DIY or reflect at how far you have come.

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There’s something good about self isolation

*contributed collaborative post

Going into national lockdown is not the kind of thing that makes you consider the world with optimism. Unfortunately, that’s the fate of many countries as they try to contain the spread of coronavirus. As such, you’re probably reading this from your place of self-isolation, home, and wondering when you will be allowed to see your friends and families again. We’re all in the same boat here, and you can be sure that many share your feelings across the planet. However, time is no for self-pity. While scientists are racing to unlock the weaknesses of COVID-19 and develop a potent vaccine, we can do our bit by staying positive. 

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Not Going Out with @FemmeLuxe Finery (AD)

“Mummy, are you going out tonight?” my five year old grumbled as she spied me donning some new clothes, hoops and checking myself out in front of the mirror.

“No sweetie, not tonight”. (I’m actually just putting these clothes on to take photos to share on the internet, then I’ll pop back in to my joggers). Little does she realise the innocence of her question and the weirdness of our current situation of social distancing.

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Let’s Stay Home; Social distancing, self isolating and home schooling

Ironically, I had a post in my drafts folder titled ‘Lets stay home, learning to relax in your own four walls’ which is being re purposed in a timely fashion to talk the unavoidable, the unbelievable… the pandemic of 2020, Coronavirus.

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@PartyPopStar, The ultimate pop star birthday party package (Review)

Kids parties; I’ve seen a few in my time. In fact, over the last eight years or so many a Sunday morning, Saturday afternoon has been spent traipsing the kids around on their far superior than ours social life, with a present and card taped together under our arm, hovering around the crisps and hoping there are some nice Mums to chat to.

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