Half term Halloween fun in Kent with @DemelzaHospice

Last year one of our stand out halloween memories was taking part in our local Pumpkin Hunt with Demelza Hospice.

We had been invited along and a little unsure of what to expect, the girls donned their witching gear and headed to the start point outside Gravesends borough market, where we arrived just in time to see someone had decided to dress up as a mayor….

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Unicorn themed gifts that they’ll love

*contributed collaborative post

Unicorns. They’re everywhere right? Colourful, magical, cute, funny and oh so sweet – unicorns are the ultimate accessory and like I said, you can find them just about anywhere! Even us adults cannot escape the enchanted pull of these magical creatures, we can treat ourselves to Unicorn shaped foods, apply our makeup with unicorn makeup brushes and even enjoy a Saturday night with a glass of unicorn tears gin! If that’s your thing…

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Everybody needs a little time away…

This weekend I popped the Mum guilt to one side and carved out a few hours to myself to get to a women’s meet up event in central London run by Sunita, the HR coach behind Lucky Things.

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Anxiety, depression and me – How World Mental Health Day changed my life @mindcharity #WMHD

365 days ago, on October 10th, World Mental Health Day, I published a post I had worked on in collaboration with Funky Pigeon and their #BelieveInHappy collection, in support of Mind the mental health charity.

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Is your heating on yet? 5 ways to eek it out a little bit longer…

It seemed as though we went to bed one night last week in summertime, and woke up in mid winter. With no warning whatsoever the chill crept in overnight playing havoc with fashion choices, outer layer decisions and marital happiness the nation over.

Because let’s face it, there is always one of you who is inclined to hack the cold a little longer than the other… and that is definitely not me.

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My kids will never know what it’s like to…

I was thinking this week as I was chatting to my sister, eighteen years my junior about what life was like when I was 20. Oh how we chuckled about the novelty of having to tell your friends your news in the actual flesh, as opposed to through social media. more “My kids will never know what it’s like to…”

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The @SmythsToysUK top ten toys for Christmas + £50 #Giveaway (#Ad) #SmythsToysTopTen


I know we haven’t had Halloween yet blah blah blah, but who can’t deny they have made a few teeny tiny plans for Christmas already… ME!

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Winter threads for working Mums

*collaborative post

It’s official, the heating is on, the socks have become a daily staple again and I’ve been obsessing over coats online. It can mean only one thing…Autumn is clinging on to the last of the sunshine and frozen school runs and scraping the car is not far away.

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Sharing 24 smiles; advent, @Smiggle_ style (#Ad)

Advent as we knew it back in the day was all about the excitement of opening a perforated piece of card and seeing what lay beyond the paper window. A star? A robin? A snowman perhaps? Or wait for it, when it got really exciting, a stable containing a postpartum Mary smiling at her recently birthed son of god.

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Now and then – why worrying remains a twenty something problem

*collaborative post

If I was asked in which decade of my life I worried the most, it would be fair to say the answer is pretty straight forward. It would hands down be the twenty to thirty years, that messy coming of age that took me from teenager to mother was a bumpy ride to say the least.

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