How to make the most of your hotel stay

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We LOVE to a stay in a good hotel. However, we are not always entirely sure of how to make the most out of it. The thing is that when it comes to staying at a hotel you can leave your cares (and laundry bin) at home and embrace the life of luxury for a night or two…

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WIN tickets to see @Andyoddsock LIVE on @CBBC and @CBeebiesHQ #AndyAndTheBand

As a blogger, you never know what’s going to come into your inbox. Life goals can be within an inch of your reach and then they crumble before your eyes. more “WIN tickets to see @Andyoddsock LIVE on @CBBC and @CBeebiesHQ #AndyAndTheBand”

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Dream itinerary for a family villa holiday in Florida

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In April 2019 we embarked on the holiday of a lifetime; a family vacation to America. Not just your regular Florida trip, we flew into Atlanta Georgia, spent some time in the real, rustic United States visiting relatives, then road tripped down to Florida and back up again via Daytona Beach and Savannah.

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#HideTheBags Rebranding second hand fashion

If I think back to seventeen year old me, she would rather be seen dead than in a charity shop.

Come to think of it, probably twenty five year old me wouldn’t be too different. And even, if I’m brutally honest, thirty five year old me too.

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The bucket list series: Croatia

As I approach the big 4-0 and the baby bubble days are firmly behind us, it’s definitely been a time to reflect on how far we’ve come and most importantly, think about what we still want to achieve.

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All by myself – learning to love your own company

Stop for a moment. Imagine an hour, maybe two, or even five to be alone. How does that you make you feel? Overjoyed? Overwhelmed? Panicked or with a chronic case of option paralysis?

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5 tips for making your home a haven of calm

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The world can be a stressful place. No matter who you are, what you do and with whom you share your life, none of us is exempt from the stress and anxiety that have become the default setting for the human condition in the 21st century.

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Tips to get all of your household to the dentist

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As a child, we were pretty lapse about going to the dentist. My parents weren’t keen, and that fear was extended onto us – there were certainly vast spaces of time I don’t remember seeing a dentist at all. In hindsight we were pretty lucky to have gotten away lightly (especially given our 1980’s chewits consumption), but good dental care is one thing I am committed to instilling in my kids, and for myself these days too.

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#TeamMum 2020 ; Women supporting women supporting women @childdotorg

Back in January 2019 I joined #TeamMum. At the time, I had no idea what that meant, what I was getting myself into, or what exactly was expected of me. But, there was something about the invite to that late January charity kick starter; the suggestion of supporting Mums in rural Kenya that told me instinctively to attend the launch shindig and the rest is history.

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Can you beat anxiety without medication?

Since I gave up drinking in 2018, there has been no escaping the fact that I have anxiety. I believe it was there long before getting sober, but without the self medicating effects of alcohol (which all too often ended with disasterous consequences) it was too hard to ignore and I sought help from my GP in October 2018. She diagnosed me with depression and anxiety and reccommended a combined approach of medication and therapy to help get me back on my feet, out of a rut and in her words ‘enjoying this precious time with my young family’.

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