10 things I have learnt about home schooling

I’ve flippantly declared over the years that at many a fork in the road, I have felt a pull towards doing teacher training. Maybe it’s in my genes, coming from a long line of teachers and head teachers, with so many of my prior generation working in education and social care. Or, perhaps it has always appealed to do something truly giving back to the next generation; chasing a dream of a vocation, and big ideas of being everyone’s favourite teacher.

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10 reasons why I gave up drinking alcohol

I’m coming up to two years sober which is something I never thought I’d hear myself say. The story isn’t new, and it’s all here on the blog already, but as I have found my stride and my confidence alcohol free in a booze loving world, it’s time for the sober story, 2020 edition.

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Online invitations for post lockdown birthdays

Would you believe it, my birthday is in a few days time, on June the first. Which means here in the UK I am officially having the first post lockdown birthday party. Well, provided that is you class a party as me, Dad Muddling Through and the kids, and two other people two metres away.

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Helping Your Child with Home Learning During Lockdown

Paying attention to your youngster’s schoolwork lets them know how important it is. Since schools in the UK are currently closed, it’s now more important than ever to get involved with your child’s home learning and help them get involved with a variety of educational activities. Here are some tips and ideas from an independent girls’ school in Surrey.

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How to raise an optimistic child

An important mentality that is often forgotten is optimism. It’s a valuable outlook because it can make us feel self-assured, positive and motivated to try different things and take risks.

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Should I send my child back to school?

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog lately, given life has pretty much been a cycle of the same daily walks, work and home school juggle and the same faces in the same house for a really long time now.

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Modern Motherhood – A post for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 #MHAW2020

In an era where Women are encouraged to have it all, there is little wonder so many Mothers go through struggles with their mental health. Growing up with ambition and enthusiasm for both academia and career, it always frustrated me when I was asked whether I would pursue my career after having children – I could not fathom why I couldn’t possibly have both.

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Spring 2020; How we will remember our lock down life

From March 23rd 2020 the UK, like many of the countries the world over, has been in an imposed quarantine. Covid-19 changed all of our lives beyond comprehension, and now, over two months later, the memories from the start of that time are starting to fade.

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Positives in the pandemic; Coming off antidepressants

I’ve spoken openly and without shame about mental health for some time, in hope that it provides a small offering of solidarity; how motherhood and it’s challenges affect real people, real women, real Mum’s. Mum’s like me.

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Postpartum hair loss in new Mothers

*contributed collaborative post

After pregnancy, a new Mum may experience some form of hair loss. This hair loss may be extreme (in clumps) or may just be slightly thinning in some areas. Postpartum hair loss is a side effect that some new mothers face after giving birth to their new baby. Mothers can lose their hair for up to a year post delivery. With everything a new Mum is trying to adjust to, this is not something you want to have to worry about. 

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