Will bedtime ever be the same again?

Do you remember those first euphoric days of the summer holidays? The ones we celebrated a temporary cull of all bedtime routines, dreamt of late night barbecues under the stars and imagined the children happily playing until they let you carry them sleepily up to bed without protest? more “Will bedtime ever be the same again?”

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Optimising sleep as a knackered Mum

I’m tired. Pretty much constantly. I may have mentioned this once or twice right here on this very blog. more “Optimising sleep as a knackered Mum”

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We heart sleep; Leesa Mattress Review

I think it’s fair to say that a parent’s most precious commodity is sleep. Especially in those early years when you’d take a decent nights kip over any other luxury experience, designer outfit or well, ANYTHING.  more “We heart sleep; Leesa Mattress Review”

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Does the early bird catch the worm?; (Not) Coping with an early riser

I’m not so sure the early bird does catch the worm anymore. I think the early bird got up at a ridiculous hour and is going to be in a foul mood by 11am. more “Does the early bird catch the worm?; (Not) Coping with an early riser”

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Behind bars for disturbing the peace: Installing a stair gate on a toddlers bedroom door

I think it’s highly likely we released the mouse from her cot captivity a little too soon. That’s easy to say now, but in the name of progress, there’s no going back.  more “Behind bars for disturbing the peace: Installing a stair gate on a toddlers bedroom door”

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Toddler High Tea

As you may recall from some previous posts, our youngest dangermouse has an aversion to the two things every parent prays for: Sleep and eating. more “Toddler High Tea”

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This week we have mostly been Googling…18 month sleep regression

When you have a bad sleeper, you don’t really imagine things (i.e.sleep, or lack of it) could get any worse. An average night with Dangermouse, age 18 months, normally involves several zombie state trips round the corner into her room, to fumble around for her bunny-rag and dummy (patting around the bed / her face in the process), re-establishing a happy, sucky, cuddly state, and collapsing back into our own bed. Repeat 2-8 times, alternating turns with increasing frustration. more “This week we have mostly been Googling…18 month sleep regression”

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Ditching the dummy (epic fail)

[Other possible titles for this blog included ‘Feeling like the worlds worst mother’, ‘Epic parenting fail’, ‘breaking the baby’ and ‘Has anyone seen my sanity?’]

So Dangermouse, she, like a gerzillion other babies, has a dummy. I have to be entirely honest, I’m not a fan of seeing peachy little cherub faces with a coloured chunk of plastic in. I don’t want to be judgmental about it, I don’t want to cause a tidal wave of debate, I’m just being wholeheartedly open on the matter.
more “Ditching the dummy (epic fail)”

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9 types of sleep deprivation

I’m sorry. I was that smug Mum that you got chatting to who you wanted to poke in the eye, as she described how her baby slept all night every night from a ridiculously young age. I realise now how much you must have hated me.

I hope it consoles you that I am paying for it now. ‘No two babies are the same’; never was a truer word said when it comes to sleep, in our house.
more “9 types of sleep deprivation”

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When to ditch the monitor?

Disclaimer 1: This post has nothing to do with minions

Disclaimer 2: Not likely to be a groundbreaking read, in fact if you don’t have kids, stop right here.

We moved little Baby G into her own room at 6 months, just 4 months ago. (Have you figured how old she is yet?!).

The thing is, things aren’t going so great. She goes to bed amazingly by 7 every night, and sleeps… ‘Like a baby’ until the nanosecond I get into my own bed and close my eyes. Then, she’ll wake every hour or couple of hours till the morning.
more “When to ditch the monitor?”

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