High Five to the honest Mum blogs #solidaritea

There was an article this week on some newspaper or other that gave parenting bloggers a right old bashing. Bloggers, who, like me like to keep it real when reporting the daily (and nightly) grind of being a Mum. more “High Five to the honest Mum blogs #solidaritea”

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Sloping off…an Easter blog break

So far this Easter holidays I’ve failed miserably at taking a ‘blog break’. A much needed one at that, having somehow morphed in 2017 into ‘one of those bloggers’ who posts every day. more “Sloping off…an Easter blog break”

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What is a Linky anyway?

Over the past couple of years I’ve tried my hardest to help others with their blogs as best I can. I’m definitely no expert, but I’ll always be happy to try and give you a leg up if there’s a bloggy question that’s driving you mad. more “What is a Linky anyway?”

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#skillspaybills – Earning money from your blog

In January 2017 I applied for a part time job. It was in a totally different sector to my previous career, the money was hideous, and I would have needed to pay childcare fees for my two children to accommodate the hours. more “#skillspaybills – Earning money from your blog”

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#coolmumclub on Pinterest

Pinterest. Love it or hate it, there’s no doubt as a blogger it is a huge tool for driving traffic for your site. I know this not because I am a blogging guru, or a pinterest master, but because I see it in my stats (Oh, and I read it on the internet). One of my posts which continues to be the main driver of my views is constantly pushed around by it’s little place on that pinterest platform. more “#coolmumclub on Pinterest”

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The cliche blog posts you just can’t help but write…

I truly believe that the internet is big enough for all of us parenting bloggers – the big, the small, the old, the new, the niche, the rambling, the beautiful and the truthful.

It does seem though, that there are a number of post titles (with familiar looking stock photos to boot) that crop up over  and over  (and over) again. Don’t get me wrong – I’m as guilty as the next person of churning these posts out. In fact, maybe this post is one of those posts in itself…but if we can’t laugh at ourselves, what can we laugh at eh? more “The cliche blog posts you just can’t help but write…”

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I get that not everyone digs the whole new year resolutions thing. I mean, after all aren’t they statistically doomed for failure? I’m all for a bit of goal setting though – what harm can come from reflecting on where you’ve been, and reset your markers for where you want to go.  more “TWENTYSEVENTEEN”

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As Christmas and my planned blogging break grows closer, there is just one post left to publish. Which is a good thing as I still have so so much to do and I need to switch off from the blog.

I’ve always admired those who manage to celebrate life with a regular gratitude list – monthly, weekly or even daily. Maybe that’s something I’ll try and do next year, or maybe I’ll just manage an annual look back and smile.

So what did 2016 mean to me? more “TWENTYSIXTEEN”

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The health hazards of blogging

Does anyone really know the long term health risks associated with blogging? I consider myself a mere toddler in the lifespan of a blogger, however I’m already noticing some RSI (bogging associated) flare ups…

more “The health hazards of blogging”

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The weirdness of blogging

I’ve made no secret that I’m a little bit shy about my blog. I suppose a big part of that, is that I just haven’t quite come to terms with my position as a blogger. Even though I’m passionate about my blog, my message and my readers, I still feel a bit weirded out by the whole thing.

more “The weirdness of blogging”

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