#coolmumclub Linky week 50

#COOLMUMCLUB! Come in and know me better man! (Another Muppets Christmas Carol reference, in case it went over your head). How’s everyone getting on with the carnage of December? I want to know all about it and I’m guessing we’ll have a fair few festive posts flowing this week. With just two weeks to go it’s all getting a little bit cray-cray in the G-unit, but in the absolutely best advent-chocolate-fuelled-novelty-jumper-wearing way!

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Guest Post: Why kids should science more (Infographic)

As a little girl I wanted to be a vet. Well actually, initially I wanted to be a ‘servant to the King’ or a ‘farmer’s wife’, but thankfully some kind of feminism kicked in past age 5 in which I saw possibilities of my own making. The vet thing wasn’t to be – turns out you need to be crazy brainy, do hours of work experience and be willing to go to Uni or what seems like forever when you’re 18. I kind of fell into a career in Science, having done A level Biology and Chemistry (and Maths) in order to follow the unrealistic vet dream, I secured a lab based role at a large healthcare company locally. There, I was able to be sponsored to complete my Biology degree on day release and the rest is history. I did however always love Science. I didn’t always realise it, but the magic in our everyday surroundings always captivated me, and I’m one of the lucky ones who got to build a career doing what I love. more “Guest Post: Why kids should science more (Infographic)”

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Tea with Santa at Elm court, a Wyevale garden centre (REVIEW)

If there’s one item at the top of any parents to do list in December, it has to be sorting out a visit to see the big guy himself. St Nick, Santa, Father Christmas…whatever you want to call him, he is a busy guy getting around every department store, garden centre, shopping precinct, school, nursery, kids party and hospital. Yet, the slots to go sit on his knee (well, actually I’m not sure that’s the done thing anymore?), particularly on an annual-leave-free- weekend, are like GOLDDUST. more “Tea with Santa at Elm court, a Wyevale garden centre (REVIEW)”

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Parenting through the good days and the bad

I recently read a post by Honest Mum on the tougher side of parenting, and it left me compelled to write my own version. I am all for the representation of every aspect of parenthood in the media, in order to allow both Men and Women to realise they are not alone if they are having a particularly shitty time of it.

That said, I am not anti the bloggers and writers who represent all that is wonderful about parenting – because that is there too..absolutely, it is. The magical bits that move you to tears, the precious moments you never want to forget…but in reality, lets face it they are sandwiched by the moments you are in tears, and wanting to forget. I don’t like to dwell on the doom and gloom, but my life, my blog, are a bit like my instagram feed; the fun, the beautiful, the heartfelt Is mixed up with a small sprinkling of reality. more “Parenting through the good days and the bad”

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It’s in the singing of a street corner choir…

I’ve already cracked open a Muppets Christmas Carol, a litre of Baileys and bought a new Christmas Jumper, so it goes without saying I’m bursting at the seams to write a festive blog post.

This is likely to be a right old random ramble (I’m a blogger, that’s what we do); I don’t really know what to add to last years A-Z of christmas traditions in my household, but this year there will be a few changes. more “It’s in the singing of a street corner choir…”

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#coolmumclub on Instagram: November Round Up

It’s been another month packed with #coolmumclub gorgeousness on instagram. November saw more and more of you getting involved in tagging up your piccies with the one and only #coolmumclub tag. We reached an incredible 1.5K posts already after just two months and it’s a brilliant way to keep tabs on what all our favourite bloggers are doing if we missed their posts. Don’t believe me? Have a little #coolmumclub search now and again and see for yourself… more “#coolmumclub on Instagram: November Round Up”

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#coolmumclub Linky week 47

Hey! Thanks for dropping in to #coolmumclub this Thursday! And on the first of December no less…I’m expecting a fair few festive posts to get the season ROLLING! I’m starting to get proper excited!

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Children’s book review: Emmy and the Whale

In the many happy memories of my childhood there are so many books that I can still remember to this day. Some were made to be handled by us kids, and others were made to be out of reach of teeny hands and felt tip pens – to be respected, treasured and loved into adulthood. My favourite was a hardback copy of Alice in Wonderland, which didn’t so much entice me by the small print and long drawn out story, as the magical quirky pictures that adorned each page. more “Children’s book review: Emmy and the Whale”

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The digital age: Anyone else struggling to keep up?

It’s pretty mental the changes in technology we’ve seen in our lifetime. I can vividly remember the first time I sat on a PC to use the internet at secondary school, and I didn’t get it. ‘You can ask it anything you want!’ they said, to which I stared blankly ahead and thought about what I might buy from the bakery on my walk home from school. I didn’t really get it. more “The digital age: Anyone else struggling to keep up?”

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The Linky Linky With Life Love and Dirty Dishes

Just when you thought every Linky was covered, Claire aka Life Love and Dirty Dishes only went and had a genius moment. A Linky for Linkys. A moment of clarity in the hustle and bustle of the blogging world just appeared. This is certainly an anchor I’ll keep coming back to to establish exactly where we are, as things constantly ebb and change in the dynamic platform of blogging.  more “The Linky Linky With Life Love and Dirty Dishes”

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