#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Morgan Prince

This weeks #coolmumclub Meet the members is the last one for three weeks while I go on a little break for half term, and our family holiday. So I’ll leave you with Morgan Prince, off of Morgans Milieu, If there was a word that described Morgans blog it would be lovely. She comes across as gentle and kind, and we share a dislike for Jeremy Kyle! There has to be better things to do than watch that stuff, right?!

Enjoy. and if you would like to be featured in the Meet the members series when I return from my break, please drop me a line at mummuddlingthrough@gmail.com.

x MMT more “#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Morgan Prince”

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#coolmumclub Linky week 28

Hey gorgeous! Welcome to the 28th meet of the #coolmumclub. Hope you are all ready for another looming ‘holiday’ (ha ha), and if nothing else a break from the old routine. If you’re still in baby-land and have no idea what I’m talking about – it’s half term next week…but you’re probably more interested in the bank holiday and an extra day with the OH around to lend a hand and pour you an extra glass of wine on Sunday night. more “#coolmumclub Linky week 28”

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When the blog days are over

Have you ever thought about the end of your blog?

I have read countless blog posts dissecting the first week, month, six months, year of blogging. I’ve read many a post of the bloggerati, whose years of blogging have earned them a well deserved spot in the blog-hall of fame. The success stories are so inspiring. But what about the ones who didn’t make it? Where do blogs lay to rest when their days come to an end? When the time comes, how the hell do you decommission a blog anyway? more “When the blog days are over”

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Now I’m not going to get all high and mighty on you about my clean eating lifestyle or being  tee total, I promise.

But a strange thing happened this week…a bit of an unplanned detox.  more “DETOX”

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Top tips for Caravan holidays with kids

There’s no denying that only a handful of years ago I would have turned my nose up to the very idea of a caravan holiday. Spoilt by years of long haul holidays to tropical destinations, we’d have shuddered at the thought of spending our precious annual leave slumming it in a tin hut and spending our evenings down at the clubhouse soaking up the entertainment…

It’s amazing how becoming a parent alters you. more “Top tips for Caravan holidays with kids”

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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Domesticated Momster

This weeks #coolmumclub Meet the Members guest really needs no introduction. She’s pretty legendary on the circuit, and is one of the most savvy bloggers I’ve come across to date. Not only does she regularly link up to #coolmumclub on a Thursday whilst running her own Linky, singlehandedly, but she is also a fitness fanatic, and a cracking writer to boot. She takes no prisoners, says it how it is, and will leave you a little bit grateful you took time to read her stuff.

Trista is also the first ever blogger to send me her entire guest post, pictures, badges, text code and all in HTML making my life a hellufaload easier. She’s one slick blogger babe…


more “#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Domesticated Momster”

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#coolmumclub Linky week 27

Morning Campers! It’s been a chavavan-tatsic weekend here at #coolmumclub HQ. Fun times with the supermum friends in our final summer of toddler-group mayhem…Good to be home and resurface from under a mountain of laundry…how does 4 short days create so much work? Guess it just goes to show what we’re all conquering on a daily basis!

Anyway…on with the linky. That’s what you’re here for right?

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Packing for a weekend away? It’s in the bag…

Bags for life are stuffed down the side of every cupboard, appliance, and pocket of the car. That’s what happens when you never ever remember to take them shopping. I do kinda miss those old carrier bags – they were handy for dirty wellies, soggy clothes, makeshift binliners weren’t they? more “Packing for a weekend away? It’s in the bag…”

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Toddler High Tea

As you may recall from some previous posts, our youngest dangermouse has an aversion to the two things every parent prays for: Sleep and eating. more “Toddler High Tea”

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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…So this is me, Mrs T

Morning! I’m thrilled to introduce another new gorgeous member of the #coolmumclub community – Katie aka ‘So This is me Mrs T’. She’s a down to earth Mum blogging her way through the madness like so many of us… A PND survivor, she is sure to have many tales to tell along the way. Give her a warm welcome and be sure to go track her down on twitter too…


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