Get things done with Bidvine : Find local proffessionals

When it comes to hunting down a trades person, or finding a local service, it’s not always straight forward. Instead of playing games with google, being stood up by a builder, or telephone tennis with a toddler hanging off your leg, there is an easier way: Bidvine. If , like me you are all about efficiency when it comes to life admin, read on, this is one you’ll love. more “Get things done with Bidvine : Find local proffessionals”

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Review: Muddy puddles EcoSplash childrens raincoat

Having agreed to review a Muddy puddles EcoSplash childrens raincoat, I wondered if I might have to get the garden sprinkler out and get creative, as August heatwaves probably aren’t the best time to review an Autumn / Winter range of wet weather gear.

But then again, this is British summertime, and the good old blighty weather didn’t let me down. more “Review: Muddy puddles EcoSplash childrens raincoat”

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#MumsThatRun: 5 reasons to get running

With the Olympics in full swing, there is no better time to embrace sport. As a busy Mum, it’s not exactly easy to commit seriously to making the next Olympics, or take up a 5 session a week training programme, or invest in a new hobby of sailing. But watching the athletic greats of team GB is enough to inspire any of us to whack on our trainers and get out for a run. more “#MumsThatRun: 5 reasons to get running”

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I hate ironing : Dry cleaning to your door

I once asked my four year old what ‘this’ strange contraption is… “Is it for the garden?” she replied. Clearly, the use of an iron in our household is something of a rarity. Yes, it is fair to say, I hate ironing. more “I hate ironing : Dry cleaning to your door”

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Sniffles & schoolbags: Back to school with asthma

As the carefree summer days pass us by, it’s getting closer: September, starting school, the cooler evenings and the seasons changing. Filling in the endless new school medical forms was a stark reminder of our daughters (officially undiagnosed), suspected Asthma. more “Sniffles & schoolbags: Back to school with asthma”

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What are YOU having for dinner tonight?

As a parent, one of my biggest headaches is the monotony of preparing a meal for the family, day after day after day… more “What are YOU having for dinner tonight?”

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The death of date night

This post was originally featured on MeetOtherMums #blogsquad.

I know it’s not the advice a 9 month pregnant woman wants to hear, but I just can’t stop myself.

“Go to the cinema.

Loads of times.

And have Nandos.” more “The death of date night”

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#coolmumclub Linky week 35

35 weeks in and it’s a big one for #coolmumclub. It’s going to be the last link up for a little while – 5 weeks to be exact. Or approximate. It’s summertime, it’s the last one before big school for the G-unit, so it’s time to drop the blogging down a gear. Don’t sweat it… like Arnie, we will be back. As will all of you, hopefully. We know you totally understand, and that’s why we love you. Y’know sometimes, some things just feel right.

more “#coolmumclub Linky week 35”

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Kidloland App Review & giveaway

I admit, I have never been a fan of seeing kids glued to ipads, iphones, games consoles. BUT. I get it. I’m a Mum, and sometimes we just need FIVE MINUTES PEACE in a way a jigsaw just ain’t gonna cut it. more “Kidloland App Review & giveaway”

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The Joey Essex campaign for pond safety

You might be thinking this is a safety initiative being championed by this guy: more “The Joey Essex campaign for pond safety”

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