Why Being An Adult Carer Is A Great Job For A Mum

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If you are a working mum, you can empathise with the fact that it’s hard to be both a mum and a career boss. Perhaps you have mastered the art of juggling both roles, but for most of us, learning how to do both is an ongoing process.

Many parents decide to choose their next career steps based on what is good not just for them, but also for their kids. As a mum, you might be looking for a career that doesn’t detract too much from your number one priority: your children.

Being an adult carer could be what you’ve been looking for. Let’s take a look at why being an adult carer is super compatible with mum life!

  1. You don’t need too much training

Becoming a carer requires some training, but not a full BA or BsC degree. You can take a Health and Social Care diploma over twelve months and become a certified adult carer who is ready to start work. This means your training period won’t be as lengthy or expensive as other roles that require three or more years to qualify.

  1. You can work locally

Most adult carers work within their own community, meaning you won’t have long commutes to work each day. This is especially important for parents who want to spend as much time during the evenings with their kids as possible. Working locally also allows you to keep costs down on fuel, and maybe even warrants cycling or walking to work, keeping you fit and healthy!

  1. You can choose your hours

If you work for a caring agency that assigns you roles ad-hoc, this means you can choose your own working hours. As a parent, this is a huge step in the right direction when it comes to mastering work-life balance. Being able to organise your work around your kids and your social life allows you to form an equilibrium between your career and the rest of your life. This balance can be crucial for both your tiredness levels and your mental health.

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  1. Caring is important for the community

If you are looking for a way to give back to your community, being a carer is one way you can do this. Adult care is an essential facet of our society; for those most vulnerable, carers are the difference between a social, comfortable life and a lonely one. Particularly for those without much family support, a carer is a lifeline not just for a person’s physical health but also for their wellbeing and social interaction.

  1. Your experience as a parent will help

Much of being a carer is sensing a person’s needs and meeting them efficiently and with kindness. This is what you do every day with your children; being a parent gives you many of the skills you need to be a great carer.

Overall, being an adult carer gives job flexibility, minimal training and plays an important role in your beloved community. Could caring be your next career move?

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