GUEST POST; How I Re-Trained To Become A Legal Secretary

Having spent 3 years at home, apparently “not working” (although being a mum is without doubt the biggest career change of all), I finally decided to bite the bullet and head back out into the real world.

Although I had been doing the odd bit of work for my husband, writing the occasional letter and helping with the invoicing, it felt like the time was right to get back out into the workplace for myself. I won’t lie, much as a love being a mum, I missed putting my brain to good use, being part of a team and being able to have a conversation that revolved around more than Peppa Pig and a constant demand for snacks.

So, I put on my big girl pants and set about deciding how I could find a stable career that would allow me to spend quality time with my children, as well as help to boost our household income.

I had previously worked in administration so decided to try that route first.  I wanted to be much more than just a computer operator though, so I looked into careers that would allow me to utilise my skills, whilst also offering scope for further career progression.

Quite accidentally, I stumbled upon the idea of training to become a Legal Secretary.  Having researched it well, the idea of being able to learn about the technicalities of English law, combined with working in a team really started to appeal to me.

I found a course local to my home in North London that offered a full CPD Accreditation.  This meant, that once I had finished the course, I would be fully qualified for a role as a Legal Secretary.

The thought of going back to studying was terrifying at the beginning.  School and college felt like a lifetime away, and I wasn’t sure how I would be able to fit in study time with the busy demands of two small children.  But, I managed it.

The course was brilliant, really informative and offered in bite size chunks so it never felt too overwhelming.  It helped me to regain my confidence and taught me all of the skills I needed to move into the Legal Secretarial field.

As a bit of a novice when it comes to all things legal, I wasn’t sure if I would understand all of the technical jargon, but it was explained so well that I had no problem with it.  The course offered everything I needed, and included modules on:

  • Legal documents
  • Legal procedures
  • The UK Legal Structure
  • Typing
  • Audio Transcription
  • Letter Writing
  • Client Care and
  • Diary Management

At the end of the course I was delighted to receive my CPD Accreditation, and a family dinner was in order.  I felt so proud of myself for managing to juggle studying alongside running a house and being a mum.  In fact, it was so much easier than I though, I wish I done it years ago.

When it came to applying for jobs, I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to employ a mum who had been away from work for a few years.  The Legal Secretary Training Course definitely paid off. After nervously submitting my CV and attending a couple of interviews I landed my first proper role as a Legal Secretary in London.

Despite all my nerves, fear of studying and lack of self-confidence, taking the course gave me the skills I needed to find a job that suits me perfectly.  I now work for a smashing practise, just 15 minutes from our home, with a wonderful bunch of solicitors and secretaries.  Being out at work during the day has given me back my sense of purpose.  I am, of course, a mum first and foremost, but now I am a mum with a career and an extra income, allowing us to spend quality time doing fun stuff as a family. I truly have found that great work/life balance that your hear so much about.

If you are considering getting into a Legal Secretarial role, I cannot recommend the course highly enough.  The course was brilliant and gave me the confidence and skills to move forward with my career.

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