Earning money as a Mum in 2017

Earning money as a busy Mum can be incredibly hard. There are not many jobs out there that you can juggle with school hours, and it doesn’t matter if you are a one or two parent family, it can still be a struggle getting it all in.

With rising prices for household bills and products, it can also be seriously hard to make ends meet. Many women are literally faced with the choice now between career and children, which simply isn’t fair in this day and age. There are however things you can do though, at home, with just a laptop to make yourself some extra cash.

Trade shares online

This may seem like a really intimidating prospect, and you may be thinking you do not know anything about stocks and shares. This is fine, in all honesty, not a lot of people that trade this way do. Companies like CMC markets make it really easy to get set up and start trading. You can also get an app on your phone to monitor your trades. You do not need to know a lot, just the basics which are easily self taught, and then you can invest in what are seen as some safe investments. A lot of these online companies will also let you trade in ‘practice’ mode, so you can do this before you start to deposit money and trade for real.

Earn money writing

There are many online websites that act as brokers for you to do online writing jobs, like Greatcontent and Textbroker. All you need to do is sign up, and you will be given a sample article to write. Once you have don this, you will get a grade, and you can then select from a list of articles from that grade to write and get paid for them. You can also build up relationships with clients if you do good enough work who may request you in the future, and you get paid more money for direct jobs.

Sell your photos online

There are also many websites like Shutterstock and Fotalia that give you the opportunity to sell your photo’s online. You do not need to be a great or exceptional photographer to do this. Many people who create and provide web content need pictures of all sorts of weird and wonderful things, and although they will not pay a lot, it can still boost your income. The trick is to think outside of the box and think how many people will want pictures of everyday objects around your home, and upload these.

Think about your skills

You may not think you have any skills, but there are always going to be things you can do that others can’t. Tried your hand at a bit of video editing in media studies? Why not sign up to a website like Upwork or Fiverr and see if you can get a paid gig doing this in your free time? You could also proofread if you were a bit of an English buff at school. There are plenty of things you can do to make some money, just have a look on one of the websites for inspiration and see what others are doing.

Become a virtual assistant

This sounds crazy, but there really are people who are absolutely screaming out for this service. Paying an assistant is a very costly luxury for some small companies, and they cannot afford to have someone simply being paid to be in the office on the off chance they may need to take a phone call or set up a meeting. Being a virtual assistant would mean for a certain amount of hours a day, you would need to be available from home to carry out basic admin tasks. Depending on your setup, you will either get paid by the hour or by day or task, but this is something you can speak to with your employer. There is also an opportunity to grow with the company, and when the children are older you could even make some ties that could lead to a full time job.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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