Me without tea: Going H2only with @RNLI

Fancy a cuppa? Pop the kettle on. Let’s meet for a brew. I need Coffee. These phrases are part of my every day vocabulary and are statements I’ve forsaken for 10 days in support of the RNLI H2only campaign. It’s a fairly simple challenge: No tea, coffee, booze, juice, fizz or squash for ten days. Yet the last thing it feels right now is easy…

Surprisingly, the alcohol avoidance has been the easiest part. Having done a two week detox earlier this year I can live without a drink for a couple of weeks… Especially when as luck would have it out social calendar has slowed back to normal after a busy summer of fun / hangovers.

Its the tea and coffee I miss dearly. Like the comfort of an old oversized cardigan; always there to wrap me up and give me a hug. The 5.30 wake up saviour, the mid morning mug, the tea time pick me up, and the evening decaf. Being at home all day without the process of boiling the kettle is just so alien. After all, we are British, it’s what we do best.

Like every addiction, the caffeine withdrawal is bad – headaches, even migraines for the first few days. Feeling like your hands need something else to do. Replacement binge eating. Tea drinker envy.

But it’s probably a good thing for my body – giving it a major hydration boost, flushing out my system, and reminding me I drink way too much caffeine than is probably good for me. Plus, it’s for a pretty amazing cause – the challenges the RNLI face each shift way surpasses my menial denial of a hot drink.

This year I have recruited a buddy; my husband. A die hard squash drinker and commuter coffee serial offender, he’s struggled pretty bad too. But, strength in numbers and all that. Plus we’re setting a pretty good example to the kids, right?

Although I hate asking for sponsorship, I also have a pet hate of people joining in with the latest ‘charity craze’ and totally skipping the charity part, so we have asked a few friends and family to sponsor us. Plus we donated a tea/coffee savings amount too. The RNLI are an inspirational bunch and the funds we have raised has certainly spurred us on to keep going. It’s surprising how much you save, when the prospect of a cafe, pub or restaurant lacks its usual appeal. That said, it’s highlighted how much our social life involves sitting with friends or family over a drink; be it steaming, sparkling or in a pint glass.

This is my second year doing H2only, and I hope I’ll make it an annual event. By the end of the challenge it’s surprising how amazing you feel.

What do you reckon…could you do it?




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