When to ditch the monitor?

Disclaimer 1: This post has nothing to do with minions

Disclaimer 2: Not likely to be a groundbreaking read, in fact if you don’t have kids, stop right here.

We moved little Baby G into her own room at 6 months, just 4 months ago. (Have you figured how old she is yet?!).

The thing is, things aren’t going so great. She goes to bed amazingly by 7 every night, and sleeps… ‘Like a baby’ until the nanosecond I get into my own bed and close my eyes. Then, she’ll wake every hour or couple of hours till the morning.

She has a bunny and dummy for nap and bedtimes, so we fumble around her cot for them in the dark, give them back to her in our zombie state, and wobble back to bed. *Repeat several times throughout night*.

It’s not so bad as there is no extended periods of ‘awake’ but the broken sleep is  slowly killing me through tiredness and I’m pretty sure we are fuelling the fire in how we’re dealing with the situation?

This week we turned off the baby monitor. I’m not entirely sure it was helping the situation as every tiny mumble, grizzle was being stereo boomed into my eardrum, making me leap from my bed to her room in one sudden catapult, in fear of her waking her 3 y o sister.

When toddler-g went through the waking at night stage it was so much easier to do the ‘learning to self settle’ thing, because…

a) she sucked her thumb, so could always find that herself

b) there was no other small person around we were petrified of disturbing and doubling our awaken child situation

It made me wonder, when is the right time to switch off the monitor? I guess when it’s right for you. After all, we don’t live in a mansion, and she certainly isn’t sleeping in the West Wing. Separated by an adjoining wall and 2 open doors, any cries of distress aren’t exactly going to be missed.

There are other factors playing on my mind; mainly the dummy. Is it making things worse? Should we go cold turkey and ditch it now? Not been here before so it’s all an unknown. Is she too little? After all it’s a great prop to get her back to sleep quick?

What if she’s just teething? She’s 10 months and none have cut through yet, so she must be uncomfortable?

Either way I wonder if we need to try and establish a little bit of self soothing education if we are going to ever get a whole nights sleep again?

With our eldest we ditched the monitor almost immediately after putting her in her own room. Not because we are big old meanies, but because she suffered with an early presentation of seasonal asthma which resulted in a night cough. All night. Every night. She slept happily through it, us not so much. The monitor only exacerbated the situation. We were of course able to hear and go to her when she needed us, but we could hear that for ourselves.

Always handy for summer evenings in the garden or if we are downstairs after kids bedtime, the monitors still there; but at night, for now, it’s being switched off.

The dummy, we’ll keep thinking about that one….

Any advice on this greatly received!


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