A unicorn party at home using Kit and Kaboodle party kits (REVIEW) + #discountcode

We weren’t planning on doing a big party for Tigs birthday this year, having used that as my main negotiating factor for the Disney trip back in October. However, as her big sixth birthday approached, it felt a little sad not letting her mark the occasion with her school friends as she is prime age for loving being the centre of birthday attention!

Sticking to my guns about not letting things get out of control, we decided on a small tea party at home, with six friends, plus her and her sister taking the guest count to eight. She requested a Unicorn party theme, and so with a bit of hunting around on instagram (Google is so last year right?) I found a little gem of a company who were literally my knights in shining armour.

Meet Kit & Caboodle; The ready made party in a box.


Kit & Caboodle is essentially, everything you need to make your party go off in style. Run by two Mums, Alice and Danielle, these ladies know exactly how hectic our lives are, and have done all the party prep for us.

Starting with a theme choice of Unicorn (yay!), Dinosaurs, Pirates, Harry Potter, Football, Narnia, Science, Star Wars and Tropical, with the click of a button and a swipe of the plastic, all you need for the party arrives to your door in one rather lovely K&C branded box.

Within our Unicorn box for 8 guests (RRP £95) we received:

To lay the table

  • 8 pink starry plates
  • 8 chevron cups
  • A pack of paper straws
  • A extra large banqueting table cloth (plastic lined and excellent quality)
  • A paper teal garland
  • A bag of pink, teal and silver confetti
  • A pack of unicorn and rainbow napkins
  • 8 unicorn horns

To make the house gorgeous

  • 3 paper diamond honeycomb lanterns in teal and pink
  • A pack of Unicorn balloons
  • Plenty  of ink and teal balloons
  • A balloon pump

To play at the party

  • Unicorn Poo balloon game
  • Pin the horn on the Unicorn set
  • Sensory Game Kit
  • Pass the ‘Unicorn Horn’ (*purchasable extra at £11.99)

To thank the Guests

  • 8 paper party bags
  • 8 rainbow swirl lollies
  • 8 Thank you cards
  • 8 Thank you stickers

I had sooo much fun just unpacking the kit, let alone setting up the party!

Each game came with a set of instructions, and so 24 hours before the party I set about soaking the sensory game balls in water…

The night before the party, we decorated the house and laid the table. Loaded up the confetti into the Unicorn Poo balloons and hid them away in the provided bag for later. The pump was a godsend and something handy to have in a bottom drawer for many balloon blowing times in the future!

I filled the party bags in advance; taking advantage of a Smiggle sale popped in a notebook and pen for each guest as well as the lolly and thank you card.

Other than that, we were basically set to go!

The house looked SO gorgeous – as an added bonus the teal and pink totally matched our dining room / play room and we really didn’t need to get any additional decor to make the house party perfect. (Oh, aside from the three helium balloons I added, everything else for the party was in my K&C box).

With some tunes for musical statues, courtesy of K&C’s unicorn playlist on spotify, it was literally plug in and play. I didn’t go mad with the food, and a few rounds of sandwiches and some colourful treats was plenty enough for the kids. (A rainbow fruit platter eased the sugar loading guilt!). For more and that Unicorn Cake, watch this space!

The popping of the unicorn poo balloons was hilarious and the girls all were squealing in hysterics as they jumped and squeezed the balloons to pop them and unleash the confetti.

The Pass the unicorn horn was also a massive hit – packed with loads of layers of goodies (sweets and little toys) the colourful layers just kept on coming! Made a nice change for even me to not know what was coming next…

The whole party was a total success. I can’t imagine how much all of the stuff in the box would have cost if I’d seeked it all out separately, let alone the time I saved in not having to find it all. It all matched beautifully and was so much fun to play all the ‘on theme’ games.

The games filled the 2 hour party with food perfectly, and the kids adored the unicorn poo game! The house looked so alive filled with confetti and despite us joking we’d be finding it for the next ten years, it really didn’t take long to clean up.

It is therefore with a huge thumbs up I give the Kit and Caboodle party kits a massive MMT seal of approval. I’ll definitely use them again in future, and their plastic free, contents are of the highest quality.

In fact, I’m championing the old school at home party altogether. Bring back jelly and ice cream and realistic expectations. With a little bit of help from Kit & Caboodle, it’s really is more manageable than you think.


Discount code

Thanks to Kit & Caboodle, my readers can use a 10% discount code: MMTparty valid until 31 March 2019)

Disclosure: We were sent the Unicorn Party kit and Unicorn horn pass the parcel for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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