Tigs’ Dream Pet with Petplan

Our six year old daughter, Tigs, is a creative little soul. It goes without saying that when she was asked by Petplan to design her dream pet, we were sure that she would rise to the challenge.


In fact, it only took a few minutes and she presented us with her creation. Nina.


Now we have had our fair share of pets in our extended family, but Tigs found the gap – a beautiful, magnificent bird with white feathers, glossed with yellow wings and rainbow tips. Her blue feet and green beak are the stuff of myth and legend, she wouldn’t look out of place on a Harry Potter set.

So, with our design firmly down on paper, we sent it off to PetPlan pet insurance, who made the magic happen.

With just a few weeks to wait, our dream pet parcel arrived, and none of us could quite believe the resemblance in the soft toy that PetPlan had made for Tigs. Nina had quite literally come to life.

About Nina

So now that Nina is an actual member of the Muddling Through Family, I thought I’d better give Tigs a grilling on how we should care for her.

Species: Snow Eagle

Diet:  Marshmallows

Age: She’s a baby of course, we only just got her!

Sleeping: Nina sleeps in my arms. But in the wild at the tops of trees.

Other interesting facts: Nina is scared of rain, and likes to snack on rice cakes

So there we have it, alongside the fish, tortoise and cat, we now have a beautiful Snow Eagle in the household.

Whatever next?

(Actually, I know what’s next and it’s not for the faint hearted! Keep your eyes peeled for The Mouse’s dream pony…). 

About PetPlan

PetPlan has been offering pet owners a way of caring for their beloved animals since 1976 – a responsible and practical way of ensuring your pets can be put back on their feet should they fall unwell. As well as letting you put your animal love into practice they also work hard with animal rehoming charities to support the welfare of as many animals as possible.

PetPlan offers a market leading Covered for Life policy as well as 12 month policies that are designed to suit all needs.

To read more about PetPlan’s Pet Insurance, head over to their website.


Disclosure: This post was made possible by PetPlan but all thoughts (and Snow Eagles) are our own

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