The weirdness of blogging

I’ve made no secret that I’m a little bit shy about my blog. I suppose a big part of that, is that I just haven’t quite come to terms with my position as a blogger. Even though I’m passionate about my blog, my message and my readers, I still feel a bit weirded out by the whole thing.


I’m just never sure about how it will be received when I explain in a really awkward and around the houses way to people that I like to write, on a website, about parenting and stuff. Trying my best to avoid the words ‘I’m a blogger’. And, even to the exclusive few I have mentioned my blog to, the handful with whom I have given my actual url is even more elite. I’d just prefer to imagine no one ever reads my ramblings.

‘Write like no one’s reading’

I’ve been to events where I still cringe at the word under my name on my badge: Blogger. Maybe it’s just too darn close to the word ‘Blagger’. Which, contrary to some people’s opinions, couldn’t be further from the truth. Bloggers work their socks off for any hard earned rewards, and often just for the love of what they do. I am somewhat in awe of the bloggers who circulate their posts on their personal social media, and shout loud and proud about their work.

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Here’s a big one for me. I have made friends online. We used to mock people for that when I was growing up. Online friends were for people who had no social skills, or agoraphobia. Train spotter types or sexual weirdos. Not normal folk, like you and I, who struggle to keep up with our vast quantities of real life friends we have accumulated over the years? I guess times have changed. Or I have changed. Maybe both; Or maybe I was just plain wrong.

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It’s possible that it’s the British culture of being reserved, which goes against the grain. Some may feel that blogging is incredibly self indulgent, which I can kind of see. But, once you’re inside the vacuum of the blogging world, the reality becomes clear – most aren’t in this for fame or fortune, or for a glam celebrity life, or even for air time. These are creative people who love to write. People who are comedians. People who want to make a living that works around their family. People who can teach us about photography, social media or many incredible talents. Or just people who want others to feel part of their team. Consider a blogger as a cutting edge journalist, writer, marketeer or columnists – all of which are extremely credible titles are they not?

And what about bloggers as people? Total weirdos? Well, having met a fair few now, I can pretty much say they are as normal as you, or me. Cracking gal’s (and guys) who I would totally hang with all the time in real life if I could. (Oh, and who the hell wants to be normal? What the hell is normal anyway?).

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No, blogging isn’t weird, people. Blogging is an opportunity – for me, for you. Blogging is here, and it’s here to stay. It’s the way of the world right now; and it’s the future.

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Maybe it’s time I felt less weird about my blog, what it has achieved, and start engaging a new found emotion: pride.


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28 thoughts on “The weirdness of blogging

  1. Emma T Reply

    Great post. I’ve been blogging 5 years and I’ve never really felt weird about it but lots of people still don’t really get it. My husband is one of them. He still thinks it’s a waste of time, doesn’t like all the ‘tat’ we get sent even when it’s useful for him. But most bloggers are normal.

  2. min1980 Reply

    I feel the same way. I’m a bit embarrassed to tell people in case they mock, but it’s a hobby to me that’s just as valid as any other. There will always be haters, no matter what we do!

  3. angiemwebster77 Reply

    I sometimes struggle with the self indulgence thing all the time. I doubt myself and think who on earth wants to read what I’ve got to say but people keep coming back so they must. Blogging is a funny old thing but also wonderful. I really enjoyed your post 🙂

  4. Mummy Bre Reply

    I have only been blogging for over a year and I have not told anyone non of my friends or family know apart from my partner. I am scared of what they will say and think I just feel embarrassed about my blog.

  5. imatwinmama Reply

    Haha I’m v shy about mine, almost none of my family/friends know I do it and of those, the majority don’t bloody read it (how very dare they!). I sometimes worry I could say something which could be misconstrued or something too, so none of my work colleagues know either… I don’t even know if I’ll continue it, but one thing I do know is I LOVE reading other people’s blogs and commenting on them, and feeling part of the fellow clueless parenting community! 🙂

  6. Mummy Muckups (Anna) Reply

    From one weirdo to the other, “Stay fabulous!” I was weirded out recently when I visited my home town, which is interstate. An old acquaintance asked me about life in Sydney and I spluttered, thinking, “How would she know where I am now?” She went on to say, “I follow your blog” and I was half relieved, but slightly concerned about how much of my life is out there. #coolmumclub

  7. nowmynameismummy Reply

    Your blog is great and you should feel proud of it, although I admit I feel the same! I’ve been a bit haphazard of late because I started to doubt myself and feel a bit weird about it all! #coolmumclub

  8. beautybabyandme Reply

    You and your blog are amazing! I am so glad we’ve got to be friends. You’re right it can be a weird old world in the blogging community but you are brilliant at it so don’t ever change <3

  9. franbackwithabump Reply

    Love this and I’m a bit coy about my blog and don’t tell many “real” people about it! Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

  10. justsayingmum Reply

    I completely get this on so many levels – the admitting you’re a blogger and being met with those looks that suggest that is less than cool or a look of disdain. Also, we all write for very different reasons. Mine is very much a hobby so there is no pull or stress of self-hosting or worrying about DAs or SEO or readability. I may change as my blog develops but that’s my current perspective and fits in with your notion of write as if no one is reading – it’s really a writing for you kind of therapy but hey if I want to take it further I may need to start paying more attention! I have such respect for the proper bloggers as I call them and I think you should totally and utterly stand up and shout that you’re a blogger – be proud my lovely – you deserve to! #CoolMumClub

  11. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    Why do we do this to ourselves! I also STILL feel massively sheepish about this especially around the school mums. It’s time we stand up and be counted surely…errrr…or maybe not haha. Shhhh don’t tell them about #coolmumclub either lolz xxx

  12. Rainbows are too beautiful Reply

    We are different in our family – no surprise my blog is the same! Love it! Be who you are! #coolmumclub

  13. tinmccarthy Reply

    Yeppers! Sometimes I walk through the kids’ school so self conscious just knowing that these people read about my crazy little uncensored life


  14. Cheryl @ Tea or Wine Reply

    Can relate to this. I’m not sure why we feel so weird about blogging? It’s a funny old world, but keep going, your blog is brilliant! x #CoolMumClub

  15. Sarah Reply

    Ah I so agree!! It’s so strange – whenever I say ‘lets find a blogger’ in a worsens (which is frequently!!) it just flows off the tongue but yet at the same time I feel really weird telling people I also have a (teeny tiny!) blog, in case they think I’m self indulgent, a blogger – all those negative connotations. You’re right though blogging isn’t going anywhere so let’s just enjoy the party. #coolmumclub

  16. Angela Watling Reply

    *Round of applause* Great points very well made! I remember a time when internet friends prompted raised eyebrows. But in reality it’s usually just two like minded people from different places who want to chat.

    Like you I feel weird about my blog. Not many people I know in ‘real life’ know about it or read it. I discovered my sister in law often popped by and read my posts which made me really conscious for bit. But then I realised it was a compliment that she took the time and kept coming back!


  17. Lucy At Home Reply

    Oh I love this post. It’s like you’re writing about me! I NEVER call myself a blogger. On very rare occasions, I’ve told people that I “write for a parenting website” (that website being my own blog but I don’t mention that! Haha), and I’ve never given my URL to my “real life” contacts. Only my hubby has seen it. But I do really love blogging so much. You’ve encouraged me, because I thought I was the only one who was so embarrassed about it and trying to keep it a secret #CoolMumClub

  18. Mess and merlot Reply

    I totally get it – I haven’t told many people ‘in real life’ and even my Mum doesn’t know about my secret life as a blogger! 🙂 You should be so, so proud of your blog and all the hard work you’ve put into it! #coolmumclub

  19. Alana - Burnished Chaos Reply

    I feel exactly the same way. I haven’t told anyone other than my husband and my parents. I’ve only been at it for just under 6 months though, so maybe in time I’ll pluck up the courage x

  20. Mum in Brum Reply

    You should definitely feel pride in your blog – it’s awesome! I too hate talking about my blog to non-bloggers – mainly because I do think it seems really self-indulgent and I’m not okay with people thinking I like to talk about myself all of the time online…But as you say, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I really don’t think people get it unless you actually are a blogger yourself. We do it for the love of blogging and a need to be creative. And once you start it’s impossible to stop!! xx #coolmumclub

  21. Helen @Talking_Mums Reply

    I feel the same when people ask what I do now I’m on a career break. When I say writing blogs you can see the look of wonder and often the lack of response says it all. However I love it and I think you should go for it, share share share x

  22. Mrs Mummy Harris Reply

    I totally get why you may not be comfortable with telling people about your blog, I was like that before. But now I am proud of what i’ve acomplished (little in comparison to most).
    Own what you’ve done – even if its just for the select few that know about it in real life.
    Dont feel pressured to publicise what you do – do it in your own time.
    Keep doing a fantastic job #coolmumclub

  23. Gorgeousgeorgesmama Reply

    Yes, yes and yes! Love this! I’m not ashamed of my blog at all and regularly say to people I know when I start talking about a subject, “oh did you not read my blog post I did the other day?” The I find no one reads it anyway so I write even more like no ones reading lol.

    #coolmumclub #pbloggers

  24. Helena Reply

    I too don’t like that it’s one vowel away from another word that is so untrue right? #coolmumclub

  25. Janine Reply

    “Write like nobody’s watching”. I love that. And yes you should definately be proud of your blog. I do know what you mean though. I cringe a little inside when it comes up that I blog. Probably because I don’t see myself as a proper Blogger like yourself. I just write a post once a week so I guess it’s just a little hobby for me really. But I do write blog posts so what do I say instead of “I write a blog”. It’s a tough one.


  26. tammymum Reply

    Yeah I really get this. I find it hard to tell people I am a blogger and feel myself winching when I do or I just don’t tell them. Really though it’s bloody stupid to be like that and you’re quite right as it is something we should be proud off. #coolmumclub

  27. Amie Richards Reply

    I know exactly how you feel! I used to get really embarrassed and still sometimes feel awkward whenever anyone asks me if I’m a ‘blogger’ #coolmumclub

  28. absolutelyprabulous Reply

    Firstly, with quotes like those, you need to be linking to my Monday linky with Cuddles. Secondly, why do you avoid the words I’m a blogger (especially if you totally get what we all do)? Third and I should say BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY THIRD whyyyyyyyyyyyy (said in whinging toddler voice) would you prefer people not to read your writing when you are one of the BEST writers out there?!! You don’t even know how good you are do you (despite my numerous attempts to make you get it ha ha)? PS I don’t think I’ve managed to meet a single human the last 3 years without mentioning my blog in the first 5 minutes. Ok I exaggerate (10 minutes). #coolmumclub

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