The OFFICIAL start of Summer with @LittleTikes

Despite that crazy heatwave back in April lulling us into a false sense of summer, it’s fair to say now we are in June, I like many of you, declare that summer has arrived in the U.K. 

In fact, in a survey carried out by Little Tikes, over a quarter of 2000 people stated the first week of June is when they consider Summer to have officially started – just one in ten agreed it was the summer solstice, and others reckon summer starts when schools out.

For me, the first week of June definitely indicates the beginning of all things summer – my birthday falls on the first of June and never has a year gone past when we haven’t thrown a garden party, had a BBQ or at very least drank Pimms in a pub garden. These days it’s all about family friendly birthdays and the past few years we’ve enjoyed having friends and family over to celebrate the moment with us, kids running around our feet barefoot and a few sausages on the BBQ.

Whilst the blowing out of my candles signifies the start of my summer, one in ten Brits, said summer officially starts with the smell of cut grass. Here that’s a standard from early spring thanks to Dad Muddling Throughs lawn obsession. But we agree with the survey that the smell of the well-loved BBQ (and Dad claiming all the glory for a fraction of the work), the sound of children playing (crying?) outdoors, and also the hay fever signs sneaking in.

There’s no stopping us getting outdoors as soon as summer arrives – unlike a surprising half of the survey saying they don’t get out enough during the British summer. With an allotment to tend to, and a lizard like cold blooded body, I’ll be out in that sunshine at every opportunity, and I’m counting down the days to a week of Greek sunshine during the holidays.

The kids can sometimes baffle me with their lack of interest in being outside on a summers day, so we have over the years created some ways to get them interested. An invitation to play can be all it takes – a new garden toy, or a suggestion of a camp, perhaps a bucket of water is all it takes.

This year we’ve got the girls into creating fairy gardens with bits and bobs from the garden, bouncing on the trampoline and making it into a camp with blankets, and throwing a tea party with the toy food. The little tikes play toys have been a summer garden staple for years – with our cosy coupe, rocking horse, slide being joined by a sizzle and serve grill toy BBQ this summer.

There is no doubt at all that Summer is my absolute favourite time of year. Summer clothes, the ability to break out of the house to the park, the beach or the pub garden. Time to explore new days out without the fear of frostbite or damp soggy showers (well, maybe…). The world is green and lush and looks incredible at this time of year and it lures me out there at every opportunity.

There is no question, when the sun’s out, this Mums out.


Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Little Tikes. We received a Sizzle and Serve BBQ in exchange for sharing their survey.


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