The Love Hate Tag

I was nominated by the always Lovely Laura Summers over at Lauras Lovely blog to join in with the Love Hate Tag. Thanks for getting me involved Laura – my posts have been a bit down beat this last week so it’ll be nice to have one at least 50% positive! x

Ten things I Hate

  1. Cold feet. I think I have Raynauds disease – self diagnosed of course, as do my Mothers side of the family. My circulation is pretty rubbish and my toes are always cold! I hate wearing shoes without socks anytime past August, and can’t sleep in the winter without thick socks (which are often discarded half way through the night). Sexy, I know.
  2. Hating Mess. I do hate mess, I admit it. But I hate more, that I hate it. Still with me? It’s a ridiculous state of affairs when you have 2 kids, and it causes me a heaps of unnecessary stress…putting stuff away for it only to be brought straight back out again. I’m trying my best to let the kids be kids, but I confess, I like the house straight again by bedtime so I can ‘unwind’ in a calm environment. Bad Mum? Probably! It seems letting your kids trash your house is the done thing…
  3. Laundry. I don’t mind a bit of tidying up (see #2) but laundry, it is never ending! If money was no object its the first thing I’d offshore.
  4. Waking up to an alarm clock. I always said, pre-kids, that the way you wake up sets you up for the day. I ditched the screeching alarm clock and replaced it with a light alarm clock – which also had options of birdsong, or panpipes. Imagine that now! Ha ha, I’m woken up every morning by a screaming baby. She obviously missed the memo…
  5. Washing my hair. Wetting it, then drying it again, in exchange for an hour of my life. Boo.
  6. Bad photographers. Imagine the scene – you and the family / friends are at a beautiful beach / park / birthday party / christening / etc etc All dressed up in your finest; the perfect shot is in your head – you ask someone to take a picture and they take it of your heads only, or in the wrong orientation (god forbid) or from too far away. Yep – you’ve been there haven’t you.
  7. Politics. I’m not talking David Cameron, Nick Clegg here. I think I have spent a unhealthy amount of my life worrying about Politics within relationships; Friends, Families, Children: Who do we invite, what if they feel left out, who do we go to on that Mothers day / Fathers day / Easter / Christmas, we’ve been invited to two do’s on the same day, who do we invite to the kids parties, Let’s think did they invite us to theirs? Aaargh. It seems that although we constantly worry about not upsetting people, we still manage to. It’s not easy getting it right, and I hate hurting peoples feelings.
  8. Hangovers. Right, so no one enjoys a hangover, ever. But the days where they were spent lazing in bed, getting a McDs breakfast and maybe heading to the pub on a Sunday evening for a Roast and laugh about the night before – those days were a darn sight easier than the current type. Screaming kids, inability to function, no option to sleep it off, 4 day hangovers – it’s quite honestly been enough to say no to the odd booze up. It’s just not always worth it.
  9. Small mindedness. I don’t think I need to elaborate too much. I like embracing all people, from all walks of life, all backgrounds. Don’t agree? Fine, just don’t talk to me about it, thanks.
  10. …..

Do you know, I can’t think of a tenth thing so I’m going to leave it there. Why scrape the barrel looking for negativity, when it’s not coming to me!

Ten things I Love

  1. Spicy food. Of pretty much any kind. Chicken Jalfrezi, Extra Hot Nandos, Subway with southwest sauce and extra Jalapenos. Chilli in pretty much everything going. My addiction has been somewhat held back by the addition of two nippers to our family meals. Much to the relief of my not-so-heat-loving Hubby.
  2. Nostalgia. If you haven’t figured it out already from my blog, I’m a bit of an old romantic. Childhood memories, pining back to the excitement and fun of my twenties, reminiscing about holidays gone by, memories made and the times we shared. To me an opportunity to make memories is worth so much more than a material gift. Rose tinted glasses? Maybe, but there’s something so wonderful about taking your mind back to the golden summers of the past.
  3. This Green and pleasant land. I love Britain. I love England. I couldn’t think of anywhere in the world I’d rather live. Honestly. It’s all about the fair weather, the occasional extreme weather which just visits once in a while (enough to send us into an excited frenzy), the magnificent beaches, rolling hills, vibrant cities and diverse colourful population. I love a good old Roast dinner, and an English breakfast. I also embrace our history, culture and I think we are a pretty awesome nation of sarcastic, funny, kind and giving people. Mostly.
  4. Fresh sheets. I don’t know if there are many feelings better than getting into a new bed, with fluffed up pillows, a duck down duvet, with dead straight sheets and fresh smelling linen. Pure heaven. Fresh sheets equal early nights in our household! I have this amazing bed spray from Rituals which puts the new sheets loveliness off the scale too…
  5. Condiments. This has become a bit of a joke within our family. We can’t go out for a meal without someone making a quip about whether there is ‘Mint sauce’ for the lamb. I have a thing for the perfect partnerships of condiments with certain foods! Roast Lamb with mint sauce, obviously, Pork with apple sauce, Beef with Horseradish (Mustard will do at a push), Turkey with Cranberry. But it doesn’t stop there…McDonalds with sweet and sour dip, Chips with salt and vinegar, Bacon sandwich with brown sauce. If the answer is ‘no, sorry we don’t have any’ watch my face drop and my meal be ruined in a flash. The sad truth!
  6. The ‘odd tipple’. Now I’m no AA member by any stretch of the imagination – especially since having the kids. But I do enjoy a drink now and again. More specifically, as with point 5, the perfect drink for the perfect occasion: Cider with ice on a summers day, A Baileys at Christmas, A red wine with a Sunday Roast Beef, a glass of Prossecs on a special occasion, A pint of Lager with a curry, port with cheese…shall I go on? Oh, and of course, a jaegerbomb at the peak of a good night out (to be regretted in the morning).
  7. Vinegar. Yep this one already had a mention in point 5, but it deserves a special bullet point of it’s own. I’ve often stated that I’d eat an old boot if it was pickled. Probably true. Pickled eggs, onions, cabbage, gherkins, pickled ginger ; all on my love list under the family that is ‘vinegar’. I practically drown my chips in the stuff too. And, I have been known to have a little sip out of the bottle lol.
  8. Tea. I was raised by a family of tea drinkers. Some days I realise I am turning into my Mum as I wonder whether I can fit in one more cuppa in the 10 minutes before we are leaving the house. My life is broken into short intervals bracketed by cups of tea. It’s the first thing any guest in the house is offered, and the cue for them to leave (“did you want another cup of tea or anything?”…). It’s the go to in times of sadness, in a drama, true Brit style see point 3. It’s keeping me awake day on day, and it tastes pretty lovely too.
  9. Life. Now that’s a bit of a wide range in one word. As a Biologist at heart, I am forever in wonder of the world we live in – trees, plants, weather, the oceans, wildlife, the miracle of life. The fact we created two small people that I watch grow and develop into individuals daily. How they are learning and changing, how they have free will and opinions of their own. It’s amazing.
  10. Family. I am one lucky lady. Surrounded not only by my own beautiful family unit, but also a crazy enormous family who smother me with love every day. As a child of a ‘broken’ family, I was not scarred or left without, my family unit doubled and I couldn’t love my half brothers and sisters, step parents and grandparents more. Living in my home town, I also have Aunties and Uncles, my Big brother and his wife- now some of my best friends. I also married into an amazingly close family who I adore, and who shower us all with love, support and friendship. Whats not to love about that.


Now I tag…..You….If you want to join in, consider yourself tagged! x


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44 thoughts on “The Love Hate Tag

  1. mand Reply

    Ive done this after reading yours. Finding negative ones are alot hardeg.

    1. MMT Reply

      Cool! I’m glad someone read it let alone did it! X

  2. dearmummyblog Reply

    My mummy hates hangovers….with a passion. The world would be a better place without them! #fartglitter

  3. Mama Reply

    Must be really nice to love your home so much. I get itchy feet after and year or so and am desperate to go find somewhere better or more exciting or different. I do miss the UK but I’m not sure if I could live there again. Oh I miss malt vinegar on my chips so much! No one has it here. Yum yum. My mum ate it on her sandwiches when she was pregnant with me apparently.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter x

    1. MMT Reply

      Life without vinegar? Sorry for your loss 😉 xxx Thanks for hosting!

  4. cvnxena Reply

    This is such a cool idea! sometimes we forget it’s not all doom and gloom, also Mcdonald’s breakfasts are THE best hangover cure ever! plus I hate a cold everything, not just feet, I am a bit of a chilly willy so sometimes I just can’t get warm! Thanks for sharing #Marvmondays

    1. MMT Reply

      Mmmm I could just do one now! Although I am surrounded by left over buffet from yesterdays christening – I’ll be eating prawn rings for a week (erm, maybe not such a good idea 😉 ) Thanks for stopping by x

  5. sisterk1n Reply

    I love this – and the other half of sisterkin would so agree with you in vinegar (she drinks it through a straw and has been known to slurp the juice straight from a jar of gherkins). A fabulous list x #fartglitter

    1. MMT Reply

      Sounds like my kind of drinking partner! 😉 thanks for popping by x

  6. lizziesomerset Reply

    You and me both with the spicy food! Hi-5, love me some spicy. I too go to bed with my socks on and sometimes a jumper too which my hubby loves. I’m writing comments whle sat in front of my wood burner thanking the heavens we decided to put it in. Stopping by for #MarvMondays

  7. littlebug Reply

    I’m soo with you on many of your hates – Cold feet are the most evil thing evar, alarm clocks should all die and hair-washing is SUCH A DRAG (as is laundry). #9 is a big personal peeve of mine – our lives are too short to spend time moaning about how OTHER people are living theirs!

    Love all your loves – made me smile. 🙂 #marvmondays

  8. Lady Nym Reply

    Ah, tea. I’m with you on some of the others, too, but tea especially. In fact, maybe I should pop the kettle on…


    1. MMT Reply

      Good idea! Think I’ll join you 😉 thanks for stopping by x

  9. moderatemum Reply

    Great list MMT! Laundry is my nemesis because of its never ending status. When it’s all done and put away I get really angry about anyone getting any clothes dirty.

    1. MMT Reply

      I’m so with you!!! How very dare they…… X 😉

  10. occupation:(m)other Reply

    Very enjoyable read! I’ve got this in my drafts to do and I can see we’ve got at least two of the same loves…TEA being one of them! #marvmondays

  11. Mum in Brum Reply

    I literally could have written this myself. I absolutely hate washing my hair – in fact I find getting ready in general really tedious and hate the ritual of applying make-up every day only to wash it off again every night! Going to come back as a man. Also so with you on the petty politics and small mindedness. LOVE spicy food and add chili to absolutely every dish (and get told off by the other half for adding too much). I am such a tea belly and also love England. I would love to take part in this but fear you may be plagiarised 😉 #MarvMondays x

    1. MMT Reply

      Kindred spirits maybe Natalie? I am your southern #mblogger twin! 😉 x

  12. My Petit Canard Reply

    Hi Sarah, I love this post! What a great tag. I love that you get to see more of you through it. Lots of things on there that I was nodding my head in agreement to – bad photography, washing hair, hangovers – no thank you! Nostalgia, fresh sheets, tea, family – yes please 🙂 Fab post. Might even join in if I can find the time! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays, hope to see you again next week 🙂 Emily

    1. MMT Reply

      Thanks Emily… Tag posts can be a little time consuming but always love to join in if I’ve been nominated. Didn’t want to tag anyone and make them feel pressured but you just officially tagged yourself! Have fun 😉 xx and thanks for hosting x

  13. Shelley Reply

    I read all your hates and agreed with every one of them. I secretly think that being a parent gives you an excuse to have hair that’s a little more grubby than others… or maybe that’s just my lame excuse! I can’t stand mess, I’m enjoying the fact my little one can’t move and cause chaos yet 🙂
    #MarvMondays x

  14. helen gandy Reply

    Great tag….I might have to tag myself and have a go, love a good list hehe. Popping over from #fartglitter

  15. lifeasmum Reply

    Great list of love and hates! can relate to many! I love my cups of teas too! x

  16. Laura's Lovely Blog Reply

    Oddly laundry is one of the chores I don’t mind. Ironing on the other hand is evil… I love clean sheets too & life that’s a lovely one. Thanks for doing the tag 🙂

  17. Mama Mim (@mamamimblog) Reply

    Ha ha love it – I’m so with you on loads of these. I love the UK, I miss it terribly boo hoooo. And spicy food – yes yes yes – desperately want a curry now as it’s dinner time here 🙂 Mim x #coolmumclub

  18. Anita Cleare (@thinking_parent) Reply

    I have recently started to hate showering. Getting wet standing up? Ugh! Life’s too short and my house is too drafty! Luckily, I have started to love baths and can usually be found dozing in the bath for an hour most evenings….. #coolmumclub

  19. thesparklenest Reply

    I love this post, and I am SO with you on the vinegar. One of my favourite snacks at the moment is pickled gerkhins. And if I’m eating out and there is no vinegar to go with the chips, well I might as well not have bothered! Oh and clean sheets are the best, trouble is, you have to do the laundry to get them.. and I don’t have a dryer so I leave them hanging over doors for days.. such a good look! #coolmumclub

  20. confessionsofanaggingmother Reply

    Some fab answers! I’d love a night out with you having a drink and going for some spicy food! LOVE!!


    Gemma xx

    1. MMT Reply

      Ha ha, one day we’ll be invited to some awesome blogger awards night together…Surely?! 😉 xx

  21. Kyles Reply

    Oh I just love this! If we weren’t separated by land and sea… and more land and sea… I think we could probably be friends. The only thing I wasn’t thinking “this could be me!” for was the mess thing. It’s weird, because I was raised in a house that was always immaculate, but I just don’t really see mess somehow. I hate when things aren’t clean, so I spend lots of time cleaning in the kitchen and the bathroom, but I don’t really notice if there are toys around or things are out of place. Not in other people’s houses and not in my own. My mother thinks I am cursed. I think it’s a superpower. #coolmumclub

  22. Sue @ Home Heart Harmony Reply

    This list is uncanny – I could have written it myself!! I loved the bit about washing your hair. Once you become a Mum, it’s like some sick joke that you have to continue showering and washing your hair! It just sucks time out of your life! It’s like grocery shopping and having to make phone calls to service providers who have cocked something up (like the electricity board or British Gas!) I can’t be wasting my precious time with such things!! Thanks for sharing. #coolmumclub

  23. El Reply

    What a lovely way to get to know you! But unfortunately, I think we cannot be friends anymore – Vinegar? I am afraid of vinegar…If I come to visit, will you put vinegar in all my cake? LOL But I agree with you with most of the other points, so ok, we can be friends again. I love fresh sheets too, especially if it’s been put by my husband. LOL. thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

    1. MMT Reply

      Yes…that means more vinegar for me!! 😉 x

  24. Morgan Prince Reply

    What a lovely post! Great to get to know you a little more. I hate laundry too! 😉

  25. therealmilitaryhousewife Reply

    I love your list! Love, love, love. We are so similar. Really fab to get to know you a bit more.

    1. MMT Reply

      Thanks Mrs McP…consider yourself tagged?! aargh, I hate tagging people in these posts…but admittedly, this was a nice one to do. thanks for popping by x x

  26. The Anxious Dragon Reply

    Ohh, cheers for the post idea. Im just about recovered from my 50 things nightmare and think I could manage 10 likes and 10 hates. Im not a fan of spicey food or tea, but most of your other likes are cool. My hubby is a condiment feind as well, but he likes to mix and match. Mint sauce, horseraddish AND apple sauce on his sunday roast (my cooking isnt that bad, honestly) xx #coolmumclub

  27. Sleepingthroughyet Reply

    Great list, I have started wearing socks to bed at night too! I love the fact that you’ve put Britain as well, I’d have to agree with that one, so much to do and see here! #coolmumclub

  28. This Mum's Life Reply

    Ooh, I might try this if I get time!! I stated only the other night that I hated washing my hair, as it broke into valuable tv watching/wine drinking/blog stuff time!! And I always used to say that one day I’d have a heart attack when my alarm went off! I have been known to moan ‘I’m not ready’ to my baby alarm clock!! Can’t say I’m with you on the vinegar/pickled stuff thing!! It gives me the judders!

  29. Lucy @bottlefor2 Reply

    Life is broken into short intervals bracketed by cups of tea. Genius! I love it. #coolmumclub

  30. Something Crunchy Mummy Reply

    What a fab list of love and hate! I love a bit of nostalgia too. #coolmumclub xx

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