The Benefits of Encouraging Your Child to Play Outdoors by Buying Them a Scooter

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I don’t need to remind you of the constant battle us mums have in trying to get their kids to put down their games consoles and head outdoors.

It’s hard work.

However, that doesn’t make me any less aware of the importance of trying to get the kids to embrace outdoor living in one form or another.

From walks in the park to a family game of football, there are so many ways to try and encourage the kids that the great outdoors can be a whole load of fun.

And recently, I’ve been exploring the benefits of buying toddler scooters for my kids. Here’s what I’ve found:

They Promote Physical Activity – Without Your Child Knowing It

I think one of the hardest things about getting kids to be more active, is the fact you feel as though you’re lecturing them or telling them to do something they don’t want to do.

So by buying them a cool new toy they can play with, this gets over that struggle. You’re not telling them to do something boring and uninspiring – you’re encouraging them to play with something that’s the envy of all their friends.

Scooters are also easy to get on with – unlike bikes, which with two kids can be more than a handful. So they’re ideal for little ones who are still learning to ride a bike or who aren’t old enough to do so yet.

You Can Take Them Anywhere

Another huge bonus is that you can encourage your child to come with you while you walk the dog, head to the post office or do some errands in town. Rather than it being a dull, long walk that’s uninteresting and lacking in fun, they can scoot along ‘til their heart’s content.

You might also find it’s a great way to get them exploring local areas, like woodlands, parks and skate parks. By suggesting you take them and their scooter to these places, they’ll be keen to go – and they might just be surprised how fun these places are.

They Encourage You to Spend Time as a Family

Last but by no means least is that, in trying to get your kids more active, you’ll become more active yourself and will enjoy quality time as a family.

It’s highly likely your child will want to go anywhere and everywhere on their scooter when they first get it, so this gives you the chance to head out into the fresh air as a family. In turn, this may motivate you into doing more things together, whether that’s playing football at the park or building a den in your back garden.

Ultimately, while us parents feel it’s our responsibility to get our kids active, we sometimes need a little help. And I think a scooter is the ideal treat for any toddler or young child – you might even end up with one yourself!

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