The adventures of Dangermouse

Its funny how nicknames for your kids just ‘happen’.

Little Baby G has always been just that – little (2nd percentile to be precise). Since becoming mobile, at around seven months, she’s also become somewhat of a NUTTER.

And so, she became fondly known by all of us, as Dangermouse. (We have resisted naming her bespectacled sister Penfold;now that would just be mean wouldn’t it?!).

As she approaches her first birthday at the end of the month, it’s funny to look back at her life so far, which has been somewhat of a game of two halves. Up to six months of age she was such a placid, chilled out baby. We would often describe her as ‘barely knowing she was there’, ‘good as gold’, so lucky to be blessed with such an ‘easy baby’ second time around. She was certainly less whingey than her sister who would cry for what seemed like no reason, resulting in hours of rocking (her and me), walks around the block trying to get her to nap, and generally a lot of noise pollution.

At around six or seven months, Baby G started sitting up, and declared herself ‘back in the room’. Fed up of Being a wallflower she arrived with a bang. Literally. The day she first crawled was the day she had her first black eye.

From then on she has become somewhat of an adventurer; brave and feisty. Here are just a few of her favourite pastimes:

  1. Stairs Mountaineering. In stark contrast to her sister, who could have survived without any stair gates at all, Dangermouse can hear the click of the stair gate opening from two miles away. She can often be found standing on the narrow ledge of stair number three, hanging onto the stair gate bars rattling the. Like a prisoner in a cell. is be lying if I said we had never found her on the wrong level of the house (we have a toddler who can open the gate, not so great at remembering to close it).
  2. Back door step kamikaze. Back in the summer, the lawn was fair game for crawling and playing. Now the damp mornings and autumn rain has set in, she still goes for that green pasture at every opportunity.The concrete steps are no hurdle for her, as she throws herself down them at speed.
  3. Hand fishing in Loo lagoon. I don’t know what she thinks she’s going to find in there, but the toilet is like a magnet to her. The extractor fan acts as a siren to let her know the door has been opened, and the rim is the perfect height for pulling herself up to peer inside. That water just looks so enticing for some splashing doesn’t it?
  4. Deep sea bath diving. We quickly graduated from newborn chair to sit up safety first seat…now all redundant as Dangermouse prefers to stand, swim, splutter her way through bath time. It makes for a slippery scary ten minutes,  requiring a second pair of hands on standby.
  5. High chair houndini. Why sit in the high chair when you can crawl out, over the tray, onto the worktop? One word; harness. Use it.
  6. Free running crawling. She’s a speed demon and can make her way from one room to the next in the blink of an eye. Navigating up and onto any obstacle in her way. Highlights have been standing on the top of a nest of side tables and up a set of steps.
  7. Rocking chair rodeo. She loves nothing more than climbing up onto her sisters miniature rocking chair, riding it like a bull, and of course coming crashing down to the ground without much warning. Can also be applied to any scalable high backed chair.

She certainly keeps us on our toes. we wouldn’t of course, have her any other way. I love how she has developed her own personality, a world apart from her sensible sisters.

I am however, filled somewhat with trepidation about the next milestone…having a walker. But it can only get easier? Can’t it?!


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17 thoughts on “The adventures of Dangermouse

  1. An imperfect Mum (@animperfectmum) Reply


  2. mummuddlingthrough Reply

    I think I’m going to need it 😐 Thanks for popping by!

  3. Sarah Howe (@RunJumpScrap) Reply

    She sounds like a little firecracker! That highchair one would have had me absolutely brown trouser-ed!! haha. It’s lovely she is so confident and different though xx #fartglitter

  4. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    I reckon the smaller they are, the more nutter-ish they are..that would certainly explain Danger Mouse. My little one is also a total and utter nutter! #BabyBrainMonday

  5. confessionsofanaggingmother Reply

    She is certainly keeping you on your toes!! And I love the nickname too, it sounds like it is perfect for her!


    Gemma xx

  6. Vix at AnotherMumInLondon Reply

    I think you have just described my second born to the letter!!!!
    My nickname for him at the moment is Mountain Goat. The kid just climbs!!!!!

  7. min1980 Reply

    I love it that her nickname is Danger Mouse. That’s far cooler than Piglet (whose second word is likely to be “don’t call me Piglet, Mum, you’re SO EMBARRASSING!”) They sounds like quite similar characters though. When I picked Piglet up from nursery today, I was told he was variously “accident prone” and “into everything.” Yes, the walking stage is great.

  8. orana velarde (@CLFAdventure) Reply

    Get ready for the tree climbing and the paragliding and all those amazing and adventurous stuff she’ll be attracted to. I can’t see you getting a rest any time soon! Keep it up momma you’ll be having lots of fun. #fartglitter

  9. harps Reply

    LOVE the nickname! She sounds just like Arjun – he’s walking now but is always getting up to no good! Thanks for linking up to #BabyBrainMonday x

  10. Mama Reply

    Sounds just like ours. The bath thing stresses me out. He’s had a few nasty slips but still doesn’t learn. I’ve actually found our tot has gotten a little more careful since walking- thank heavens. The way he lies down and reverses over little steps is super duper cute…and it slows him down a little. Hope your Dangermouse develops a healthy sense of caution…or that you find some good toddler protective clothes.
    Thanks so much for linking up with #fartglitter x

  11. Lisa Backsnbumps Reply

    She sounds exactly like my second son who managed to once get a black eye from kneeling on the floor slipping and banging his face on the bottom step – surely this takes skill. I also once heard a banging noise and found him sitting on a boggy board surfing down the stairs. #fartglitter

  12. mummyshambles Reply

    ‘Hand fishing in Loo lagoon’ Loved that lol. Great post. 🙂 #abitofeverything

  13. morganprincecom Reply

    I love this, it reminds me so much of LP. We have a nickname for him, a rendition of The Terminator, because nothing can destroy him! He’s much like Dangermouse and gets into everything. He’s 6 now and terrifies me most days! So no, it doesn’t get better, sorry to be the bearer of bad news! 😉 #abitofeverything

    1. admin Reply

      Fortunately she has a bodyguard in the shape of her big sis Penfold 😉 thanks for stopping by x

  14. Robyn Reply

    Jeez, how do you ever relax with all that happening?! Hilarious post! I too have a newly mobile baby but he’s nowhere near as adventurous as yours yet. Good to have a plucky baby though, may she always be so brave and intrepid, and may her mum always have such a good sense of humor about it 🙂

    1. MMT Reply

      She shocks me with some new trick every day! Amazing kid…but relax? Don’t remember that! x Thanks for popping by

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