How to teach kids about recycling

We create a lot of waste, that much is obvious. What many people don’t know is that the majority of that waste is being improperly stored away. In fact, the waste problem is so big, that the landfills seem to be no longer sustainable.

A lot of rubbish ends up in oceans and forms the infamous garbage patches. Guided by waves and ocean currents, large volumes of waste converge in several spots in the world’s oceans. There is a way out of this, of course, and that is recycling. It’s not enough to educate adults, it’s best if the recycling values and ideas are instilled into children while they are young.

Here are some great ideas how to do that without creating pressure or negative association of an obligation.

Choose Recyclable Packaging

The first step in your attempt to make your household more amenable to recycling is starting buying products which are packaged in recyclable materials. Probably the best and the easiest material to recycle is paper and cardboard. A lot of companies which make cardboard boxes offer a variety of shapes and sizes which can be used for essentially any kind of product. You can learn more about that here

Pile of Covered Books

What that means is that the decision whether to package something in plastics or Styrofoam is entirely up to the individual company. We are so spoilt for choice these days that you could find suitable substitutes for the companies which don’t care about the environment.

Make Custom Bins with Your Kids

It always helps if you have separate bins for every kind of trash. However, what can make it fun for your kids is letting them decorate these bins whatever way they see fit. It will help associate these individual bins with the material they’re supposed to store there.

What’s more, it may help you as well. Clearly, color-coded bins are much easier to remember, so you won’t get confused and you’ll never forget to separate your trash.

Create a Point System

If you want your children to really take interest in recycling, they will need some kind of an incentive. For a lot of children, some far-off and abstract environmental cause may be insufficient. However, if you include recycling in your daily rewards system, it should go over much more effectively.

If your children do chores for their allowance or some extra time with the electronic gadgets, you can simply add one more item to that list. For every bottle or a can that they properly dispose of, they can get some small reward. Over time, the recycling will become a reflex, they will simply do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Visit a Recycling Facility

However, if you really want your kids to be aware of the importance and methods of recycling, you should take your kids to a recycling facility if there’s one nearby. Not only will they see where their effort ends up, they can also learn how the process works.

People who work in these facilities are usually passionate about recycling, so they will most likely be happy to give you a tour and explain everything you and your kids want to know.

Make Toys and Other Items from Recycled Materials

One way you can shoe your children the power of reusing items is by creating various DIY items from recyclable materials. Cardboard boxes can have a number of alternative uses, including making toys and sorting folders which your kids will surely like. Fortunately, the internet is full of DIY ideas.

Recycling is important because our resources are limited. The faster we all accept that the better. Do your part and teach your kids how to grow up to be responsible adults one day.

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