Step by step guide on how to be a cool grandparent

Have you ever caught yourself wondering what kind of grandparent perhaps you’ll be one day? I have always had this vision of being a bit of a crazy Nan. The one who wears bright loud clothes and makes her grandkids cringe by her raucous behaviour – refusing to grow old gracefully. A proper cool Nan, who keeps their secrets and and always has their back.

I’d love to imagine I’ll be the type of Nan who begs the kids to come over for sleepovers so I can spoil them rotten, when the days of making a fuss of my own little girls is a distant memory. But in truth, I’ll probably be knackered, my body slowly failing whilst I’ll be still working until I’m ninety and more interested in being down the bingo with my mates, still celebrating being free from the shackles of having to parent.

Who knows what it’ll actually be like? I’ve certainly got three sets of grandparents to learn from as they guide and support our own kids in a way that only grandparents can.

One thing’s for certain though, and that is that any grandchildren will be getting our advice whether they want it or not – on matters of the heart, financial stresses and strains, and try and guide them along the right path – always being a friend they can turn to if I am given that chance.

Having bumbled through some steep learning curves in finances, I’d be sure to send them to Grandad for some advice on saving their pennies in the best way – perhaps even get them set up  in a Young Savers Plan from Shepherds Friendly? Something I was totally clueless about as I set foot in the big wide world.

Shepherds Friendly have put together their idea of what it means to be a cool grandparent… #CoolGranClub of the future perhaps?…



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