Spring Eco Cleaning Hacks

*collaborative post

Hand up if you, like me, have in the last year or so come full circle with your approach to cleaning?

Step 1. Follow the latest cleaning blogger.

Step 2. Tell everyone you know about the amazing cleaning tips and how they’re changing your life

Step 3. Pop into B&M / Wilko / Savers and buy every bargain chemical cleaner you didn’t know you ever needed.

Step 4. Wonder where you are going to store all this stuff.

Step 5. Invest in a storage solution.

Step 6. Never use at least 75% of the things you bought.

Step 7. Hit unfollow.

Step 8. Go back to basics.

Oh, you too? Glad it wasn’t just me then…

On a serious note, what I learnt about myself on this journey of cleaning enlightenment is that as a consumer of cleaning materials I’m really looking for simple, cheap, multi-purpose cleaners which don’t fill my cupboards or my homes with tonnes of plastic and/or nasty chemicals.

In fact, what I’ve realised is that what I’m really looking for is a natural and safe eco friendly option, which smells nice and gets the job done. I’m probably more likely to get excited about a refill pack than a promise of exceptional cleaning, because the plastic overload on my under the sink cupboard spoke more to me than the results of any particular cleaning brand. And if this is the scale of the problem in my kitchen, then what are we doing to the world with our Narnias packed out with ten of each item (a step I never made it to).

Truth be told, the only items that I would buy again from my 2018 cleaning product supermarket sweep (and in fact the only one I have replaced on several occasions) is bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar (which is, incidentally the Google solution for every spillage situation). The only other one I obsessed over was the Rhubarb flavour Method – which, yes you guessed it, covers all of my user requirements listed above. The only reason I haven’t re-bought it is because I am still working through all the other less exciting flavours (and will probably be doing so until 2028). Thank god I didn’t buy ten of each. Well, except for the vinegar, that would always get used in my house! #VinegarOnEverything

And so, going forward I’ve modified my search parameters for the perfect cleaning products, and if I can use up some old lemons from the fridge, or squirt a bit of diluted super cheap white vinegar on my carpet, I’m laughing all the way to the fish & chip shop (where the rest of the vinegar is headed, all over my tea).

I’m sharing just a few Spring eco cleaning hacks courtesy of Pattersons, who offer both home and commercial eco cleaning products, which won’t see you ending up in A&E after a muddled mix up; that’s the beauty of environmentally friendly cleaners.

Collaborative post
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