A Shrek-tacular Day out with Vosene Kids; Dreamworks Tours Shreks Adventure

I should start by saying that my kids are Vosene Kids, and that’s nothing new. I’ve made no secret of my love affair with the Vosene kids hair product range for a few reasons. Firstly, it is a natural head lice repellent; have you seen my girls hair? The dreaded head lice have thus been avoided so far, as nit combing those real-rapunzel locks is my actual worst nightmare.

Secondly, I’ve come to really love the tea tree and lemon smell. Initially it was different to anything I’d used before, but now it’s the smell I come to associate with snuggles into my childrens necks, and it has a special place in my heart for that reason.

Finally, and most importantly, is that it’s a top notch kids product. Nicely branded, and with a range that ticks all boxes (special thumbs up to the leave in conditioning detangler that I cannot live without). I’ve more recently discovered some of the other products in the range, and they are now firm favourites in our swim bag too.

My favourite colour is also green, and I’m a sucker for packaging.

Vosene Kids Shampoo

So, when Vosene invited the G-unit on a green-tastic adventure to London, to see the green guy Shrek himself at Dreamworks Tours Shreks Adventure in London, we were only too happy to oblige.

After all, Easter holidays can be a long couple of weeks to fill; and with not even a £9.99 caravan weekend in sight, we are based at HQ for the duration. With only a short commute into London, a day to the capital with the kid is always high up the agenda of stuff to do.

Our tickets arrived with a hamper full of Dreamworks goodies to get the girls excited about our day. Needless to say we put in some revision watching the Shrek movies and our bedtime read has been the original How to Train your Dragon book by Cressida Cowell.

Our girls are definitely familiar with the Shrek saga. It’s a Netflix favourite for our 5am wake ups, and with so many movies to choose from it’s (often adult level) comedy is always a welcome change from Cbeebies. And it’s not just Shrek you can expect to be entertained by at the Shrek Adventure; Some other Dreamworks favourites of ours are thrown in the mix too; The How to train your Dragon crew, those Madagascar penguins and friends, and a certain Kung-Fu Panda. So excited were the girls, that they even brought a special buddy on the day out with us.

This Easter, the Shrek Experience had an additional bonus; an egg hunt with a difference… Dragon eggs!

Dreamworks Tours Shreks adventure is located at Waterloo, just adjacent to the London Eye on the Southbank. It’s a beautiful spot for some of the finest views of London; the houses of Parliament and Big Ben. There’s also loads to do with kids in the area; Jubilee Park for a run around, The Jubiloos, a McDonalds, and everything the South bank has to offer. A stones throw from Waterloo station, it’s a no-tube hassle free destination for us.

On arrival we quickly made our way through a reassuring set of security measures, and were able to leave the buggy in a secure store. After a photo opportunity with Donkey, we were off to the Departure Gate.

At this point, the strict no photos, no phones rule was enforced, so I can’t share any of the visuals from inside the tour. To be honest, it was a refreshing blessing; it made such a nice change to forget about taking pictures and get fully immersed in the action.

And action there was… as you journey through a magical sequence of locations you’ll know from the movies you meet so many of the films key cast. Princess Fiona, Puss in Boots, Pinocchio, The Gingerbread man, The Muffin man, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Plus all the baddies who will set the tone of a living fairytale of good vs bad. You’ll also spot cameo appearances from some of those other Dreamworks icons.

The Shrek tour through Far Far Away is an entirely interactive experience – with audience participation, 4D rides and special effects that will blow you away. The sets are incredible. and so true to the films; there is a remarkable level of detail and County Hall’s grand architecture makes the perfect backdrop.

We spent around 75 minutes in the experience, and with it’s face moving pace the girls were completely captivated from beginning to end. Some of the rooms were dark and loud, but nothing a squeeze from Mummy couldn’t reassure. Something worth bearing in mind if your kids are scared of these types of things.

Of course, the grand finale was meeting the man himself – and with photo opportunities using your own cameras and phones, you can freeze the moment in time without spending a penny. (But if you do want to, you can also buy some Shrek-tastic keepsake photo books from the Shrek Adventure).

Tigs was able to give Shrek a drawing she’d made for him and it made her day. A truly special moment that we’ll all remember for a very long time.

Once you leave Shrek’s halls, there are even more instagram opportunities with the Dreamworks cast. Our favourite part here was seeing a full size Toothless and getting to stroke a baby dragon. You’ll definitely make up for your 75 minutes without taking any photos in this section.


All in all, this is one experience I’d recommend for any Shrek fan. The children just loved the tour and believed every word of the story that they became a part of.


Disclosure: We were sent the tickets to Shreks Adventure and a hamper from Vosene Kids. All opinions are our own.

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