Back in the day, at least one weekend every 3 months a group of my girly pals from work, and I would visit each other around the country. This amazing bunch, I am happy to say, have honoured the somewhat less frequent weekender into our thirties. We all met nice blokes, and once upon a time we decided to let them join us. The girly weekends became couple friendly (which probably is the saving grace in the survival of the tradition). God bless those friends, because they also welcomed us along with the first baby of the group and our weekends morphed into a family friendly, small-animal park visiting, nights in with wine and dinner type of affair.

So here we are. 10 years later. 7 adults, 3 kids. 1 weekend. 1 house. Many bottles of wine. Can’t wait!

This time, is our first trip with 2 kids in tow. A 3yo and a 9mo slogging it From Kent to North Wales. Whilst panicking about packing I though I’d write a list of a few key bits to help us Along the way… I Might as well share it with you lovely people, as this is what us bloggers do, apparently 😉

Things not to forget

Portable DVD player + DVDs – preferably not Frozen. A god send for the car as we discovered on our last long car journey.

Milton steriliser tablets – Ask your mum… amazing space saver!

Stroller – Will ditch the travel system as this basically fills our boot.

Ready bed – we’ll all be roughing it wherever we can and this little blow up camp bed is perfect for T-G.

Way too many clothes, for every weather eventuality. Sun cream & rain coats. flip flops and wellies. We are British after all!

Enough baby food / toddler snacks to survive a nuclear winter. There won’t be any organic food blending this weekend.

A toy bag full of the 20 teddies T-G insists on taking to bed every night.

Calpol, Neurofen, Teething gel for Baby-G. Paracetamol for Mr.G who I once caught Downing Calpol the morning after the night before.

Presentable PJs x 4. To be worn from approximately 6pm whilst enjoying cheese, red wine, and jokes about jugs.

A contribution of alcohol for the evening. A few trashy mags to peruse and review stories of ‘I married my dog’, ‘My dad was a saucepan’, ‘top ten tips of how to reuse an empty coke bottle’ …etc

What we definitely won’t be needing….

A selection of going out clothes, make up, heels.

A Disney CD or any other child music for the car. Having learnt that this causes requests for the same song to be played over a 7 hour car journey. It’s enough to push anyone over the edge.

Have good weekends people!


Mummy and Monkeys
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