Quotes from the G-unit – October 2015

If you’re new to ‘Quotes from the G-unit’, this is my ‘kids say the funniest things’ / ‘we have to write this stuff down’ regular feature. I don’t want to forget these gems, and can’t wait until we have double the material when dangermouse gets vocal.

MMT: “Nowhere to park today, Oh, here we go this’ll have to do”

TG: “Is it a cheeky space mummy?”

TG: “My bum hurts”

MMT: “Oh no, whys that?”

TG: “I ate too much”

MMT: “Oh dear, have you got a tummy ache?”

TG: “No, I’ve got a bummy ache”

TG: “Mummy I need a cuddle”

MMT *stops staring at iphone* “Sorry – I’m a rubbish mummy looking at my phone aren’t I?!” *GUILT*

TG: “No, you’re an amazing mummy”

MMT: *melts*

TG [on an autumny woods walk]: “Look Mummy I’ve found a plonker”

MMT: “That’s called a conker sweetie”

TG, embracing the Rugby World cup: “Mummy, if [babyG] climbs up the stairs you have to rugby tackle her”.

TG: “Watch this Mummy” *performs a mediocre gymnastics type move onto the bed*

“I’m Super-cool”

MMT: “Thats a great word, where did you learn that?”

TG: “Nowhere. I just think of something then I say it”

MMT: “When you’re a grown up we are going to do some brilliant stuff together…”

TG: “Like jobs?”

MMT: “No, not just jobs, we can do some really fun stuff”

TG: *thinks a while* “I know! We can sit in big car seats!”

TG, on installation of a DISCO ball in the playroom (that’s right): “That’s a Tesco ball”

TG: “Mummy, people fly to the moon in rockets, and they are called Ostronoughts”

MMT: “Father Christmas only comes to good little girls”

TG: *thinking pause* “But what about the little boys?



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