Powering through potty training with ACE

There couldn’t really be a more perfect time to road test a range of cleaning and laundry products than during Potty Training, could there?

This week our daughter railroaded our grand plan to wait for the 6 week summer holidays to tackle the ‘potty training‘ thing. I’m trying to see the positives in this messy yet essential phase of parenting, and somewhere, amidst the kitchen roll and disinfectant, there is a light shining in the distance and it’s called no more nappies. It’s just a shame you have to wallow through a bog of human excrement to reach it.

Having already conquered this battle once before, we have known what we are in for. We’ve stocked up on kitchen roll, dug out the old towels and waved goodbye to our dignity. After all, cleaning poo out of a potty in public is a little like breast feeding in company, as someone once told me; “excruciatingly embarrassing in a crowd to begin with, but after  a week or two it’s totally old hat”.

Personally, I like to opt for lock down as much as possible when it comes to potty training – camping out at home which may leave you feeling you want to incinerate every soft furnishing and hard surface  in no time. Even in the midst of a heatwave you can bet your bottom dollar that ‘the moment’ will always happen just when the tot is having a little rest on the sofa.

As well as a shed load of disinfectant, you probably want to get your hands on some in laundry disinfectant, to salvage some of those favourite outfits (yours, by the way – the ones the kids peed all over, or worse).  An old towel under the potty, over the sofa and just to hand to mop up big spills is a top tip – but you want to make sure the old-towel stock isn’t depleted by giving them a good old deep clean ready for the next hair dye / soggy pet / poorly kiddo moment.

We were sent for review in a twist of fortunate fate some Ace cleaning products; the laundry stain removers  bleach mousse spray and a multi-purpose spray.

The Ace laundry cleaners come in a colours and a white’s version – both have a anti-microbial function as well as a stain remover, and these are absolute cupboard essentials when it comes to potty training, and more importantly keeping those tiny cute white knick-knocks as white as the day they were picked out because of the cute little characters on the front.

Ace also provided a bleach-ace combo spray, which is perfect for cleaning down the potty and trainer loo seat. Let’s face it, these hardcore grimmers need a proper de-funk after a hard day at the office. A baby wipe just ain’t gonna cut it.

Alongside our range of Ace cleaning products we had a timely discovery of a new kitchen roll – The Ora roll. No tube, and double the quantity per pack with a one hand, no tear circle system. It’s fair to say that has come in handy during many of the clean up operations and I love the originality of it.

What I liked the most about the Ace products I was sent to review was the multifunctionality of the multi-purpose spray – laundry, floors, fabrics all in one bottle. Super handy for when you’re trying to be super Mum. Washing going in, accident scene being cleansed, kitchen tops being wiped down. BOOM.

If only all things in life could be so straight forward… like when the next P-bomb is going to hit. Aaargh! That’s definitely one move that hasn’t quite been aced just yet.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. We were sent the Ace cleaning products for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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