Potty training; a different approach second time around

I once swore to myself I would never write a post about potty training. After all, who wants to read about someone else’s wee and poo?

Other Mums of two year olds, that’s who.

So hi, congratulations on being about to embark on the grossest adventure of parenting yet. I know this, because I have lived this dream before. And this time, I’m going about it a whole different way.

First time around I did the classic Mum-olympics thing. As soon as I got a whiff of any other kid around the same age being potty trained, it became my number one goal in life to get Tigs out of nappies and into knickers. Aged 2 and three months, it was on the earlier side of average, but like any challenge I believed we could rise to it together.

And we did, in a way. But it was a bit of a bumpy road. Mainly big bumps visible through tiny leggings in an ‘oh no not again’ stylee.

Looking back, I think I was probably too keen, and paid for it in a good few months of cleaning poo out of knickers, which for the record is worse than any bad nappy situation in my book.

Our approach, (which for the record I have no clue whether was best) was to go full throttle; day one in knickers and no going back. That means no pull ups at all, just a bumper supply of kitchen roll and dettol, and a temporary agoraphobia.

We did of course try and keep nappies on at night, but Tigs was having none of that – she mastered the bedtime dryness thing all on her own much to our concern. We needn’t have worried, that part went like a dream.

So whilst we took gold in the dry nights situation, we came way below medal positions on the code browns for a long time. We got there in the end, of course, but it’s fair to say it was a steep learning curve for us all.

So now, the Mouse is almost exactly two and a half. I’ve made a conscious decision not to rush things this time for several reasons. Firstly, she doesn’t seem ready. And I’m analysing this like a statistician this time. Yes she’s showing an interest, but there’s a difference between interest and ready to nail this thing.

The major difference this time around, is that we have places to be – the luxury of just hanging out at home until we are accident free (for more than 20 minutes anyway) just isn’t on the table. With a 45 minute school run on our agenda Monday to Friday, the thought of potties under pushchairs is giving me the shudders. Standing in the playground with a pooed in potty wondering what on earth to do with it doesn’t sound too appealing.

I have to admit though, it’s a struggle to keep that competitive Mum thing at bay – I keep wondering if I’m lagging behind when kids younger than her are heralded as ‘done’ by their parents. Then, I remember what I’m dealing with here.

Yes, second kids are supposed to crack it easier thanks to their sibling loo mentors, but still, I think I’m going to need a 6 week security blanket aka the school summer holidays.

Yes, lightweight summer dresses and garden days is what I need. A 7 day holiday in May isn’t going to cut it, so we’ll be waiting for her to be beyond ready, and hopefully be play date friendly in 48 hours. Ha, we’ll see!

The struggle might just be holding her back that long?…


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