Planning a girl’s holiday: Mum edition

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Late nights, cocktails (mocktails?!) and maybe a spa treatment or two, who doesn’t love a girl’s trip?

If you’re a mum, you might have to cast your mind way back to remember the last time you went on a girly weekend away with your besties. Whether you all have kids or not, finding some downtime with just your closest of friends can be more than tricky, to say the least!

But if there is anyone more deserving of a girl’s trip, it’s us mums.

So, here are just a few ideas you can put forward in the group chat when planning your well-deserved girl’s trip.

The necessary bit – planning

Before all the fun starts, you’ve got to nail down a time you’re all free.

In between everyone’s busy schedules, there will be at least one weekend you’re all free, so make sure to lock it in.

When you’ve got a time and a date, make sure you’ve got everything planned before heading off. If you’re taking a long weekend from a Friday, make sure your kids know you’re away and that they’ve got someone else picking them up from school, for example. Once all the admin bits are done, you can move on to the more exciting stuff.

The fun bit – deciding where to go

When you’ve all found a time that you’re free, you can get down to the good stuff – deciding where to go.

Maybe you’re looking for a spa weekend, a countryside escape or a weekend of living up the nightlife in a city. Either way, this is a chance for you all to get away from everyday life for a weekend, so make sure everyone has a little something for them.

If you’re looking at something more than a weekend, why not jet off on a short-haul solo holiday to sunnier climates. Booking a private villa, like the ones from Villa Plus, will give you and the girls that privacy to fully let your hair down and relax.

The best bit – the trip itself

All the planning proves to be more than worth it when you first meet up with all your friends. Finally, a weekend together without any of the kids in sight!

While you’ll inevitably spend the first few hours, or even day, catching up and regaling stories, you’ll want some fun activities to do too.

Why not check out the local area that you’re staying in, book in some fun activities or get your spa treatments sorted. Whatever it is you’re doing together, it will be sure to give all you mums that much-needed re-charge.

A girl’s holiday is more than just a short break. It’s a chance for you and all your girlfriends to put your feet up and spend a few days not running around and picking up after the kids – which is worth more than it sounds.

Taking some much-needed time out together will help you all to reconnect with yourselves and stop you from becoming a group of mum-bots!  

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