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Back in the day, personalised gifts were the kind of thing your Nan got you for Christmas. Or maybe that was just my Nan. We have had some good laughs over the years over her choice selections; the personalised luggage lock my brother received for his 18th birthday. My elasticated luggage strap emblazoned with my full name (including middle name) which got some good laughs throughout my twenties on all those girls weekends and holidays to the clubbing holiday destinations. There was never any doubt when my luggage came round the carousel…in fact, I was kind of sad when I got married and my luggage label became defunct. So much so that my family bought me a new one with my new name on.

Personalisation of gifts generally came from one of two places – a doorstep catalogue, or Timpsons. Many a milestone birthday gift would be purchased and engraved for £4.99 with a charming message on the side. Most probably a Tankard or a piece of Elizabeth Jukes jewellery. Shudder.

Then, boom, through the power of the internet, personalisation became majorly accessible and dynamic. Nowadays you can get not just a birthday message on a gift, but if you really want to, your face, their face, or even David Beckhams face via photo uploads. No longer does a personalised gift require it to be secured in the vice of a Timpsons near you, and you can get creative with your vision for a gift that won’t ever be duplicated.

GiftsOnline4U is a one stop shop for every possible personalised gift you could ever dream up. Photo gifts, engraving, printing, they have every gift covered (literally) so you can shop to your hearts content, without having to stand in an engraving queue ever again.

Here are a few of my favourites from the website…

Engraved Gifts for her

This cake stand has the ability to not only serve you cake forever more, but to mark with the words to make her smile as she stuffs her cake hole… I think the phrase I’d opt for is ‘Man I love the cake’, Little Britain style…

For the one who likes a bit of fizz

If your friends are anything like mine, we don’t seem to go anywhere without each turning up with a bottle of Prosecco in hand these days. I love the idea of giving personalised alcohol to one of my girl crew…only problem is, how long would it last? At least they’d have the flute to remember the gift by…

A special gift for Brother, Dad or Grandad

I always find the Dads in the family the hardest to buy for – be it my own, my in Laws, my brother or my husband. Especially if the birthday is a milestone requiring a little more thought than a new polo T shirt or pack of Golf balls. I love the idea of giving something with a little more class, like a pocket watch – something the next generation would love to look at and make memories with, then perhaps treasure into their own life. Creating these hand me down moments has to start somewhere?

Keep calm and carry on…

…cutting the grass? …Blogging? …Growing a baby? …Buying trainers? …Watching Game of Thrones. The perfect gift for someone who has a unique obsession that you love to mock.

One for the kids

I love it when a kids gift doubles up as something practical and special, and this unicorn lunch bag is just pefecto – not a bad price, a design the girls would love, and perfect for back to school. Even if the kids have school dinners, a lunch bag is always handy for picnics, school trips and days out.

That’s my thoughts…now to get creative with that personalised message…picking the gift was the easy bit! Hmmm.


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