The perfect Mothers Day

I wasn’t going to write a Mother’s day post this year, as after all what can I add to everything everyone else has already said? The endless pretty wish lists and gift idea posts; but then I remembered that I am a Mum, and a blogger, which is a little like a florist saying they aren’t doing Valentine’s Day.

This year is my 36th Mother’s Day. My 19th as a step daughter. My 6th as a daughter in law and my 5th as a Mum. 

All I really want on Mother’s Day is for each one of those Mums to be happy, and feel we have done enough to make them feel valued, whilst hopefully managing to feel a little alleviated from my normal routine myself.

It’s incredibly difficult to be everywhere, and to spoil everyone the way you want to one one fixed day of the year, especially if you are blessed with a big family. That’s nothing new mind you, as a child of divorced parents I’m well accustomed to sharing out Christmas Day, and later in life through marriage, three ways; Easter, Father’s Day, birthdays etc etc. It’s never really got easier, and the only approach that seems fair is to alternate. There will always be masses of guilt, none of which is driven by our parents, but we’re still searching the ultimate solution. Have everyone over all together? We’d need a bigger house first; like a country estate…

But what’s so hard about Mother’s Day is that Mothers are the ones we absolutely need to cherish, the thank and to treasure – they do so much for us. Their support, their help and their nurturing we’d be lost without…and as my Mum has pointed out many a time, there will be many Mother’s Days without them when you wish they were here to tell them how much they mean to you. Like she does, with her own Mother, taken far too soon. 

So what does the perfect Mother’s Day look like to me?

Well it starts with a plan of action to ensure everyone’s covered – as much as a Mother’s Day laying in bed and being pampered by my own little family is heaven, it would be totally cancelled out by the guilt of neglecting our own Mums and upsetting them in any way. So, lunch the day before, dinner the day after, an alternate lunch with our respective Mums, an evening delivering flowers and sharing a drink; however we do it – we try and make sure everyone has their moment.

Seeing as our youngest will probably be one of the first kiddos in the UK awake on Sunday 26th, I’d be extremely appreciative if Daddy diverted her and endured the Peppa Pigathon on Mother’s Day until a relatively decent hour, when I’ll be happily woken with a cuddle and a brew.

I love the tagline of The Card Factory ‘If it’s the thought that counts, why do the others cost so much?’. On Mother’s Day I don’t need any uber- fancy shop bought cards – now the girls can create their own masterpieces, a homemade Mothers Day card is honestly worth so much more.

If Daddy does feel compelled to buy me a card, The Card Factory is my go to shop for all celebration cards, leaving our hard earnt cash for more exciting things, like Nandos. Unless, that is, a card is bought from some online boutiquey small business owner like one of my new faves  Kitschy Mumma Prints (see perfect example below) – when the card is a piece of art, a gift in itself. Just. So. Funny. But that would take at least a few days of forward thinking, so unlikely to happen, not that I’m complaining – Kings Cross station has some gorgeous card shops.

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, it’s easy to get drawn into all the loveliness out there. In spirit of my attempt to cut back on unnecessary ‘stuff’ this year, I really don’t want the hubby to pick up a piece of jewellery that won’t ever get worn, a plaque declaring my Super Mum status (It’ll never get hung on the wall) or any other number of random Mother’s Day paraphernalia. As much as I like body lotion, I have enough to last until my 60th birthday and it just feels a bit gutting to have that cash wasted (especially when I’m desperate for a new pair of pumps). So, as boring and practical as it is, I’ve asked the hubby to steer clear of any ‘Mothers Day’ supermarket gift aisles, and if he really wants to get me anything, I’ve let him know that I’ve run out of my daily face moisturiser. 

Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Night Cream

Traditionally, Mother’s day is a day for giving and receiving flowers. Having been thoroughly stung by the ramp up of delivery costs and an inferior quality of flowers sent on Mothering Sunday, I’ve been somewhat put off by delivery options. If we do give flowers, I definitely want to see them before they arrive, bought and paid for and half dead! Aldi have some lovely Mother’s Day bouquets on offer this week, for every budget and they are well worth a look in store. Personally, I love cut flowers in the home, but I’d actually be even happier with a plant which will last well beyond this Spring…I do love an orchid, especially if I manage to keep it alive.


Mother’s Day is absolutely a day for distance between the kitchen and I. As much as I love cooking, it has definitely become a labour of love these days, so feed me and the kids – take away, a meal out or even a twelve minutes at 180ºC dinner. As long as I’m not cooking it, I am chuffed to pieces.

Mother’s Day is definitely a time for an afternoon drink. Prosecco, G&T, Pimms O’clock. Whatever the weather I thoroughly expect to have my feet up and a drink in hand to just let my shoulders relax a little and enjoy the day.

There are obviously parts of Mother’s Day that I cannot control – well behaved kids, glorious sunshine… but as long as I’m with my gorgeous G-unit, celebrating making them and them being the making of me, then that is the perfect Mother’s day.

Whatever you’re up to, celebrate your Mums, and make time for you too.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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    Thankyou so much for the mention lovely. Hope your Mothers Day is blooming wonderful Xx

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