Organix Punk’d Snack for Kids Review & #Giveaway

“I WANT A SNACK”. These are the words played on repeat in the soundtrack of my day. I, like many of us, seem to have raised a generation of snackers. 

From the very beginning, since the days we began weaning, we couldn’t leave the house without a selection of tupperware containers holding emergency snack items for the tot. Five years on, it doesn’t seem things have changed much and our kids know exactly the score. Trying to strike the perfect balance between fighting off claimed starvation and not ruining appetites is a delicate balance, and the temptation to reach for the biscuit barrell when the kids have decimated the fruit bowl is all too easy.

The baby and toddler friendly snack options out there have come a long way since the 80’s. Thank goodness that someone realised small people could probably find something better to suck on than a cheesey wotsit, so the likes of Organix created some of those air filled puffs, the guilt free versions us parents have come to know and love to this day.

Twenty five years ago to be precise. Thats two and a half decades of Mums and Dads who have been able to sit in a cafe, wait in a queue, pop the washing in the machine, whilst their  smalls happily suck on a tasty and baby friendly snack.

Baby ‘crisps’, carrot sticks, biscuits, rice cakes and oaty bars…they have all been a firm favourite on our grocery list for many years. Even our five year old still regularly tucks into a baby rice cake when she’s begging for food and we don’t want to fill her up on junk. Not too big, not full of rubbish, and according to her, delicious.

I mean, what is the alternative for the next stage up? A bourbon biscuit? A bag of crisps? It definitely feels there is a gap in the product range of junk free snacks for children.

Cereal bars are one option, but it can be confusing as to which ones have secretly stashed an unhealthy amount of sugar. Plus, in all honesty, our eldest daughter doesn’t really like them.

So, when we were invited to trial the new kids snack range from Organix, we were up for it, if a little concerned this could be a tad awkward.

With a fussy eater and a five year old vegetarian, we have two girls with big appetites, and big ideas about what they do and do not like.

Organix Punk'd image

Yet, with the Organix brand that we know and trust offering a snack for kids with attitude, packed with oats and real fruit, this is definitely worth a try.

Punk'd overview

It didn’t take long for the parcel to make it’s way to the girls. Approximately thirty minutes after finishing breakfast to be precise.

Taken in by the colourful packaging and tantalizing flavours, they each picked out a bar; Strawberry & Vanilla smash for Tigs and Cocoa and Orange crash for the mouse.

Whilst the Mouse barely paused for breath, Tigs nibbled the end cautiously. Assuring me this snack wouldn’t do, but she’d just have a little bit.

And a bit more.

Okay, just half.

Definitely not all of it…

Oh, actually, that was really yummy. (As confirmed by Mummy who had a little nibble for taste testing purposes obvs).

So there you have it. Tried tested and thumbs up from the fussiest of two year olds, and a five year old who definitely knows what she likes.

As a Mum, these are the exact types of next stage snacks I need in my life – perfect for the inner pocket of my bag, individually wrapped and most importantly, no added sweeteners or nasties.

Happy kids, full tummies, guilt free snacktime and on with our day…


Punk’d are available now at ASDA ant RRP £2. Each box contains 6 portion controlled soft baked bars.

You can WIN a selection of Organix Punk’d Oaty Bars for kids in my GIVEAWAY page right now…

Disclosure: We were sent a sample of Organix Punk’d for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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One thought on “Organix Punk’d Snack for Kids Review & #Giveaway

  1. Laura Corrall Reply

    Oh my its all I ever hear is ‘Can I have a snack’ I’ve noticed every since my youngest has been to nursery and they have ‘snack time’ she always asks is it snack time yet. At least I know the favourite part of her day haha.

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