Occupational hazards of raising girls

Sometimes I wonder if it was destined that I would be a Mum to girls. It’s looking unlikely that I’ll ever know what it’s like to raise a son, not least because we seem to have a family which has a strong tendency to produce kids of the XX type, even if we were to have 5 more children, they’d probably all be girls.

And that’s totally fine with me, because I couldn’t be happier to raise some strong, feisty females – teach them how to ‘have courage and be kind’, and (it’s inevitable), spin around the place singing along to disney princess albums, which incidentally, I may or may not know all the words to. For the record, I also have got stuck in teaching them to scoot down ramps, climb trees, and watch Star Wars.

Yes, I am trying my best to keep it 21st century. We love playing a game of ‘Boys or Girls?’ Which goes something like this…

“Who can be in the police, Boys or Girls?”

“Boys and Girls!”

“Correct!” *High Five*


“Who can look after little babies, Boys or Girls?”

“Boys AND Girls!”

“Correct!” *Whoop whoop*


There is so much more to learn on our journey of raising the mini-G girls, but here are some of the ‘Occupational Hazards’ we have picked up along the way so far.

  1. Glitter. Everywhere. Don’t think by keeping the craft box out of reach you can keep it under control. The stuff will become part of your very existence as it is scattered around your home from toys, cards and dresses like fairy dust. Hoovering won’t get rid of it, the stuff sticks with a static super bond to hard floors, and if you spill a container, may as well just embrace it – roll around in the spillage and sparkle for the next week, or month.
  2. RSI of the ears. Also known as the Frozen soundtrack. Just as our first daughter showed signs of maybe getting bored of it, her younger sister has started to shout ‘GO’ every time we get in the car. The novelty of track 10 wears off before you can say ‘The cold never bothered me anyway’ and you’ll curse the day you ever thought the music of that Disney film was pretty good. We thought the One Direction days were bad, but this? Musical highs in our car nowadays are being able to listen to ‘For the first time in forever’, as opposed to, well, you know…no prizes for guessing which song.
  3. Princesses. Books, dresses, dolls. Cuddly ones, Barbie doll style ones, miniature figurines. There is no end to the Disney princess paraphernalia. If you have ever felt the emotion of actual joy in finding two tiny shoes and reuniting them with their original 12 inch owner, you, like me, have probably reached for the super glue and made the unity a permanent bond. Literally.
  4. Hair bobbles and clips. On the side of the bath, in every pocket, in the side pockets in the car (and around the gear stick), down the side of every sofa, and probably the reason your washing machine is making some strange noises. Trouble is, you can NEVER find one when you get to the bottom of that impromptu french braid…
  5. Which brings me finally, to the hair situation. Yes, I have had toddler hair envy, but I have also had many, many battles of hair washing, tears over knots, and resorted to scissors when defeated by button back dresses. (WHY do they put buttons on the back of kids sweaters? Adults seem to manage to fit their big heads into jumpers just fine?). Stock up on detangler, conditioner, tangle teasers…and always BBB (Braid Before Bed). Their hair may not look perfect, but you’ll spend ten times the time on theirs, than your own. Fact.

Wouldn’t change a thing.


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