Mum On Time, naturally – with Jord Wood Watches + BlackFriday Discount Giveaway

As a Mum who is never, and I mean NEVER, late, a watch has become something I feel lost without; an essential piece of my Mum kit. Two christmases ago I was gifted the ultimate in cool watches – an iWatch, but although it has it’s perks, a watch that buzzes, rings and runs out of battery every 12 hours has not always been practical. I’ve had my eye out for something a little more classic in a wrist watch for a while now, and something that speaks to my individual personality and taste.

Given that I’m a self confessed tree hugger, one look around my home, my wardrobe, my instagram feed and my CV would tell you I’m totally inspired by nature. Our interiors are filled with rustic wooden pieces, my threads brimming with botanical prints, and my gardens overflowing with trees, ferns, creatures and flowers. (One little stowaway even sneaked into my flatlay).

It’s a no brainer that a watch made out of wood is right up my street. So when I clocked the Jord Wood Watch collection, I knew I had found my perfect watch.

Having chosen a Frankie 35 series watch in Zebra wood and champagne, I wasted no time in putting the watch to the test on an average day at MMT HQ. The watch arrived adjusted to my wrist size and I was over the moon with the way it felt and looked on my wrist. Not too smart, not too casual – a watch for all occasions.

Jord Wood Watch on wrist over Fern

The packaging the watch arrived from the U.S. in was robust and sturdy – a lovely piece of craftsmanship in itself. As someone who is a sucker for some pretty packaging, I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Jord Wood watch packaging

On time

It’s a shame the Jord wood watch couldn’t prevent glitter related incidents when we are supposed to be leaving the house. Still, with the ability to sweep up a glittery child under one arm, and a school bag in the other, my punctuality record remained unscathed.

Jord Wood watch on wrist over toddler playing

Tea time

Ah, the post school run cuppa. A simple pleasure in any stay at home Mums day. Time for a brew and a pause, to catch my breath before the day gets started.

mid section shot of Jord wood watch and yummy mummy mug

Play time

There is always time for playtime, and snuggled up cosy in front of the fire, the perfect way to whittle away some quality time together. Just don’t mention that one missing piece of jigsaw (aargh).

Mum doing jigsaw puzzle wearing Jord wood watch

Half time

Time to crack on and conjure up something decent to eat… or perhaps another brew first?

Jord wood watch on wrist viewing down at feet

Bed time

When you have kids who love to be up before dawn, there is nothing better than collapsing in a bed of dreams, with a decent book and letting the day fade away, is there?

Jord wood watch on bedside table


Me time

Of course, some nights are made for a bit of indulgence – a night out with the girls and no PJs pre-nine pm! Unlike other watches I’ve switched ‘for best’ or for ‘daywear’, my Jord watch fitted right in with my ‘out out’ outfit and got me home before I turned into a Pumpkin 😉

JOrd wood watch on wrist of Mum going out

You can grab a Jord Wood Watch 25% discount here . They have a large collection of both men’s watches and ladies watches, in a range of wood types, styles and face colours – the perfect gift for the person who has everything.



Disclaimer: I was sent my Jord Wood watch for the purpose of this honest review. All opinions are my own.


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