Mum muddling through…the first day at school

I can’t believe it’s September already and I’m going back to school.

Not back to school as in ‘ after 6 weeks off we are going back to school for a new term’, but as in, I left that school gate at 18 with a shirt graffiti’d by all my mates and now I’m walking back through it as a Mum; albeit past the secondary school, over the juniors playground and stopping at the infants. Weird.

It’s such a cliché, the emotional rollercoaster you feel as a Mother watching your four year old fledging all fluffy and cumbersome, waddling along in their oversized uniform on that first day. We knew the day would come, but we can’t really believe it’s here already.

She of course dealt with the whole fiasco pretty amazingly. Each time someone asked her how she was feeling about starting school, her face said it all… “That question AGAIN?!”. After all, it’s not the first time she’s started a new chapter of independence.

There were anxieties of course, mainly fuelled by me panicking about her preference to use fingers or teaspoons over knives and forks (the paperwork said that the kids should be able to use cutlery independently). That and the fact that the butt wiping situation isn’t quite nailed. Do we send a PE kit on the first day? When does it come home? Will she ever manage with those shirt buttons? Winter or summer uniform? Yes – it’s fair to say Mum was stressing way more than her. The only thing we were confident in was the hair braiding, having had four years of wrestling with some pretty immense toddler hair.

Other Mums got on board the school-panic-ride with me. Some devastated about their babies being so grown up, some whoop whooping the fact the ‘hard bit’ is over. It made me realise I felt a little bit of all those emotions rolled into one.



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So the first day has been and gone. No tears, no disasters (apart from writing the wrong class number on all her new uniform with permanent marker). We got the all important first day photo. We navigated the school run which was as crazy as I had been expecting. We posted her through a doorway to the unknown, into the hands of strangers and survived. She has made (in her words) “over a thousand friends” and seems up for week two. Not bad going for a mum and daughter muddling through.


So now, it’s quiet in the house. Just me and the mouse, who’s desperately looking for her sister, her best friend, her playmate. I don’t think she appreciates the gift that will be ‘mummy time’ just yet. And Me? I’m wondering what I’m going to do without the one person who knows how to talk her little sister out of any tantrum, get her to lay down for the all important nappy change, and play with her so beautifully (whilst dodging the odd left hook).

And yet, although with a touch of sadness, and a bit of excitement about her new adventure and our new daily pattern complete with new friends we are all yet to meet, my overwhelming feeling is pride. In her and her ability to take it all in her stride, and in myself in having got this far in one piece.

It’s been an amazing summer holiday holding on to the last few weeks of my first baby being just a little bit tiny. Quite frankly, I’m going to miss her. It’s opened my eyes to living in the present and not wishing a single day away – however hard that seems at times.

It’s the end of one era, but the start of a new one. One where I am that school run Mum, sewing name badges haphazardly onto the back of ties because I ordered the iron on labels way too late. Of course, always predictably, ridiculously early to drop off…and DEFINITELY first in the queue to bring her home.


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27 thoughts on “Mum muddling through…the first day at school

  1. Agent Spitback Reply

    That is indeed a big milestone and sounds like she’s settling in. I remembered my second kid looking for her big brother when my eldest started school. She also decided that she wanted to go to school just like her big brother. It was so cute that I had to buy her a bag and shoes and she would also “get ready” for the school but it is a whole new adventure and lots to look ahead. Enjoy your time with your youngest. Happy to see you back with #coolmumclub.

  2. beautybabyandme Reply

    This is such a gorgeous post!! I am so glad she had a good first day and made a thousand friends 🙂 It’s funny all these big milestones affect us Mummies way more than them. They are so cool (no pun intended) taking it all in their stride! Gorgeous pictures and I am in love with the first day at school sign/light (where’s it from?) xx thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

  3. justsayingmum Reply

    Oh but how amazing that she went in so confidently and made ‘a thousand friends’ – just wonderful! It will take probably more time for you to adapt to the new chapter than her but it will get easier with time – and I love that line about living in the present – we really must #CoolMumClub

  4. Emma Plus Three Reply

    Ah that’s great that she’s enjoying it. My son was the same when he started, he’s always loved school. My daughter however hates preschool and I’m dreading her starting reception next September 🙁 x #coolmumclub

    1. MMT Reply

      I think I was a bit quick to celebrate our smooth transition Emma! Guess it’s going to take a while xx

  5. Becky Pink Reply

    Ah this made me tear up. My eldest has just started year one so I’m a relatively old hand at the school run, but I really miss her too after 6 1/2 weeks of having her around every day. Thea goes to preschool in a few weeks and that is going to be the hard one I think, as she’s my baby. So glad she is excited about going and her plaits look amazing! xx #coolmumclub

    1. MMT Reply

      It took four years but I finally worked out how to braid! Good luck Thea, and good luck Mummy 😉 x

  6. Harriet Reply

    Kids are so resilient. I always hate my first days in a new job but they seem to manage all these new experiences like true pros! Kudos to them…and you! #coolmumclub

  7. Busy Working Mummy Reply

    Aw they grow up so fast! I am glad she dealt with it all well and sure she will love it #coolmumclub

  8. Talya Reply

    Oh my goodness such a big day! I’m going to be following in your footsteps next year and sure I’m going to be a right old emotional wreck. Sending lots of #coolmumclub strength and positive

    1. MMT Reply

      It’s been a funny sort of week! Gotta be done though so onwards and upwards, she’s going to be just fine…eventually…!

  9. Cathryn - Little Paper Swans Reply

    Ahhh I’m so glad it all went well. Luckily school is a long way off for us! I can’t imagine how nervous I’ll be let alone my little girl. Haha.


    1. MMT Reply

      I thought it was a long way off once, turns out it was closer than I thought! Savour every moment with Edith xxx

  10. Helen Reply

    Ahh a rite of passage – well done, you made it! I cried peering through the fence panel after mine. A really lovely account. How amazing that she’s made so many pals already. Onwards and upwards. Welcome back!x

    1. MMT Reply

      Cheers Helen! It’s been a rollercoaster week but today was a little better…not totally there yet! x

  11. My Petit Canard Reply

    Aww thats so lovely. We had our first week of nursery school this week and went through all the same experiences and emotions. Its amazing how they are just able to take it in their stride like you say. I’ve never felt so proud of our little one as I have this week. First week at school eh, who would have thought it would come round so soon. Emily #coolmumclub

    1. MMT Reply

      And it really does come round way too soon – Thanks for commenting Emily, I hope little one has got on okay!

  12. Something About Baby Reply

    We are a long way off the first day of school, but when we were buying Alfie’s first shoes there were so many parents getting the kids school shoes it made me think that it will be us in a few years!! Her hair looks super cute!! #coolmumclub

  13. Sharon Parry Reply

    Such a lovely post and such a big milestone – September is a big month! I hope she continues to love school #CoolMumClub

  14. Mum in Brum Reply

    Aw what a lovely post. It must be so emotional seeing your eldest all grown up, I can’t imagine it but I’m sure our time will fly by. And so weird to go back to your owl school. By the way your braiding skills are seriously good – I really have to start practicing! xx #coolmumclub

  15. theidentitythieves Reply

    So lovely – got a lump in my throat! I still have another couple of years but already feeling apprehensive xx

  16. Rhyming with Wine Reply

    Such a huge milestone and it makes me go a bit wibbly just thinking about it! We’re lucky in that both of our babes are September born and so I feel like I’ve stolen an extra year at home with Miss Tot. I can’t even begin to get my head around the whole big school thing but I know it’ll be here in a blink.You must be so proud. Beautiful post x Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

  17. tammymum Reply

    Oooh all these starting school posts are scaring. You really made me think what it must be like for you and your youngest to adapt to the new routine and made me think about what it’ll be like when that happens to me. It makes me sad. I am guilty of finding true days hard and getting frustrated sometimes but lately it’s been hitting home that this time really isn’t forever and in a couple of years I’ll be writing this post wishing for these days to last a little longer! I’m glad your little one made so many friends and enjoyed her first week, here’s to week two xx #coolmumclub

    1. MMT Reply

      Ah thanks Tammy. That was what I was hoping to achieve with the post, I think back to our baby days and can’t believe they flew by so fast! Enjoy xxx

  18. Emma T Reply

    I only pick up once a week, but I’m always the first one to turn up even though I have to rush out of work to get there. Glad the first week went well. They do mostly take it all in their stride compared with their parents. Do come and link up to #schooldays linky over at Bubbablue and me – opens Sundays to Saturdays

  19. wendy Reply

    Such a big milestone, can’t believe this will be my boy next year! I’m glad she went in find and has already made a thousand friends!!xx #coolmumclub

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