Minnie Mouse Fashion Dolls review

Over the years our girls have come to believe that we as a family are toy testers – with them of course having the chief role. We were recently asked to check out some Minnie Mouse Fashion Dolls, to see how the girls enjoyed them, and lovers of all things Disney, we were more than happy to oblige.

Each of the girls received a Minnie Mouse Fashion Doll in her very own dressing room, complete with three changeable dressing up outfits and props to match the theme.

The dolls retail at £16.99 and the existing range has been extended with three new Minnies for 2018: Gym Fun, Jet Set and Pretty Pop Star. We are proud owners of some of Minnie Mouse fashion dolls already, although the hand me down seconds we have at home have been somewhat ‘well loved’ over the years so it was nice to get a shiny new Minnie with all the matching accessories! Bonus is that the Minnie Mouse dolls are interchangeable so we have essentially expanded Minnies wardrobe, and what girl doesn’t love that just in time for summer…


Gym Fun Minnie Fashion Doll

A sign of the times that we should all be encouraging our children’s healthier lifestyles, Minnie is the perfect gift for a child with an interest in all things sporty! In fact, she could be the perfect gift for the opposite too…every little helps right?

Gym Fun Minnie comes with a range of sporty accessories – high top trainers, a skipping rope, gymnastics, erm, twirly thing, a hula hoop, gym bag and even (she’s so 2018) an activity tracker watch.

Minnie also has a few exchangeable headbands, including a headset so she can work out to all her favourite tunes. Plus, my absolute favourite, a pair of roller skates!

The mouse loves switching up Minnie with all her gear – she struggled a little with getting the high top shoes on and off, but as they’re new I think we all know that pain! I expect they’ll give  alittle with more play, and she is after al only three.

Pretty Pop Star Minnie Fashion Doll

Tig’s got her hands on the pretty pop star Minnie – a rock legend in her own right with a mike and stand, guitar, headset plus some pretty sparkly dresses and shoes to boot.

Like every pop star Minnie of course looks uber cool in her very own starry shades, and pulls off the rock chic look perfectly in her dress and boots combo.

The Minnie mouse dresses are made from flexible plastic which pops on and off easily with a popper clasp at the back. They are all interchangeable which makes the range one you can add to over time to create a wardrobe for every occasion for your kids favourite little mouse.

I will keep an eye out for these toys when it comes to gift shopping – they’d be a perfect present for a birthday or christmas, and have already gone down a hit with our kids.

In just 48 hours I had to search high and low for all the bits as one of our daughters is somewhat of a borrower! So I’ve found a little bag to keep Minnie and all of her wardrobe in, ready for the next fashion show.



Disclosure: We were gifted the Minnie Mouse Fashion Dolls in exchange for an honest review




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