Making family memories tangible with FreePrints + #GIVEAWAY

There are many, many moments of motherhood that I would describe as overwhelming… the rush of love, the constant feeling of stuff to do, what to have for dinner…and oh so many more. And then, there is the task that can quickly get out of hand as a parent…printing photos of your baby / toddler / kids. One of those jobs you put off until tomorrow and before you know it you have twenty seven thousand nine hundred and sixty four to choose from.

I know. I have been there.

In all honesty, I was a bit of a supermum when it came to baby photos first time around. Technology in them ‘old days’ (err, five years ago to be precise) wasn’t what it was now, and the new digital camera (ha ha, sorry, that made me laugh a little) loaded with daily pictures of our newborn, was lovingly downloaded, filed by month, backed up, uploaded and albumed on a three month schedule.

We had two whole years of this process, nailing it until…life got crazy and baby number two arrived.

The photos, like so many other things (writing in the baby book, doing hand prints and measurement charts, getting the baby weighed) fell by the wayside as  baby number two brought a whole new dimension to the household. Fortunately keeping humans alive remained a priority, so all was not lost.

A year or so in, I stepped out of the fog, refreshed by a bit of me time each day (thank you pre-school and aligned naps for saving my life) and I set about making sure the Mouse’s first year of life wasn’t omitted from the cupboard of baby albums.

First of all, I broke our computer. It seemed the age of photography and smart hones wasn’t compatible to my old system – trying to transfer literally thousands of photos to my PC made me very unpopular with my husband.

No I would have to filter and select which ones to keep. That lasted about four minutes as I realised no Mum in womankind has the time to go through thousands of photos screening for keepers and deleters.

No, I would select all, upload and print. And that would cost a total of HOW MUCH?! Errr, no I don’t think so.

And so, painstakingly month by month of that rogue years images were (a bit ropily) screened and selected for a selection of a few hundred to have as hard copies and stick in an album. No wonder I’d put this job off for so long.

Having had a grumble about it to another Mum, her eyes lit up as she told me about her latest find – an app called FreePrints. You download it to your phone and get 45 prints a month for free (just pay for postage which is £3.99).

Inspired, I wasted no time in checking this out – a manageable and affordable way to keep on top of my frankly priceless family images. With her invite code I wasted no time in ordering the previous months highlights. It took all of a few minutes, from my iPhone, whilst waiting to pick Tigs up from Gymnastics. (And, for the record earnt her a bonus 5 prints for her referral – as you can see below I’ve also earnt an extra five by referring too).

Using the smartphone app you can pick and upload photos from your photo library, facebook, instagram, Google, dropbox, one drive, amazon and more. Easy as that.

Three days later and my prints arrived. Glossy, high quality and most importantly made of actual physical paper.

Whilst there are some technological advances I can celebrate, the demise of the printed photo makes me sad inside, and I don’t want that for my kids childhood memories. I want them to be able to sit on the landing, with a dusty old box, asking ‘Who’s that Mum?’ as we thumb through the most random shots from days out that have been long archived from our memory.

It’s also a huge weight off my mind that regardless of any digital backups, clouds, external drives or other fancy pants techno-garble, my photos are right where I need them to be – in my possession. So if my phone breaks, I somehow break the internet (you get what I’m saying) my prints are with ME. (Plus, somewhat conveniently, also on freeprints so if my house burns down, I could recreate them).

FreePrints also offers a photobook option, so if rummaging through 4×6’s isn’t for you, you can use an equally easy photobook option – 5 x 7 albums ready made in an instant.  I’m definitely going to give this one a go as a christmas gift or perhaps after a big holiday (I won’t mention the Disney trip again, honest).

Personally, I love the traditional photo prints, and by always having an excess kicking around, it means that school and nursery projects which always seem to need ‘a photo of your family / holiday / you as a baby’ happens as slick as anything.

Maybe these albums and boxes will become a burden, but I highly doubt that. And, when there comes a time that one of us is gone – we will always have these memories to cherish, on the floor, on the sofa, and not in the abyss of a photo cloud. And that, makes me feel happy inside.

Whilst I’m working with FreePrints on this post, this is a 100% true story, FreePrints and how it has changed my [probably somewhat obsessive] approach to organising my photos has been monumental. It’s one of the ‘tips’ I give out to anyone willing to listen (sorry), particularly busy Mums who love to snap away with their phones.

Taking photos is, and has always been a huge part of who I am. My weekly walks to the photo shop to get my reels of film developed aren’t forgotten, and with the digital age speeding ahead, this is one thing I want to keep old school.

In all honesty, my photo album cupboards are piled high with little green wallets these days and I’ve been too busy creating magical memories to organise them into albums. But it’s a problem I’m happy to have! When the day comes that I need a lovely little something to fill my child free morning, I can’t think of anything lovelier. Once a photo addict, always a photo addict.



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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post



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