The loft extension dream

Having survived our first major renovation project two years ago, in which we remodelled the downstairs of our house, the question has been on our minds…what next?

Our home is a three bedroom mid terrace 1930’s house. The downstairs is exactly how we want it now, given that we have created a larger family area and modern kitchen. We squeezed in a utility room and downstairs WC, and have finished off the last bits in the lounge recently by adding a new log burner fireplace and carpet.

There will always be major jobs on the horizon; new windows, the exterior front door, a new outbuilding, and the biggest question of all – a loft extension.

Tower Crane on Top of Building

As it stands, our youngest daughter is in the box room whilst ourselves and her big sister have the two roughly equal main bedrooms. This works fine for now, especially as the mouse is a) tiny and b) a terrible sleeper. There will come a time however, when we’ll need to upgrade her to a single bed, and she’ll want her own space to spread out and cause havoc with her toys.

The other thing which is really missing from our home is an office space – given that my  husband often works from home, and the blogging is becoming more frequent, a desk space which isn’t in the corner of our bedroom would be quite amazing. I’m already imagining the framed inspirational quotes and the desktop succulents.

We could, in theory pop the girls in together, and reclaim the box room as a study. It’s a realistic and low budget option. Not one we’d seriously consider anytime soon mind you; not while the Mouse’s wake up times are giving the milkman a run for his money.

So if money were no object, and if maybe we had the means to do it, a loft extension would be the dream. I could live with 6 weeks of dust again in return for an amazing loft space bedroom, which would in turn give the girls an equally decent sized room each.

Man Inside Gray and Brown Storage House

I’ve always dreamt of an Antarctica themed bedroom, with whitewashed wood, faux fur throws and rugs, plenty of white and ice blue drapes and crystal lighting. With maximum number of Solstro roofwindows to add a feeling of space and light, bringing a ceiling of stars, snow, or rain to the room would just be incredible. A calm oasis in the chaos of the rest of the house.

Pink Flowers Beside Brown Book Beside White Ceramic Mug With Brown Coffee on Top of White Textile

If we could squeeze it into the existing loft space, an ensuite shower room would definitely save some arguments come the teenage years. I’d tile the floor with a beautiful patterned tile so I could instagram pictures of my feet on it to my hearts content.

We just need to work out where we’d put all the loft junk, and finally make the decision to move on all the baby stuff.

Ultimately, the question when remodelling your home is whether the investment will bring value to your property, or your life. It’s a big outlay should you then decide to move on, and it’s a conversation that we haven’t quite concluded yet. There are plenty of pros and cons to either option; the costs and stress associated with a house move vs the costs and stress on a conversion (plus the stress on the structure of your home). But, in my head, I can already imagine the finished article, and I’d love to make that dream a reality.


Have you ever had a loft conversion? Any tips or thoughts to share? I’d love to hear them…

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