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Our daughters bedtime rituals are a heavily choreographed affair involving a selection of refreshments and light shows that would give the Disney fireworks spectaculars a run for their money. Cups of specific colours, glowing clocks to switch over to night mode, star displays and colour changing animals. It’ all going off. And on. And off. And on…AGAIN.

Needless to say, when I clocked the LiteCup, a winning combo of non spill drink cup which glows in the dark, I just knew our kids would be the perfect reviewers for this cutting edge kids product.

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I have been known to have a bit of an obsession for hoarding kids beakers, so this was one collector’s item right at the top of my list.

So, with our hands on a ‘Glitter pink‘ and ‘Frozen Blue’ Lite cup, we set about giving the Lite Cup a G-Unit road test.

The timing couldn’t have been better; the girls well loved cow cups have seen better days, and combined with an increasing obsession for midnight refreshment top ups, something needed to break the routine.

Having mulled if over we decided our lite cups will become nighttime water cups. Although there’s no reason you can’t put milk in them, we are trying to creep away from the milk obsession, and get the girls drinking more plain water; something that’s been a struggle with the squash-loving Mouse by day and after dark. Something that’s undoubtedly not helping with her tiny appetite.

The Lite Cup features a 360º sipping design with a silicone non drip seal, totally separate from the light compartment at the bottom of the cup. The cup is designed for independent use, however as stated on the website and packaging, you do so at your own discretion. The seal is completely removable for thorough washing which in  my experience is a key feature of a decent kids cup. All sorts can fester in there if you can’t get to it all and let it air dry.

The packaging is clear and sleek; with all the need to know information tucked safely away inside the cup.

With one twist of the on / off switch on the underside of the base (using a coin, or in our case, button) the cup is good to go. (Wash before first use as with all cups). With squeals of delight the girls ran off into the dark utility room to test the cups, and with shrieks and giggles they declared they were having a disco in there with their new cups, glowing a soft blue glow-stick-tastic-light.

Guzzling down the water (shock) the girls took their cups up to bed and provided glow in the dark hydration throughout the night. No disturbances at our end for top ups, no spills, no arguments and no midnight milk feasts.

Given the looming potty training we might need to rethink the bedtime drinks situation soon, but for now we just want a decent night’s kip and some happy kiddos.

The light up section of the cup is easily removed, which is critical for cleaning the cup as this part shouldn’t be washed. Batteries are replaceable and the CR2032 battery is safely locked away from little fingers by the lock. The light sensitive auto on/off means the battery life won’t be wasted during the daylight, and the cup can be switched off when not in use for storage. You can also buy replacement light sections (in other colours too) should you accidentally dunk it in the washing up bowl.

BPA free and latex free, the cup is an award winning innovation that both parents and kids will love, as proven by our household. Just remember not to put fizzy or hot drinks in, or microwave your lite cup and you’ll be fine…

Little Litecup wins Innovation of the Year at Mother & Baby Awards!

Watch this space for teeny tiny versions for the bubbas, and you can already get your hands on a mini-litecup for any little hands that might struggle with the standard size. And don’t forget the other end of the spectrum too, all joking aside, I think this is a seriously sensible purchase for any elderly or disabled who might struggle at night to get a needed drink.

I wouldn’t mind a lite cup myself for those Friday night post Chinese Take Away and Sav Blanc thirsts which can just be such a killer…

I think I’ll go for a green one…


Disclosure: We were sent two LiteCups in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

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