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According to a recent survey by Chums, only 13% of women think that the current Spring / Summer 2017 trends cater for a variety of different age groups and body sizes.

Whatever could they mean…

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Okay, so the trend for crocheted bralet tops isn’t one I’m keen to get stuck into this summer for obvious reasons (comfort, ha ha I wish), and I doubt I’m alone in Mum-kind.

So what does a stay at home Mum look for in a style? What is important and what is it that makes you blow the budget and have a #HideTheBags shopping moment?

Given that the days of smart, professional work wear have been replaced with days at the children’s centre playing with home-made play dough and gloop, the priority isn’t so much presentability as practicality. Whilst a bit of lycra in leggin form is a tempting staple, what you wear can massively affect how you feel, so of course you might try your best to still represent your sense of self worth in your mum-clobber, and fight the descent into wide leg trousers and bargain stretch t shirts from Matalan.

There will always be dark days; or should I say days you got dressed in the dark. Blinded by a lack of sleep and insufficient volumes of caffeine to give any kind of toss about what you look like. These days usually hit a low around 2pm when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and wonder how you let yourself get to this.

In contrast, there will be days you put so much effort in, and pop on a swanky number that needs to see the light of day. As you prance out of the house feeling almost ridiculous, as though you’re in fancy dress, you will be asked seven hundred times if you’re going somewhere nice / to an interview / to a funeral. By eleven fifteen you’ll curse the idea of ever wearing heels again and massively regret the synthetic fabrics at soft play. #WhatWasSheThinking

And so there has to be a middle ground. A happy place somewhere in-between looking like Mutton dressed as lamb and a Mumsy old frump. Here is what that place looks like to me;

Skinny Jeans; The staple of every SAHMs wardrobe (after the forgivable first months of motherhood whereby leggings are an acceptable daily attire). In my humble opinion, the best of the best for me are Topshop, however, on a SAHM budget you can’t go wrong with a pair of super skinnies from New Look at half the price of their supermodel cousin. My personal body dilemma is that my hilariously skinny legs are disproportionate to my child bearing hips, and as such I either find saggy knees or muffin tops. Yet to find the answer…

Cool trainers; Whether you’re a Nike Air Max kinda girl, a Stan Smith lover or a die hard Converse girl, there’s nothing like a funky pair of pumps to put a spring in your step and leave you feeling down with the kids. My current kicks are a bronze sparkly pair of Bronze Virgin Ash trainers, now hibernating for the winter. In need of  fresh white set of sneakers for the summer, I’m holding out for a pair of my teenage fave  adidas shell toe caps for my birthday.

T shirt; All hail the boxy T-shirt, and god bless it’s arrival on the trend season of 2014 as I arrived into the world of Motherhood. Postpartum tums and layered cami’s for breastfeeding met their perfect match, and never again did this Mum fall into the trap of a skinny stretch T shirt. There is a God, and he sent us boyfriend fit clothing. Amen.

Logo Sweatshirts; As the warm weather approaches, don’t pack away your sweatshirts just yet. This is Blighty after all and nothing says British summertime more than a warm layer to pop on after a day on the beach, as the sun sets on your barbeque or as the rain pee’s down on your picnic. I have to say, I’m kind of unsure about the whole ‘Mum Merch’ sweatshirts. I have a classic ‘Winging It’ number, and I love it, but I’m not sure if I might as well have a flashing logo emblazoned with the word ‘saddo’ written on it. In conclusion, sad or not, I am a Mum. I am Winging it. And I think that is a cool sweater. Sold to the lady in the sparkly trainers.

Hoody; While we are on the subject of casual wear, a staple of the SAHM has to be a decent hoodie like my fave classic grey one from Superdry. Perfect for park life, chucking on as you rock the school run, and as it goes, the perfect disguise over your pyjamas when Mr Tesco arrives at 9.30 with your grocery shop. It’s probably my most worn item…ever.

Suns out Mums out; As the warmer weather FINALLY arrives, there s definitely a place for showing off your best features and the ones that make you feel confident. Don’t make the mistake of squeezing into something that makes you feel like rubbish – make your body work to your advantage. With so many Mums (like me) feeling a bit self conscious about their tummy area, the off the shoulders look is the perfect way to feel feminine without feeling ridiculous. Flashing just enough skin with a bardot top, cold shoulders or spaghetti strap cami, with the all important loose fit A line shape over your skinny jeans. Equally, if you have the legs for it – get them out! Nothing screams confident and classic like denim shorts with a loose fit T shirt and flip flops in the summer. You don’t have to be at work – so dress like you’re on holiday! (Well, maybe the bikini is too much).

STAYCATION | A rare moment in front of the camera (thanks Mr G). Been a super busy ten days with these girls and I’d be lying if I said it’d all been picture perfect (red nail varnish on cream carpet this morning, for example). BUT all in all it’s been pretty lovely, exploring new corners of #Kent and beyond. Looking forward to the 4 day weekend of family events ahead, and maybe, just a little bit, the return of normal routine! 😬 . . . . . . . #perfectandproud #rockingmummylife #clickinmoms #littlefierceones #childhoodunplugged #thismamaloves #366daysofpositive #myhappycapture #thismamaloves #dearphotographer #thatsdarling #takemyheartdear #oureverydaymoments #cameramama #littlefierceones #ig_motherhood #pixelkids #cherisheverymoment #thehappynow #rememberingthesedays #littleandbrave #childofig #pinklinker #happylittlebuttons #tribalchat #capturingtheday #lionessmama #livingfearlesslyauthentic

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Get pretty; We all like to have girly moments, and especially in the spring and summer when floaty florals and swishy skirts make a comeback. Make them work for you by avoiding anything too constricting, too short or too sheer (embarrassing on the school run!). Midi skirts remain a solid look, as seen on my Instagram feed, and I can’t lie, a maxi dress and its ease and simplicity is a joy to both me and my laundry pile in the summer months. A jersey maxi skirt remains a inbetween seasons favourite of mine too, and double bonus, you don’t need to have shaved your legs.

BONUS TREAT | Whilst I’m missing the annual bonus treat, the hubby didn’t leave me out and let us all have a little extra to pick something nice up this month. Having caught my eye on Instagram, I had an early morning impulse purchase from @stanleyandmaud and just look how lovely it is. Hoping this will last a lot longer than a top which is my usual go to shopping splurge. Such a beautiful #libertyprint I’m totally in love with it. 🌿⭐️🌸🌿⭐️🌸🌿⭐️🌸🌿⭐️🌸🌿⭐️🌸🌿 . . . . . . #coolmumclub #thismamaloves #stanleyandmaud #treat #ukparentbloggers #pinklinker #lionessmama #tribalchat #totsphoto #jewellery #smallbusiness #smallbusinesssaturday #supportingsmallbusinesses

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Accessorize; The simplest of outfits can be brought up to date with the addition of a couple of current accessories. I’m obsessed with my newest piece – a choker from Stanley and Maud which can transform a T shirt and jeans look instantly. Pretty, edgy and just downright lovely. I like to add simple silk friendship bracelets too as they make me feel a little more ‘done’. Every cool Mum also needs a pair of shades that make them feel as cool as the Fonz.

Be you; Ultimately, all of the above is my style, my taste and what makes me me. Being a stay at home Mum might mean you have to lose your work wardrobe, but you can retain a sense of whatever resides at your core – if it’s smart, relaxed, boho, or gothic, you’ll never feel happier than when you feel yourself.

You’ll undoubtedly spend more energy clothing, changing, and re-clothing your kids than you do yourself, but when the dust settles on the dawn of motherhood refocus and let your purchases be easy to wear key wardrobe pieces; Let them work for you and your lifestyle and you won’t regret it.



Women's fashion advice infographic by chums

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