I need to ask you, my readers, for your help…

Sometimes, as a blogger running a website, occasionally publishing a blogging tip post or two, I can feel like a bit of a fraud. 

A fraud, because sometimes, the techy bits behind running a blog can get a little bit overwhelming, and a bit out of my depth. I was recently asked by someone if I could help set up a site, and I almost laughed, because I couldn’t actually tell you how I ended up with mine in it’s current state today. It just kind of happened, one tiny piece at a time.

I moved to self hosted right near the beginning, and I’m not sure how I did it, let alone being able to advise anyone else how to. I don’t even think I know my own login password, it all just ‘works’ and that’s how I’m happy muddling along, until the day it all stops ‘working!’.

And in the words of Geek Fairy Jo, If I’m writing, and you’re reading, then the blog is working!

Subscription hell

One of the major bugbears I’ve been unable to resolve since going self hosted almost three years ago, is mastering the art of collecting e mail subscribers. I have shuffled from jetpack, to mailchimp, to a random plug in. Each time I have messed up and lost every single subscriber, having to start again.

This week however, thanks to the new GDPR rules I was forced to face this issue head on, and I have finally fixed my subscribe by e mail function. It also means I am back to almost 0 email subscribers.

What I need from you

So basically, if you’re a regular reader of Mum Muddling Through, #CoolMumClub, or you just like to pop by every now and again for a nose, please could you subscribe via the newly functional Subscribe button, right here on the side bar, or even easier, right here below…


Perhaps you thought you were subscribed? Well sadly, you aren’t any more and so together we are going to have to start from scratch.

What it means to you

Once you confirm via the email that will arrive in your inbox, you’ll receive a notification every time a new post is published. You’ll never miss a #CoolMumClub link up, a fabulous giveaway, or my often random ramblings about motherhood and life as a work at home, stay at home Mum. There may be valuable guest posts about parenthood and reviews of the latest toys, clothes or anything else I’ve been lucky enough to road test. Sometimes we can just generally chew the fat, virtually about Mum life together. Because that is essentially what Mum Muddling Through is really all about – opening the conversations about Motherhood, you and I, in it together.

Your details will never ever be passed on to anyone else, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

What it means to me

As a blogger, so much work goes into every single post, and if those words don’t make it to screens, well, it’s all for nothing isn’t it?

As I have finally, with the help of the amazing @GeekFairyJo conquered my subscription demons, we can fix this mess together and start rebuilding the three years of lost subscribers thanks to my general ineptness.

Thanks so much for helping me out with this one guys!




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4 thoughts on “I need to ask you, my readers, for your help…

  1. Mamma Italiana Reply

    Done 🙂

    1. MMT Reply

      Thank you so much 🙂

  2. Rhyming with Wine Reply

    I’m there!

  3. Lucy Reply

    Done! I’ve had similar issues, I had no subscribe button for the first year! My mailchimp one seems fine, although can I ask how your new subscriber button is ok under the new GDPR regulations? I’ve spoken to people who say that mailchimp are responsible for the protection of my subscribers, and considered just getting rid of the subscribe altogether! Where can I get the right information?! I don’t do giveaways or anything, so don’t actually collect information myself. Any help gratefully received…! X

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