How to Meet Other Mums

Feeling lonely sucks.

Having time to yourself and loving it is one thing, but if you find yourself in a vast expanse of time without good company to share it with, laugh about it with, and on occasion MOAN about it with, that can be really tough. Especially if you are Mum, when your own enjoyment can (and often does) come behind the needs and wants of the boss(es), and six o’clock Friday seems so SO far away.

You may crave that opportunity to chat through your latest parenting-crisis with someone who understands the pain of getting a child off the boob, or to eat pasta bake, more than your girl-mates-sans-kiddos. Or you may just want someone to chat about love-island to with while pushing the swings at the park.

You want some Mum Friends.

For some of us, a twist of fate or timing makes it happen. Some pay to join a ready made pack, before the baby is even born. Some have been brought together in a blind date matchmake.  Finding your Mum Tribe is about as easy as finding your life partner…you know the perfect one is out there, it’s just a case of finding them.

Mum Friends don’t become redundant when your baby is no longer a baby. With every new chapter comes a new dilemma, new emotions, new challenges. Finding a buddy in the same boat as you is one of the best Therapies you can have.

Don’t underestimate how important a support network can be, and don’t feel silly for wanting it. If I hadn’t gone back again to that group the second or third time, maybe my Supermum girls would still be a figment of my imagination. Who knows. But what I do know is, those girls have gotten me through some long days, some dark days and been there for me in a way I could never have dreamed of.

I hate seeing another Mother looking isolated in a group. I hate to not invite as many as people as is possible on our midweek play dates. I hate the thought of someone feeling alone as a Parent.

That is why, when I met Sally, from at #BML16 I just wanted to hug her. She set up to act as a tool to get those Mums together. Her website is kind of like an online friend matching site for Mums…to connect (for free) with like minded Mums in their area, looking to find their #MumTribe. Sally just won lifelong honorary membership to the #coolmumclub.

“Aside from being the most spectacular thing many of us will achieve, being a mum at any age and at any stage can also be a confusing, lonely and isolating experience. We are thrown together randomly in groups with women we have little in common with and this can sometimes increase our feelings of isolation. Meet Other Mums has been designed by mums for mums to help you create a social network of like-minded mums who are living the same miracles, milestones and monotony that being a mum entails.

Join us now to meet mum friends.”


I salute this mission.

The site also includes a blog with articles on parenting issues written by a collective of some of my favourite parenting bloggers. I have now joined the blog squad…because this is one Mum Tribe I SO want to be part of!

I want to help spread the word about this site, and service, because I think it’s an amazing thing. If one person reading this goes on to make that first step, who knows a new #MumTribe may rise. Anything can happen; if you dream it, you can do it.



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