How to Get the Right Personal Gifts This Christmas

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Christmas shopping can be an absolute nightmare. When you’ve got multiple people to shop for, you can quickly find yourself getting swamped. What does everyone like? What does everyone not like? The Christmas shopping period comes with winners and losers for retailers and shoppers alike, so it’s important to get your head on straight here.

Names get muddled, peoples like and dislikes get mixed up and everything descends into chaos. Still, there’s a way to pull through!

Consequently, here are a few tips to help you get the right personal gifts.


Before you start shopping around, do some detective work. Ask the friends or associates of those you’re buying the gift for all the obvious questions; what does the person like, or not like? If you trust that they’ll keep the secret of your asking, then by all means ask away. There’s no shame in getting some help!

By the same token, if you don’t want to be so obvious, go another route. Think about times where your recipient has stated that they need something or are missing an item they could do with. Additionally, pay attention to their hobbies and even their behaviour; is there something you could buy them that represents them on a character level? Could you get them a T-Shirt with a logo of their favourite show or other collectors’ items? Once you’ve gathered your data, compile it into a list and get to work.

Best … in the World

If you’re shopping for a someone close to you on limited time, a safe option to go for is buying a gift that includes a slogan about how much they mean to you. Certainly, these kinds of presents can be rather generic, but if you show them that you really mean that they’re the best mother, father, or sibling in the world, this might just work a treat.

Good examples of this kind of gift can be mugs, key rings socks and more. They are uninspired presents on their own, but if they’re emblazoned with some touching text that you truly mean, you’ll succeed in the personal gift arena. It’s the kind of present that’ll win over your closer relatives who don’t want much and aren’t looking to be blown away by their present, so play it safe if you know you can.

Get Creative

Sometimes, a personal gift can go a few different ways. They don’t always need to be something plucked off a shop shelf. You can make your own gift and pour yourself into it. When they unwrap their present and can see something that you’ve clearly put a lot of time and effort into, it’ll touch them either way. It’ll be like they’re holding a piece of you! If it’s a totally original item, you’ll score extra points there too.

For example, if you’re particularly talented in arts and crafts, you could drum up something here. Perhaps you cross stitch, or like to draw or paint, or it could be that you even like to write poems. Use your talent to your advantage and you’ll end up creating a very personal gift that the recipient will only ever have one off, which they’ll undoubtedly appreciate and be touched by. Of course, it might be quite cost effective for you to put together too!


Disclosure: Collaborative post


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