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I’ve held out for a couple of years on new Autumn boots (damn shoes that last ages), but this year I promised myself a pair of new kicks to see me through a winter of school run madness. After all, it’s without hesitation that the kids get bought a pair of (overpriced) well fitting school shoes, so why should Mum be left out?!

To be honest, despite beating myself up about spending out on new clothes when my salary is a mere sniffle of what it once was, I have come to terms with the fact that the odd splurge on new threads is good for the soul. I may not be at the cutting edge of fashion, BUT I think as a Mum, if you keep putting yourself at the bottom of the list, it doesn’t do a lot for your self esteem or mental health.

I deserve to feel fab in clothes which make me feel nice – even if I’m hanging around the house on my own all day!

It’s not just about being seen by others, it’s about how you want to feel. And I feel on cloud nine all month long if I have a few new key pieces to carry me through a new season. So perhaps, it’s time to say no more bag hiding – those bags are EARNT! Well, I’m not sure I’ll ever completely ditch the guilt at the accidental online purchases, but certainly this Mum deserves a little extra treating every now and again! After all, if you’re prepared to scour for bargains, you can bring a whole lot of life to your wardrobe with minimal spending…

Enough waffle…. here’s the few little bits I gave a loving new home this past month or so.

Ali Ribbed Sole Chelsea Boots, Office, £80 to £64

Despite scouring the rows of shops in Bluewater for the perfect Autumn boot, I struggled to find any I liked – isn’t that ALWAYS the way?! Having spotted a pair of military statement boots in M&S (which were out of stock in my size in store and online) I was on the hunt for a similar style. Found these almost Doc Marten style Chelsea Boots in Office (but without the price tag) for £80 (always happy to pay more for real leather shoes), and the lovely assistant pointed out the 20% student discount, which she gave me (err, I was a student once). So happy with these, they remind me of my first pair of DMs when I was thirteen and I know they’ll look lush with a floaty dress or skirt, as well as the standard skinny denim of Autumn. Can’t find them online, but here they are in full glory over on ASOS. Just need to break them in a little, then they’ll be leaf crunching with me all the way to spring…

Hair bows, Matilda and Grace, £8.50

The scruffy Mum Bun remains a staple style in the Muddling Through household. Despite attempting to make an effort with the unruly barnet, even the most perfectly tousled of curls seem to end up back up off my face at some point during the day. Since discovering the scrunchie bows from Matilda and Grace I’m a little lost without a bow scrunchie, and seeing as I lost my favourite Mustard Liberty print bow back in the Spring, I definitely deserved to replace it (and oops a stripy one fell in the basket too). Thank you so much for the extra one M&G! I’ll never be mustard bow-less again…

Teddy Bear Borg Coat, George at ASDA, £35

Colder mornings are on the horizon, if not already with us. When I spotted the teddy bear coat trend I knew I wanted in on that action! So snuggly! I do however wonder if this is a trend that may be short lived, so I was hesitant to fork out a whack on a cheeky little bear number. So, scouring the bargain fashion lines I found a few good’uns in Matalan, New Look anf George at ASDA. Sadly, everyone else seemed to have spotted them too and all were out of stock. Stalking those coats like a predator, I got my moment and as soon as this George version was in stock, I was all over it. A steal at £35.

Mid wash denim Skinny jeans, George at ASDA £12.50 down to £10

Dad Muddling Through will probably divorce me for claiming I needed more Jeans… but since I became more invested in locating low budget denim, the sad fact is that they don’t always last more than a season or two. Last years skinny jeans from New Look haven’t dealt well with being tumble dried and are now more likely to fit just one leg, and the oh so trendy ripped jeans look like *Quote my three year old* “Been eaten by a crocodile”. Definitely a justification to seek out new blue jeans – which for the record will be LIVED IN for the next six months. Tentatively clicking in a pair of size 12 skinny George jeans into my basket I waited to see if they’d be any good. I am a standard size 11 so it’s always a gamble…and I was not disappointed. I am in love with these jeans! Thick, stretchy, high waisted, skinny enough for my teeny legs but wide enough for the less than teeny mum hips. I curse the years I believed the only jeans had a designer label – I was so wrong. #CONVERT

Grey Marl Longline Blazer, George at ASDA, £22

The problem is of course with the Teddy Bear Coat is that it’s not quite THAT cold yet is it? An inbetweeny kind of throw on is something I have to confess I’ve had other mum envy of for a while. I even basketed a M&S version but held back because, well, I knew I probably shouldn’t. But hell, if you’ve spotted a cheaper version, sometimes you just got to go for it right? I have barely taken this oversized blazer-come-jumper off since it arrived and I have NO REGRETS I tell you. None at all.

Leopard Print Stripe Dress, George at ASDA, £18

You may believe the leopard dress of the season is that one Holly Willoughby has put out of stock all over Insta, but let me introduce you to this little beauty at a FRACTION of the price, and quite frankly, a double portion of the sass. At just £18 this dress had every element of dress heaven – leopard print, mustard, side stripe. I had to have it, and with make believe intentions of ‘sending it back’, this dress is GOING NOWHERE other than out on me. Hate to tell you guys this but it’s out of stock…but remember the borg coat? Patience people…

Wide Leg Trousers, M&S, £35 to £15

These trousers fell into the end of Summers bag hiding, so I’m not including them in my bag hiding budget guilt from September. That said, I’m including them because they’ve only gone and put them in the sale! £35 down to £15 guys.. go go go. I wore these recently to an event and they got A LOT of love and I kinda loved wearing such a bold print, and it made a real change to a dress.

So that’s me done…all spending now must be directed towards Chrimbo, but I’m all set for the months ahead and have brought a little dose of Autumn 2018 to my life.


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