We heart sleep; Leesa Mattress Review

I think it’s fair to say that a parent’s most precious commodity is sleep. Especially in those early years when you’d take a decent nights kip over any other luxury experience, designer outfit or well, ANYTHING. 

We bought our first ever memory foam mattress when I was pregnant with our first daughter, so five years ago. I know this because I remember panicking about a waters breaking over new mattress scenario. (That never happened btw.)

A little late to the memory foam mattress party, we were reluctant to fork out the best part of a grand (or more) for a high end memory foam mattress, so we had found a fairly low budget version and celebrated our newfound domestic maturity.

We gave our old sprung mattress to a relative for her spare room, and she joked that it was so adorable how the two dents in the mattress were so close together, it made two people roll to the middle when they laid on it. Ah, the days pre kids eh?!

Our current mattress has always reminded me of a lovely saying that my Mum has on a piece of artwork hanging in her home:

“With a love as deep as the oceans, we need not fear the mountains between us”

For our current sleeping situation is indeed within two craters separated by the peak district between us. We now have to hold on to each other for that rare cuddle, and letting go means a freefall back to normal position on opposite sides of the bed.

It’s fair to say that the less sleep you have, the more desperate you become for it, and having a lumpy bumpy contour map of a mattress doesn’t help the situation. It never really seemed to expand from its sausage to King size either, so the sheets had a way of wriggling off each night and it moved around in the bed frame. (When the kids are bouncing on it, obviously).

But things are on the up. The night wakings are becoming less frequent. The 5 am starts have slowly morphed into a more palatable 6.15am and we have even been resisting the urge to dive into bed just after the kids at 7:30pm.

That is, until we were sent a brand new Leesa memory foam mattress to review.

Leesa logo

Yes, the lovely people at Leesa heard our pain and gave us something we have been holding out for for a very long time; an incredible night sleep.

We put our order through on the Leesa site; the only way to get your hands on one of their UK manufactured mattresses. I am not exaggerating when I say it took less than two minutes to seal the deal. Boom. Simple, clear and problem free; exactly the kind of online transaction I like to see. Life is way too short for over complicated online forms.

Eagerly anticipating our new arrival, we accepted that given the UK bank holiday weekend it would probably be a post-Easter treat to look forward to.


Hello new mattress, just in time for a long weekend of lay ins and lazy daytime snoozes. Okay, okay, I dreamt that part up, but let’s be honest, there are few things in life better than a freshly made bed; and one of them is a freshly made bed with a brand new memory foam mattress (and new pillows too, oops #HideTheBags).

Yes, this curiously smaller than you’d expect box for a King size mattress arrived just two working days after my order (Leesa will track your order which is made in 2-5 working days).

The unboxing was quite a landmark occasion. Old mattress temporarily stored as a DIY soft play in the lounge, we relocated the 34kg box (bend your knees, not your back) to the bedroom to see the magic happen…

If in doubt about what the hell you should be doing here, fear not – the instructions cannot be missed on the box.

So just relocate to as close to the bed as possible. Unbox on it’s side.

Place on the bed.

Undo the outer wrapping


Remove outer wrapping. (Hear the fizz…).


Leesa say it will be up to an hour for the mattress to expand, and a few days to firm up fully…but ours looked pretty damn perfect immediately. The exterior of the mattress actually looked too nice to cover in sheets, but we haven’t reached that low in personal hygiene just yet.

So, after a quick bounce to encourage some air flow through the mattress, we headed on out for the day and let the Leesa have a little lay in it’s new home in peace and quiet.

On our return some 7 hours later we were more than ready to indulge in an early night of the sleepy sleep variety for the purpose of mattress review, obvs. The expansion project seemed complete – it hadn’t changed massively in appearance but felt a little more ‘aerated’.

The verdict?

The difference in our sleep quality has been remarkable. The movement of the memory foam is a strange combination of sinking into a cloud, yet firm and even. No more craters or contours, and uneven sinking. The aches and pains of a day chasing an adrenaline junkie toddler can melt away as we lay in bliss, whilst scrolling through our phones in a oh-so-romantic fashion.

Leesa cannot babysit our kids overnight, or get up with them on an early-shift Peppa-Pig-a-thon, but Leesa can make those moments of sleep, however long they may last, all the more dreamy.

These folk at Leesa are also a bunch of good eggs which is a hugely important factor when choosing any major purchase. We all have to take a bit of responsibility, and what better way than picking the good guys. They are embarking on a bit of a mission to give not just you and I a better night’s kip; they also donate one mattress to charitable organisations for every ten they sell. Plus, they plant a tree for every mattress that gets bought too as part of the Arbor Day Foundation. They are also now a registered B-corp organisation. That means they are doing their best, to do their bit. 

With a ten year guarantee, we are hopeful that our mattress will be just as gorgeous as our youngest turns 13 and we reach that nirvana state of having two kids that don’t want to get out of bed. (I know, I know, I’ll hate it…but come on, humour me here).

Until then our weekend tag teaming of lay-ins is going to be all the more sacred, and there might be the odd mid afternoon movie in bed indulgence too. Even if it is Moana, again.

We weren’t the only ones over the moon on ‘New mattress day’; the by-product made the kids very happy too…

Sweet dreams.


Disclosure: We were provided with a Leesa mattress for an honest review. All opinions are our own.



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