Happy first birthday… PacaPod Mirano

It’s a big week in the G-crib. A year ago from now I was anxiously anticipating a ‘grab the bags’ moment, questioning whether every twinge was ‘it’ and relishing every moment peace I could grab.

Having seriously overstocked on all the gear first time around, and more, our baby #2 shopping list was pretty light in comparison to the parenting debut.

  • Coming home from hospital outfit (baby, not mum) in order to differentiate baby#2 from #1 in first photos
  • New mattresses x 3 (moses basket, crib, cot)
  • New PJs
  • A new pair of Superdry tracky B’s (Lived in them first time around)
  • A new baby changing bag

Ok so there were a couple of treats there for me (I deserved them!)…but I figured that one essential I would definitely be needing was a new baby changing bag.

First time around I had barely got a positive pregnancy test before becoming the proud owner of a heavily repeating patterned, well known brand of baby changing bag. It was a lovely, unusual one, granted, but once I was out there working the Mum circuit, I felt somewhat generic; Mumsy, to be precise. It just wasn’t my bag.

That changing bag did me a good turn (as my Nan would say), but by the end of a years use it was pretty manky – having had drinks spilt within it, been dragged along many a floor and been packed to within an inch of its life. It’s pale blue and cream colour did it no favours really. (It did however sell, unbelievably for £35 on e bay).

I spent most of the first 8 months of pregnancy number two doing online research on changing bags. I resigned myself to spending out on a good bag, but wanted to be sure I got the right one.

I favoured the Tote Bag style – definitely wanting one less flowery and more designer handbag looking. There were some amazing leather bags out there but they were a little out of my price range.

So this was the one I fell for. The Pacapod Mirano.

It’s a pretty gorgeous looking bag, in a resiliant (wipe clean) fabric, with real leather detail and sterdy metal fixings. I opted for the Mocha shade, after much deliberation, as I loved its timeless style. The hubby was pleased this one was a little more man-friendly than the aforementioned ‘not so yummy daddy’ style.

Knowing I was going to need to carry a ton of stuff (baby + toddler) the immense 32 litre capacity was a major draw. Plus, I convinced myself I would use this bag as a post baby work bag, as it cleverly is designed to fit a laptop. That all helped me justify the £99 price tag. (I used my work collection to fund the bag partly, but it was definitely a hide the bag of bag situation).

The Mirano capacity has not let me down. If anything, I’ve had to learn to resist filling it up, as it can get a little heavy!

One of the major unique features of the bag is its pod functionality. Now this, if you are anything like me, is a bit of a magical moment. It’s an organised persons heaven.

The bag contains a separate zip pocket, containing two removable pods.

One is an insulated cool bag style – the feeder pod, perfect for carrying bottles, drinks, snacks, food. Keep your bits warm in winter, cool in summer.

The other, is a changer pod, which has an ingeniously designed compartment for everything you need to do the all important nappy change.

Both pods can be removed easily from the pocket, and even used in isolation by strapping to your buggy. I never have to heave the whole bag off to the baby change anymore. Nor have I had to carry a separate lunch box for either of the kids.


It has also, at times, doubled up as a toddler seat on the move…

What I love possibly the most (hmmm, that is tough) about the PacaPod Mirano is it’s durability. I can’t believe its condition after a year of use – it is quite honestly, as good as new. All of the images in this post are of my own Pacapod after 12 months of heavy use.

Other impressive features include the attractive adjustable grey and cream strap with leather fixings, clip on buggy straps, elasticated key holder, internal pocket, and fold-able-with-one-hand mat.

Those peeps over at Pacapod really did think of everything. (Incidentally, the designer was a Mum – figures).

So if you like what you see, have a mooch at the available designs over at Pacapod – there’s a Pacapod for everyone.

Happy First Birthday. Thanks for a magical year of literally, helping me keep my shizzle together; keeping our essentials in check. It feels like only yesterday I brought you home, all shiny and new. Everyone has always said how beautiful you are, and you have made me a very proud Mummy.


This is not a sponsored review, I just genuinely loved this baby product and wanted to share it with you. 

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