GUEST POST: Outdoor play encourages your child’s holistic development

Mums and Dads can enjoy outdoor activities with children, too. Playing outdoors isn’t only about enjoying the sunshine, and good weather, and running about getting exercise. Outdoor play has amazing benefits for your children which will help to shape their whole psyche.

Natural ‘playscapes’ are brain boosters for your child, as well as beneficial for their physical health, and overall well-being. Playing outdoors helps to increase your child’s overall potential.

From ages 3 – 12 there is a developmental window that exists. This is a special time when children are learning about the world, and exploring the world, learning to be artistic, learning to be creative, and learning who they are.

Children are learning social relationships, learning how to share, and developing their personalities. Outdoor play with other children, siblings, and friends help children to develop on all levels.

Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential

A natural and stimulating outdoor environment helps children to grow on many levels. When children are playing outdoors, their brains are stimulated in a different way than merely playing indoors.

  1. Playground Rules & Social Skills

Visiting a playground and socializing with other children is a wonderful way to teach your child good social skills. Yes, there may be arguments about whose turn it is to go on the slide or a tantrum when it is time to leave or some name-calling.

There is no guarantee that your visit to a playground will be stress-free – but life also has unexpected, and less than pleasant, experiences. Teaching your child how to relate to other children and teaching them good behavior and etiquette will help them in their adult life.

Children often form their own play rules, and playing in a playground will teach your children to relate to all kinds of children.

  1. Motor Skills Development

As your child gets older their activity level drops off, as school life takes over. From the early days of being happy to play for hours on end, and be physically active, modern life becomes more sedentary. There is a danger of becoming obese and spending too long online, on screens. Children need exercise, and to develop their coordination, both their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Families that are active together have fun together, and there are many simple games that you can play.

Age appropriate games, like tag, and hide and seek, or simply walking together, can all be good fun. Eye-spy, as you go for a walk, or go for a family bike ride, try power wheels racing, or play catch.

Choose educational toys that will improve fitness and toys that are fun.

  1. A Beautiful Green Environment Stimulates The Brain

Studies show that children who play in a greener environment have better concentration . A stimulating environment will help to stimulate your child’s brain. A change of scenery and outdoor play will provide your child with this kind of mental stimulation naturally.

Visually, there will be more to see, and to process, and to learn. “What is that tree, Mummy?” “Did you see that bird? Look at that pretty flower? Doesn’t it smell nice?” “Can we have an ice-cream, please?”

Your child’s brain is actively learning how to process information, developing language, and a stimulating environment is important for this development to happen, and stay on track.

  1. Playing Outdoors Teaches Problem Solving Skills

As your child is developing, he, or she, is learning how to relate to people, how to speak to people, and forming basic ideas, about how the world works. Playing is a learning experience, as well as fun.

When you are playing catch, and the ball goes too far, your child needs to think about how far the ball has gone, what direction they need to go in to fetch it, and decide whether they are going to walk past that stray duck, or bravely wave their arms and chase it away. This is basic problem-solving level, but it will become integrated into their behavior, and grow with them, as a future life skill.

Playing outdoors is more active, and the environment is more stimulating than indoor play. A healthy outdoor play is more energetic and can involve special toys, or equipment, or it can be as simple as free play, with your children, in a park, or playground.

Younger Children Need Outdoor Play

Your child is learning about the world, and their brains are primed to take in new information, and they are developing physically and mentally at the same time.

For your child to reach their potential, and be creative, and artistic, or spiritual, and intellectual – all the facets of their personality – you need to go out, and play outdoors.

You need to change the scenery, and you need to broaden your child’s horizons. New environments bring your child new information to process and new experiences help your child reach their true potential.

Author Bio:

I am Tom Hardy  co-founder of Toys Advisors blog. I have a lovely family with my wife Sophie, my son Quentin and my daughter Sarah. I spent most of time with my family, I learn and share about parenting  & DIY.

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