Guest Post: How to turn your hobby into a business

How do you earn for a living? Are you tired of working long hours and can not wait to return home to your family and your hobbies? Do you demand more from your life and feel that you have so much to offer to the world? Maybe you dream about working from home and spending more time with your kids. So, why not turn your hobby into a business?

Nowadays, the internet allows you to start a business and reach your target market in any country around the world. This might sound too challenging and overwhelming, but hey, many awesome mothers have already managed to turn their passions into fulfilling careers. All you need to make an online income from your hobby is a product or service people need and the desire to succeed.

What’s Your Passion?

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? What motivates and drives you in life? Can you imagine earning a living doing something you love? How great would it feel to go to work every day knowing that you’re doing something you enjoy and making money with it, while having enough time for your family too?

How Will I Earn a Living?


The first question people have when thinking about following their passion for a living is; “Will I make enough money to sustain my lifestyle?” This approach is the wrong way to look at the opportunity. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same will probably hold true for your new business idea.

The requirement for success with your passion is that you start on your path to fulfilling your dreams. Start your new business in your spare time. Try to determine which activities are taking a lot of time from you while they might not be so important or crucial for your happiness. For example, instead of spending hours and hours every month by watching Netflix in the evening, start planning your new business venture.

Every hour you put into planning and working on your business brings it closer to becoming your full-time occupation, even if it is just one hour per week in the beginning. Eventually, you will reach a tipping point where the income you are bringing in from your business exceeds your monthly income from your job. That’s when you know it’s time to say goodbye to the world of formal employment and start pursuing your business on a full-time basis.

It Takes Money to Make Money

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Don’t believe the hype; you don’t need access to capital to start your business. All you need is a start. Most companies, especially hobby businesses, have very little overhead and expenses. If you do find you need money to expand at a later stage, you’ll have a track record to show your potential investor.

What Kind of Business Should I Start?

If you’re struggling to think of a skill that could translate into potential income that could replace your current job, check out these ideas.

Lifestyle Blogging

Do you enjoy writing? Why not start a lifestyle blog? A blog lets you talk about anything in your life that’s interesting, all you need is compelling content for your audience. Build your blog by connecting with authority sites and industry influencers until you have a steady stream of traffic visiting your site.


When you have consistent traffic, it’s easy to start making money with your blog. Advertisers will reach out to you for guest post opportunities and advertising rates.

Photography and Film

Online and offline businesses use image and video content in their marketing. If your passion involves snapping pictures and filming videos, then you have skills in high-demand on the world-wide-web.

Start by offering your images on sites like Adobe Stock and Vimeo. Every time someone purchases your image, you receive a royalty fee. Over time this creates a recurring, sustainable income.

Art and Design

Artists and designers are among the most highly sought-after professionals online. Not everyone has the talent and the specialized skills needed to create high-quality design work. Therefore, expert professional designers and artists can expect to earn a substantial living working over the internet from the comfort of their own home.


Website design, Image creation, logo design, storytelling, and animated videos are just a few examples of high-demand products you can sell online.


Do you spend your weekends on your hands and knees digging around the flowerbeds? If you have a green thumb, why not consider a career as a landscaper?

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Local SEO strategies will help you promote your business to the community and create a sustainable business that grows as your community spreads.


Do you have a passion for working out? If your first love is the gym, then why not earn your living as a professional personal trainer, nutritionist, or biokineticist? Health and fitness is a multi-billion Dollar industry, and there is high-demand for trainers with the knowledge to help people achieve their ideal physique. Plus, helping to other mothers to get back in shape must be an amazing feeling.

Persistence Pays Off

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Don’t underestimate the need for hard work, especially in the first few months after starting your business. No-one said this was going to be easy, but at least you’ll enjoy every moment of the struggle.

Making your business venture work requires commitment and dedication to achieving your end goal. You have to put in the work if you want to succeed, just like any other business.

If you’re tired with your place in life and your dead-end job, take a chance and remove yourself from your comfort zone. Reach for your dreams, shoot for the moon and make it happen today.


Caitlin is a bookworm and recreational dancer. She is also a medical student in love with science. When she is not trying to find the meaning of life and Universe, Caitlin is researching and writing about various health, lifestyle and wellness-related topics. She is happily addicted to art in all its forms, blogging, and hiking. To see what Caitlin is up to next, check out her Twitter dashboard.


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