Get #DressedByTheKids for @oxfam Friday 16th June @dressedbykids

This Friday, you might want to forgive a few dodgy wardrobe choices on the school run. Not that you’d ever judge a dodgy school run outfit now, would you? 😉

Chances are, if you see a Mum on the run in a onesie, a walk of shame looking outfit or a dress a few sizes too small (and from the dress up section of Tu at Sainsburys) then that person just might be doing their bit for Oxfam, and handed over the Gok Wan rights over to the littles for Dressed By The Kids Day. (Let’s hope they don’t think you would look amazing Naked). Fingers crossed they have the style sense of Trinny and Susannah and not Dame Edna and Geri Halliwell circa 1996.

Frequently Asked Questions

I dread to think what my kids are going to choose. Knowing them it’ll be anything OTT – sparkles, ruffles, floaty and princess like. Potentially a tiara and definitely some 1980’s worthy make-up.

There shouldn’t be any cheating guys – no laying out your three favourite maxi dresses and letting them pick one…you gotta go all out and be brave! Get into the spirit of things and have fun 😉

Calling all schools

What makes this date even more interesting is that I have my first school Mums night out this Friday – am I brave enough to let the girls pick my party outfit and risk potential friendships for the next fifteen years or so?! Hell yeah I am! Erm, might have to do some mild guidance on that one ;-|

It is all in the name of charity – and Oxfams work across the globe is changing lives for the better, and one day of silliness could go a long way (provided you do the all important fundraising part too – don’t forget that!).

Around 1 billion people are living in extreme poverty. This means that millions of families don’t have the things they need to live safely and in good health.

We think everybody should have enough to eat and drink. We think grown-ups should be able to earn money to support their families. And we think children should be able to learn. That’s why we have been working with the world’s poorest people for more than 70 years, in 90 different countries. We won’t stop until poverty has ended for good.

  • £10 could buy chickens (otherwise known as egg factories) for a hungry family.
  • £27 could help train a teacher so that many more children can be educated.

So what have you got to lose?! Sign up before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT for your pack, or just get involved on the day, downloading the important stuff from and submit your donations online via Just Giving or direct to Oxfam.


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One thought on “Get #DressedByTheKids for @oxfam Friday 16th June @dressedbykids

  1. Dealman Reply

    Oh MMT did this last year and it looked like such a giggle – an amazing cause too…can’t wait to see what they do to you!

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