Being a family car cliche; why we love our Nissan Qashquai

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The day we drove our first born daughter home from the hospital was the start of many things… sleepless nights, unconditional love, the transformation of us into parents, but also the day something else in our minds would shift.

Without a doubt, this Vauxhall Corsa just wouldn’t do. We absolutely must have a Nissan Qashqai to ferry our child from A to B.

It took us 6 months to emerge from the haze and make the deal happen, but happen it did, and we never looked back. There’s got to be a reason why SO many parents choose the Qashqai as their family car of choice. I don’t know what compelled me to transfer my previous love of Volswagon Beetles into an obsession over Nissan Qashquai’s, but it happened to me; everywhere I looked I saw them, and wanted one even more, until one was mine, all mine.


Here’s my top 10 reasons why we still love our Qashquai, five years later. (We have a 2012 model, ironically, the same year we became parents). Warning, I know very little about cars so I apologise for my frankly ridiculous terminology and excitement about knick knacks which are probably far from cutting edge.

  1. It’s big. Much bigger than our old Corsa, obvs, and way bigger than my beloved VW Beetle (RIP) in which the rear seats famously smashed your head against the roof at every turn. Super handy for all the crap you need when you have a small person in tow and you’re suddenly holidaying in caravan parks around the UK instead of heading to Gatwick long stay car park each summer. Lot’s of head space and a decent height off the ground, yet it’s not a 4×4 which is basically in excess of our needs.
  2. It has built in Sat Nav. Which, five years ago, was a pretty big deal. No more trailing wires to the cigarette lighter plug and suction cups falling off the window mid route. Granted, our map needs an update (err, anyone know how we do this?) but we kinda like the scenic route it often takes us on.
  3. It has a rear parking camera. Another cool gadget I’ve come to rely on heavily on my round the town adventures (primarily the school run). Bit scary when you suddenly have to remember how to reverse park without one now and again.
  4. A button tucks the wing mirrors in. Maybe all modern cars have this, but the VW means of tucking mirrors in normally ended up with them hanging off the car so this is high times to me!
  5. The boot is mahoosive. Like, two scooters, a pram, a week’s worth of holiday toot mahoosive. Probably one of the biggest drivers for feeling the need to buy this car in all honesty… Corsa’s were not ideal for travel systems in the carry cot phase, and would have caused major headaches when baby #2 came along (as we kept telling ourselves).
  6. The roof has a giant window. It’s not a sunroof 1986 stylee (oh those were the days) but it’s as close as they come  in the noughties. An electric sliding hatch revealing a closed glass panel  which lets you let in all the light, see the raindrops, watch the clouds overhead and the birds flying over. Enough to stop the kids bickering in their tracks if the timing is just right, and be shut away if they need a little snooze.
  7. Monster truck wheels. Okay, maybe not quite that big, but these bad boys have saved our skin a few times undoubtedly. Well lasting, and robust enough to withstand some scrapes over the years, I feel safe driving on these tyres. Just hold your breath when the bill comes to replace them…
  8. USB & Bluetooth technology. I remember watching on Tomorrow’s world that cars would have iPod docks in one day…okay, maybe it wasn’t quite Tomorrow’s world, but you get the jist. Ideal for playing your tunes through the audio system and also super handy for phone charging on the move (what can I say, I’m a blogger). By pairing your phone you can play your streamed music, make a call or answer one (if you really need to). Another cool gimmick which should probably come way down the list after fuel economy, mpg etc, but errr…this is my review and I’ll cry if I want to.
  9. Dashboard stats. By toggling through the info button, your dash tells you a whole host of info including range of fuel left, mpg, miles on clock, amongst other things. Pretty funky.
  10. I feel safe. One of the most important reasons I love driving the kids in the Nissan is that it feels solid, robust and safe. Whether it’s because you are a little higher off the ground (also helps with getting kids in and out of car seats), or because it just feels a heavier car than the Corsa (yet not sluggish like the tank that was the Beetle). Maybe the need to run out and grab a Qashquai is a primative response to parenthood after all…

So what now? As the clock ticks on our Qashquai days, she’s taken her fair share of long road trips and has had her fill of biscuit crumbs under the kids car seats. Looking somewhat tired, we have started to ponder whether it’s time for an upgrade. With so many prime choices of equivalent SUV type cars there is a lot of choice. Honda, Ford, KIA, SEAT are all key players so the decision is tough. Or, do we just stay with what we know and love? Either way I’ve learnt the hard way to always do my research, plan wisely and NEVER fall for features like pink flashes and soft top roofs, even if they make you feel like Barbie, just for a minute.



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