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Hey gang,

Back for another #FF treat from the #coolmumclub – time to meet this week’s member, Jaqui aka One Messy Mama. I loved reading Jaqui’s submission – she’s so spot on about all that’s good about blogging, and seems like a totally sound chick; the kind of Mum I’d like to bump into on the Mum-circuit. 


Howzit! (A South African term for Hi)

I’m Jacqui, from One Messy Mama. A blog about parenting hallelujah moments and epic fails. Well… mine of course! 😉

One Messy Mama

I hail from the small coastal town of Richard’s Bay (on the Indian Ocean coast), in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. In this town I spent my childhood on the beach, and met the man of my dreams when I was 20 years old. We moved to Durban, another coastal city about 2hrs drive away from where we grew up.

Got married… 4 homes, and 4 kids later we somehow landed up in Michigan (USA) 10 months ago.

Firstly, for an African who has never seen snow… Jeepers it’s cold here in the Winter! Coming from a country were it seems the sun ALWAYS shines, into our first winter of pretty much non-stop freezing temps and almost 5 months of snow. Eish – (eeesh – another SA term – “say what!?”) it’s been an adventure. To say the least!

I always wanted to work with kids, taught for 16 years before “hanging” up my red pen to be a SAHM… in a new country… Far, far away from home. So I’m literally a “newbie” at this blogging thing… It hasn’t even been a year.

True to form, social media created a perfect picture of being a stay at home/Pinterest mom. But, to be honest, I was a little freaked out at my new role, and in some way thought I needed to be this “perfect mom” – and that’s how One Messy Mama was born. I was (and still am) one hot mess of a mama! But I love it!


Starting my blog has given me a voice. An opportunity to share openly and honestly about my experience of parenthood in general, but also about being a SAHM in particular! I enjoy the thrill of writing a new post (although the thought of creating a 5 hour ‘masterpiece’ that might be destroyed in 5 seconds flat with just one harsh review – gives me heart palpitations) . I enjoy the pressure of knowing I have a deadline (even if it is just my own); it gave me purpose and direction. Not that my kids aren’t my purpose (you guys get it), it gives me something for ME… To call my own. Hopefully, one day, my kids can read it and enjoy hearing all the stories about their childhood.

When people ask me what my “niche” is, I truly have no clue. I write because I enjoy it, and every now and then I need to vent a little too.

I have learnt so much in these short 6 months. I never thought I could become a little Tech Geek. Watching hours of Youtube clips, from figuring out what the word Pluggin meant, to designing and going public with my very own blog. It’s insane really… and super addictive. But I love it!

I think my favourite part of blogging is realising that there really is no perfect parent! We are all just striving to survive what is essentially our own parenting reality – each one with it’s own unique challenges. And I think we can all take great comfort from hearing teach other’s stories. Whether it be about surviving a trip to the grocery store with kids in tow, or getting dinner done on time (and trying not to serve Chicken Nuggets every night… Oops, my bad!), or about how our kids overcome real obstacles to achieve certain goals and dreams. I think our stories matter, and we parents should share them in the hope that we might encourage each other.

That’s why my next favorite thing about blogging is “Sharing the Love”… I know we all want our blogs to be successful. It’s nice when we get that little bit of affirmation that tells us: ‘yes’ we can actually write – even as an amateur. So I love hitting that “share” button, the “like” button, and leaving a comment. That’s where all these awesome linkies come into play. To see the support and encouragement we give each other, that just blows my mind. This community of parents, bloggers and friends is an amazing support system!

Future aspirations for my blog… I have no idea really. Hopefully to make it to the one year mark! That people will still want to read what I write… And that I am still a somewhat “sane” mom 🙂

Thanks to Sarah for allowing me to join “Meet The Members”, #coolmumclub was the first linky I participated in. So this is a real treat!

With Love
One Messy Mama, aka Jacqui

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19 thoughts on “#coolmumclub: Meet the members…One Messy Mama

  1. One Messy Mama Reply

    Thanks so much Sarah.. xoxo

  2. shinnersandthebrood Reply

    One Messy Mama, your description of trawling through Youtube videos and learning about plug-ins, etc is TOTALLY relatable. I’m two weeks in, frazzled and overwhelmed but enjoying every minute! I’m also a teacher taking time out to be a SAHM. Snap! :_ Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts!

  3. One Messy Mama Reply

    Thank you! It’s been such a great ride. Looking forward to reading your post!! xxxx

  4. beautybabyandme Reply

    Howzit!! (Many fabulous SA friends have taught me this greeting) So wonderful to read more about you and of course we’ll still want to read more about you! xx #coolmumclub

    1. One Messy Mama Reply

      HOWZIT!!! So kind of you to say! Thank you! xx

  5. Mummy Muckups (Anna) Reply

    Oh Jacqui; my kids won’t eat chicken nuggets!! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh! I am another teacher who is now at home with the kids and loving the world of blogging! #coolmumblog

    1. One Messy Mama Reply

      Haha!! Never a chicken nugget to be seen, (mainly because they have been munched) All the best! xx

  6. James Hopes Reply

    Moving from SA to the US must have been a massive change especially with little ones – wow! Keep up the good work with the blogging! #coolmumclub

  7. Kerry Reply

    It’s great to get to know other bloggers…I am still a newbie in this crazy world! I’m a stay at home mum like you and am also enjoying blogging as a creative outlet…also meeting deadlines makes you feel like you’re actually working! (Not that motherhood isn’t a full time job obviously)! #coolmumclub

  8. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    Ah lovely to get to know Jacqui better…it really made me chuckle to read howzit at the beginning of the post because that’s what all my South African side of the family say when they see me! Lovely addition to the meet the #coolmumclub series as always xxxx

  9. thetaleofmummyhood Reply

    This is a lovely post, it’s great to get to know the person behind the blog!


  10. emma Reply

    i’m a newbie blogger, considering becoming a stay at home mum. I hope i’m where you are (not geographically!) in six months. well done!

  11. Rhyming with Wine Reply

    Wow I can only imagine how mindblowing a move across continents must have been with little ones in tow. Has off to you Momma! I can absolutely relate to your reasons for blogging and you’ve captured the essence of bloglove here perfectly. Nice to read more about you. Dawn x

    Thanks for sharing MMT x

  12. rightroyalmother Reply

    Love the enthusiasm for blogging – I felt exactly the same six months in (I’m only 9 months in now but it hasn’t waned!) Lovely to meet you and hope you enjoy every minute of your new location and blogging 🙂 #coolmumclub

  13. rockandrosesmama Reply

    Love it! Great to know there are fellow newbies just as clueless! Your doing a fantastic job and an aspiration <3

  14. Helena Reply

    Gosh moving from sun to snow certainly sounds like a culture shock to me. I’ve never been to South Africa but know what it’s like in Australia which is similar right? #coolmumclub

  15. One Messy Mama Reply

    Haha!! Never a chicken nugget to be seen, (mainly because they have been munched) 😉 All the best! xx

  16. One Messy Mama Reply

    It sure was… ERM… FUN!! Thank you! x

  17. One Messy Mama Reply

    Wow, thank you for all the kind comments!! Almost one year in and just loved reading this post again, a little inspiration and great reminder!! x

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