Children’s book review: Emmy and the Whale

In the many happy memories of my childhood there are so many books that I can still remember to this day. Some were made to be handled by us kids, and others were made to be out of reach of teeny hands and felt tip pens – to be respected, treasured and loved into adulthood. My favourite was a hardback copy of Alice in Wonderland, which didn’t so much entice me by the small print and long drawn out story, as the magical quirky pictures that adorned each page.

When I saw the cover image of Emmy and the Whale I immediately knew I wanted a copy for the girls. The majestic silhouette of a girl riding on the back of a whale in the moonlight, with a celestial magnificence under the stars.


The book is perfect for bedtime – it’s relatively short in it’s text and content, but the incredible images are what expand the story beyond the words. With a combination of CGI and photography, I haven’t ever seen a children’s book like this before – it reminded me of stills from a Hollywood blockbuster.


The tale of Emmy and her encounter with a Whale is somewhat Peter Pan meets Moby Dick, with a charming escapism into a world of fantasy and fairytale. A story of adventure, friendship and a safe return home.


Without wanting to spoil the story too much, the book follows the journey of Emmy from her bathtub to her unusual meeting with a lost Whale in the sewers beneath her home. In a selfless act of kindness Emmy guides the Whale through a series of beautiful scenes back to her Ocean. Then, Emmy is guided magically home under the safety of a magical companion, the Sailor.


As we sat snuggled on the bed together reading this book for the first time, our girls were totally captivated by the pictures. At two and four they will be enjoying this book for many years to come I’m sure. Tigs immediately ran to the bathroom to look down the plughole when we had finished, to see if we had a Whale under our bathroom. She seemed to think she could hear one calling…so she clearly absorbed every ounce of the magic.


I think a beautiful hardback book is the perfect gift for a new baby or a christening – and this book certainly has the special quality about it making it worthy of such an occasion. At £12.99 RRP it is excellent value – especially considering the work that must have gone into the production of the epic imagery.

Part of me wishes I’d hidden the book for a special Christmas stocking present, to be opened on Christmas morning. But, we promised the creators a review, and no children’s book review is complete without the opinion of the girls.

Their verdict? To find the book beside our sleeping daughter when we went in to tuck her in and kiss her goodnight says it all.


For more information on the creation of Emmy and the Whale, see the website

Emmy and The Whale can be purchased at the site above, or on Amazon.

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Disclosure: We were sent this book in return for an honest review. All opinions are our own.



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