CAFFEINE & CAKE fighting CANCER #BloggersBeatingCancer

Every year the signature green and white envelope arrives, and I know what it is before I open it. An invitation to host another Macmillan coffee morning, having done one in 3 of the past 4 years. Each year I umm and ahh, deliberate the hows, whens and who’s, and ultimately, decide to go for it.

My reason to host was clear that first year, when I was bumbling through maternity leave. Life was a blur of playdates, coffee, new friends and new babies, and if we were really lucky, a bit of cake. Life was, and still is, pretty peachy. It dawned on me that not everyone might be having such a great craic right now. And although I might not be marathon ready, or have the logistical support to go off climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, I can certainly eat cake. And, I know a few other ladies partial to a mug of coffee or twelve.

And so it began. That year, blowing up green and white balloons excitedly whilst balancing a 6 month old Tigs on my hip, we went all out and invited everyone we could think of who’d be around. I asked everyone to bring a raffle prize, and a donation, and I hosted like a mad woman between dealing with jumperoo poonami incidents. (Yes that hapenned). It was an exhausting but rewarding affair, and I felt pretty good about doing a little, well, good.

The next couple were much lower key – when the babies turned into tots it was more like a kids birthday party than a coffee morning, leaving me somewhat traumatised. Yes, the third year was so low key it almost wasn’t worth the effort.

I can’t really remember why I skipped a year, but thinking back it was probably because of juggling work, a toddler and being 36 weeks pregnant. I think I’ll let me off that one.

This year I’m rebranding my coffee morning – we’re now referring to it as Caffeine & Cake day, because, quite frankly we aren’t wearing twin sets and using fine china just yet. I like to think I’ve cooled it up, just slightly. There isn’t too much to plan, other than attempting to bake my signature Lemon drizzle (shizzle dizzle) and my good old Nannys trademark chocolate cake, which I’m pretty rubbish at. The rest? I’m just going to roll with it (and pray for Autumn sunshine so I can throw all the toddlers and their cake out in the garden).

So, here we go. If you’re reading this on Tuesday morning, I’ll be well in the midst of a banging shin-dig, cake will be being trodden into the carpet and I’ll be serving tea and coffee to my various circles of Mum pals in the good old real world in exchange for a donation towards a pretty amazing cause.

This year, I’ve seen first hand for the first time the damage cancer causes – how it challenges the young, the elderly, and everyone around them. Pushes our health system to it’s limits and brings life to a devastating standstill. Next year, I believe I will see Cancer being beaten.

This Friday is The Macmillan Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning. There are loads of ways you can get involved! You could get your Mum-mates over, like me for a bake off. If you can’t be arsed with all that you could sniff out where the cakes on offer – loads of central places will be getting involved so keep your eyes peeled. Restaurants, cafes, schools and shops…

Or, failing that, there is one more way. Hang out with your online #MumTribe – Those ingenious gals Emma & Sarah over at IslandLiving365 and Mumzilla are throwing an online Coffee morning this Friday at 10.30am. Find them on Twitter using the hashtag #BloggersBeatingCancer. We can’t promise cake (unless it’s in an emoji form) but there’s sure to be banter and you can still have a brew. Just please make sure you include that all important donation…remember that’s the most important bit.

Donate HERE:

And of course, don’t forget to add cake to your shopping list, get baking with the kiddos or swing by the bakery after the school run. Enjoy!



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