A big home project for 2018: The loft extension

At the time I begun my blog, the dust was settling on some big changes in our life; our second daughter, my redundancy and a big home renovation project.

Granted, compared to some other peoples houses, perhaps it isn’t the ‘biggest’ of homes, but it certainly was a big deal to us. We corrected some dodgy existing extension work and replaced it with proper bricks and mortar, all the right regs and a shiny new family area to boot (one that didn’t rain indoors).  We lived without a kitchen for a while, had to move out, destroyed our existing garden and spent a long time getting things back to a level of normality. Sometimes I still feel like I can still feel the dust.

It’s always been on the cards that we might think about one more major project on our suburbian three bedroom terrace. Given that the third room is essentially a box, the question whether to go up into the loft for an additional bedroom has always been on our minds.

It didn’t seem a huge deal when we had a baby sleeping beside us in our bedroom, or a toddler in her cot in the nursery. It hasn’t even been too much of a problem now our (tiny) pre-schooler is happy in her ‘big girls bed‘ (which, for the record is still the cot bed).

The problem lies with the future – and the fact that although one so small, she likes to fill her space. Her room won’t fit a single bed without some serious rethinking, and that will leave little room for much else. Although the girls could share, I think if we can, giving them their own space each would be a better scenario and provide them each with a place to call their own.

In addition, the working from home scenario for Dad Muddling Through is on the increase, meaning that the desk space in our bedroom is becoming more of a pain, for all involved.

The question we have been over in our minds has often been whether we would be better off to up sticks and move house – find something that ticks all the boxes and is a fresh new start somewhere. But, having invested so much (and I don’t just mean financially) into making our house a home, it just doesn’t feel the time to move on. Perhaps not forever, but not for now. And moving wouldn’t come without its own financial implications, epic levels of organising and of course, stress and upheaval.

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So the plans are in place, the builders are on the case, and it’s looking like a spring build spanning a 6 week period. An exciting project to get stuck in to, but one that fills me with dread all the same. The upheaval, the dust, and oh my god – clearing the loft (!!!!). I guess this is the time we finally face getting rid of the baby gear.

The end result should be a third level with a master bedroom and bathroom, converting the box room into an office, and giving each of the girls an equal sized room on the first floor.

As we have learnt from experience, the temporary pain is worth the end result, but I already can’t wait to be on the other side.


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